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  1. MarkM

    Non Moving QR Head for Flash Bracket

    You leave the manfrotto rc2 on the bottom of your camera. You replace the CMP on your bracket with the QRM-C. You put the CK-501 on the bottom of your bracket if you want to attach the bracket to your tripod using the manfrotto RC2 quick release system Peace Mark
  2. MarkM

    Non Moving QR Head for Flash Bracket

    The QRM from your link is the receiver that would mount on the tripod head if it did not have a manfrotto qr system. If you already have the manfrotto rc2 system then you would need the QRM-C as the camera mount for the flash bracket and the CK-501 plate attached to the underside of the flash...
  3. MarkM

    Lowepro Slingshot 350

    I am surprised that nobody has responded yet. I use the 300 and the 350 is the same bag with a laptop compartment added on. In the main compartment I can fit a 1D Mark 3 with 70-200 2.8 IS attached, 50 1.4, 15 2.8 fish, 24-70 2.8, 100 2.8 & 580EXII. In the upper (I guess 'daypack')...
  4. MarkM

    Non Moving QR Head for Flash Bracket

    Michael, which Custom Bracket style do you use? Custom Brackets now has camera mounting plates for their camera rotation line that fit either the arca swiss plates & L-brackets or the Manfrotto RC2. I have L-brackets on my cameras and use the arca swiss mount on the Pro-M bracket. It is...
  5. MarkM

    Nikon D300s

    And even with 21.1 mp and video on the 5D2, lots of people on a canon forum feel that the D700 is what the 5D2 should have been. Nobody expected 21mp and would have been tickled with even 16mp and better AF. Of course there are also lots of discussions on the 'megapixel wars'. Maybe Nikon has...
  6. MarkM

    Best studio lighting for shoe mount flashes?

    Before switching to Canon a couple years ago, I used the D200 & Fuji S5pro with 2 SB800's on stands with 45" photogenic eclipse umbrellas and the 45" Westcott Halo with great results. I have seen that small soft box at my local store and it just looked too small for my use. I have no regrets...
  7. MarkM

    32,000 family photos

    Awesome task!! How many scanners did you wear out? LOL Like others, I need to do this as well - did you use one of Nikons scanners or something else? Peace Mark
  8. MarkM

    I got accepted!!!!!

    Grats!!!!!! All the best!!!! Peace Mark
  9. MarkM

    Happy Birthday, Harris!

    HAPPY B-DAY!!!!!!! Hope it was / is a GREAT DAY!!!! Peace Mark
  10. MarkM

    d200user; Debbie health update

    Our thoughts and prayers to you and your family Debbie. Please keep us updated. Thanks Greg. GOD Bless Peace Mark
  11. MarkM

    In Memory of a Tough Lady...

    Our condolences and prayers to you and your family. Sorry for your loss. Peace Mark
  12. MarkM

    If You Put That Picture on the Internet I'll Call My Lawyer

    IMHO, the photographer isn't any better than the guy in the photo - they both have issues. It is hard for me to side with the photographer because too much is missing - he doesn't even post any other pictures of the yelling incident. He even chimed in to all the comments with a statement that...
  13. MarkM

    70-300mm VR: Portraiture and Subject Isolation (with samples)

    Robert, Those are fantastic shots from a great lens. Before switching to the 5D last year, I shot with the D200 & Fuji S5 Pro and my favorite lenses (after starting out with the 18-200 VR) quickly became the 105 VR and the 70-300 VR. Peace Mark
  14. MarkM

    Spend a day chasing Butterflies...

    WOW!! very nice series!! Peace Mark
  15. MarkM

    Does anyone have a hood for their LCD screen?

    Debbie, I agree with Lawrence. I have the Delkin pro version on all my camera's. If you do a lot of chimping it can become tiresome opening and closing the cover. I do not know about the hoodman, but the delkin cover is removable. I have a D200 delkin pro version for sale ($25 shipped). I...
  16. MarkM

    Boy this dark side stuff sure is tasty...

    Very nice picture although to me he looks more like it tastes bitter more than tasty :smile: on a side, I went from D200 to S5pro to 5D and my partner uses the 40D. We both have 30D's as backups and agree with your observation about the skin tones on the 40D. Peace Mark
  17. MarkM

    SB800/D200 off camera cord??

