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  1. trynforpar

    Hot Air Balloons in Ny

    A few pics of recent Hot Air Balloon show in Queensbury NY
  2. trynforpar

    Photo's too dark

    Thank you for the feedback. I will work on some of your suggestions.
  3. trynforpar

    Photo's too dark

    I own a Df and was taking some pictures during a recent car show and many of the shots were very dark. It was a cloudy day and had camera set to aperture priority, f7 and ISO 200. What could I have done better to lighten the pictures.
  4. trynforpar

    How long have you been waiting for d800?

    D800 I ordered mine from B&H on April 3rd and still waiting. They tell me that there is no way of knowing when Nikon ships the cameras so they can't give me any idea when I will receive it.
  5. trynforpar

    Where is my D800

    I ordered a D800 from B&H and I was told that the camera is backordered and they have no idea when a shipments will be arriving and how many will be each shipment. Nikon is being very tight lipped over this issue and claim that this is the worst backorder of a camera they have experienced in...
  6. trynforpar

    Where is my D800

    I ordered a D800 from B&H PHoto approximately 2 months ago and they followed up a few days later advising me that he camera is backordered and Nikon is giving no indication as to when B&H will receive an order of cameras and how many will be sent. Should I stick it out with B&H or look fro...
  7. trynforpar

    D300 vs D7000

    Thanks for the responses from everyone and I especially appreciate the comparisons. I'll stick with the 300 for now.
  8. trynforpar

    D300 vs D7000

    I currently own a D300 and D700 and was looking to sell the 300 for a D7000 but before I do I wanted input. Are there any advantages with the 7000 over the 300 or would I be making a terrible mistake by selling the D300.
  9. trynforpar

    Second post - SF Street

    I miss SF. Need to get back to CA.
  10. trynforpar

    Drop your camera and see what happens

    What a neat idea. Thanks for sharing.
  11. trynforpar

    Photographing Photographers - Part I

    I like it. A different perspective.
  12. trynforpar

    Updating Firmare

    I own a D700 and want to update the firmware. I've never done this before and was wondering if there is a useful tutorial that could provide step by step directions on how to perform update.
  13. trynforpar

    NYC Skyline Sunset Pano

    Hey Dez, Great shot. It looks like the old time black light posters that used to hang in my room.
  14. trynforpar

    Lake George NY Adirondack Region

    Thanks to all for your suggestions.
  15. trynforpar

    Where to shoot fall foliage in NE

    I live in the north east about 30 miles north of NYC and looking for suggestions as to where are the best locations in the North East to shoot fall foliage. I am considering Vermont, Maine or Hampshire and looking for suggestions from those who have done it before.
  16. trynforpar

    Lake George NY Adirondack Region

    I am heading to Lake George NY for the weekend and I am looking for suggestions for some good scenic locations. I primarily shoot landscapes but also like historical buildings etc..
  17. trynforpar

    Suggestions for Lake George area

    I am heading to Lake George NY this weekend and looking for suggestions for scenic or historical locations for photographing.
  18. trynforpar

    10 From NYC

    I enjoyed it. Nice job from a different perspective.
  19. trynforpar


    Nice work
  20. trynforpar

    Impressive Stained Glass

    Nice work. Imagine the cost if those were constructed today.
  21. trynforpar

    Yosemite valley - HDR

    Amazing photo. How many shots did you take.
  22. trynforpar

    Trouble configuring the Epson 2400

    Thanks Keith. I did create the profiles but still experiencing problems. I will check out the tutorial you recommend.
  23. trynforpar

    Problem with Epson 2400

    I own an Epson 2400 printer and I cannot get it to print properly. I own a color munki and have calibrated the monitor to the printer several times but for some reason it just doest print correctly. The colors are off and it is much darker than what is shown on my monitor. The printer is...
  24. trynforpar

    Nikon Teleconverter Question

    Thanks for all responses. Long live the forum.
  25. trynforpar

    Nikon Teleconverter Question

    Thanks for the infor wyatt
  26. trynforpar

    Nikon Teleconverter Question

    Thanks for the response John
  27. trynforpar

    NY / NJ / CT / PA Area Cafe Members

    Sign me up. Great Idea. I'm in Westchester County
  28. trynforpar

    Nikon Teleconverter Question

    I recently purchased a Nikon 70-200mm f2.8 G IF-ED AF Lens and want to also purchase either a TC-14E or 20E teleconverter. Can anyone tell me which one is better in terms of performance. I heard that the 20E may not provide the same clarity as the 14E. You're responses are very helpful to me. Thanks
  29. trynforpar

    Trouble configuring the Epson 2400

    I own an Epson 2400 and have hooked it up to my Apple Mac. For some reason I cant get this printer to print what is shown on the monitor. My editing program is Lightroom 2.0. Are there any resources out there that can help me make the correct adjustments.
  30. trynforpar

    NYC: 50 Years

    Dez, What a great idea and sooo cool...
  31. trynforpar

    Using a polarizer with a lens hood?

    I agree. Especially the longer lens hoods make it impossible to reach and adjust the filter. I prefer to go without the hood with a filter
  32. trynforpar

    Nikkor 80-400

    Some of the pictures posted here are amazing shots. Thanks everybody for your opinions. Hey, I'll let you what I decided to do and post the pics on the forum.
  33. trynforpar

    Nikkor 80-400

    I need assistance from my friends in the forum regarding the Nikkor 80-400 f/4.5-5.6 lens. I am considering purchasing this lens and have heard all kinds of reviews mostly positive. I would use it primarily for wildlife and landscape photography. The other thought is the 70-200 2.8 but it's...
  34. trynforpar

    Question on fast lenses

    Thanks for the candid opinions everyone. I agree that I should sell the 12-24 as I really dont use it at all. My problem is if I see it, I must have it. I'm sure no one in this forum understands that at all LOL...
  35. trynforpar

    Question on fast lenses

    I am thinking about buying the 70-200 2.8 but I mainly shoot landscapes and streetscapes. Do I really need a really fast lens for this type of work? Is there another reason why this would be a good purchase for me that I am not thinking about or should I invest the $$$ in other areas.
  36. trynforpar

    Need Help in selecting a lens

    Thanks everyone. I all things in life were this difficult we would all be better off.
  37. trynforpar

    A couple barn shots

    I like them both for different reasons. The clouds and colors in the first and the detail of the barn in the second.
  38. trynforpar

    My first pano - comments, feedback, tips welcome

    Not bad. I have yet to try this method but want to give it a try. Thanks for sharing.
  39. trynforpar

    Atlantic sunrise today.....

    Nice shot. That's a framer.
  40. trynforpar

    Need Help in selecting a lens

    I am considering the 70-200mm 2.8 but it's costly and I want to make sure I'm making the correct decision. I mainly shoot landscapes and own a wide variety of lenses but I am looking for a fast lens that will enable me to take close-ups when I'm at a zoo or shooting birds at a distance. I...
  41. trynforpar

    More 24-70 rural landscapes...

    Nice work. Very realistic.
  42. trynforpar

    Favorite shots with the 70/200 vr lens

    I cant stand not having this lens to add to my collection. It's just not fair.
  43. trynforpar

    Graffiti @ Night

    That is some serious artwork. Thanks for sharing Dez
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