    NO, they will not work with the SK-6 None of the sc cords will mount to the sk-6 since the off camera part of the sc cords only has 1/4x20 threads - no flash foot to slide into the shoe of the sk-6 bracket. If you buy a 1/4x20 foot adapter in order to attach the cord to the sk-6 shoe, you...
  18. MarkM

    Fuji S5 Pro...pulled the trigger!!

    Sean, Thanks for that excellent comparison. If I had to guess, I would pick the S5 as showing the truest color of the sky. Looks like if you stayes out a little longer you would have got some great storm pics - looks like it was a little windy out there, did it rain or blow over? I...
  19. MarkM

    Fuji S5 Pro...pulled the trigger!!

    Grats on the purchase!!!! I am sure you will love it!! Peace Mark
  20. MarkM

    Nikon 70-300 VR w/ TC

    The kenko 1.4 works on my 70-300vr including vr & af. The kenko 2.0 DOES NOT work on my 70-300vr. The af just goes crazy. The 18-200vr's rear element protrudes out of the lens very slightly at 18mm so I have not tried it with any tc. Peace Mark
  21. MarkM

    Any S5 Wedding Photographers out there?

    Hey Mark, I am curious as to why you are considering selling the D200. I have no regrets for buying the S5, but in hind sight I wish I had kept my D200 since I did not need to sell it to fund the S5 purchase. To me, the D200 & S5 combination is the way to go for somebody who wants to stay...
  22. MarkM

    Fuji S5 Pro, auto WB, iso 1600

    Cool, similar to mine - estimate was $375, final cost was $414. The website was way behind with updates and still showed mine in the shop waiting for parts on the day it was delivered back to me. Hope it returns all ok. Peace Mark
  23. MarkM

    Fuji S5 Pro, auto WB, iso 1600

    Sorry about the lens. I recently did the same thing with my 80-400VR. In the beginning I just shrugged it off to my needing to learn the lens but then in May, it started to slip while in manual focus mode so I sent it in. WOW!!!! when I saw the paper, it looked like the only things Nikon did...
  24. MarkM

    Any S5 Wedding Photographers out there?

    Fred, no problem, I am clear this weekend, just send me a message. PM sent Peace Mark
  25. MarkM

    Now a photographer

    hmmmmmm, makes you wonder.........he does not appear to be standing very squarely and he is taking a photo at what?.....the place where the other person is standing, taking his picture? He sure isn't pointing the camera over the railing. Maybe he is actually standing on the railing and leaning...
  26. MarkM

    Any S5 Wedding Photographers out there?

    Sean, Thanks for sharing - nice pics. Peace Mark
  27. MarkM

    Any S5 Wedding Photographers out there?

    Fred, I am just across the bay in Tampa. Let me know if you are available to get together for a little hands on with my Fuji S5. I have also shot with the D200 as well as the 30D and 5D. To me they are all tools that have their own merits and glitches. In the end is is up to the user to...
  28. MarkM

    Any S5 Wedding Photographers out there?

    I agree with Greg. I have to admit though that I have not shot a wedding yet (2 scheduled for Feb. 2008). I switched from the D200 to the Fuji so that I would have time to learn the camera before the paid work arrived and have no regrets. Peace Mark
  29. MarkM

    Fuji S5 Pro, auto WB, iso 1600

    very nice pics - gotta love the S5!! Peace Mark
  30. MarkM


    Stay Away!!! Joe, ExpressCamera is not very good. It looks like one of the various low price scam sites that charge extra (as well as way over priced) for standard items then cancel your order if you don't agree to their pitch. Some people even report that their card/bank was charged...
  31. MarkM

    Every homeowner's nighmare

    Woody, WOW!!! glad to hear you and the cat's are fine :smile: :eek::eek: ....entered through the gas pipe....:eek::eek: Holy Explosion Batman!!!:eek: glad that didn't happen. Hope once the insurance company gets started that all goes smooth. Peace Mark
  32. MarkM

    RML and Fuji S5 Pro issues

    Thanks for the update Charles and your S5 pics have been awesome. Peace Mark
  33. MarkM

    Las Vegas Night shots (First Post attempt)

    Welcome, great shots!!! Peace Mark
  34. MarkM

    RML and Fuji S5 Pro issues

    just checking in - any news yet? Peace Mark
  35. MarkM

    RML and Fuji S5 Pro issues

    Grats on the S5, it is a great camera. I've had mine a few weeks and really like it, still getting used to the different settings. My only gripe is the lack of exposure information in the exif data. Nikon has spoiled me with the amount of camera and flash specific info in the exif. Thanks...
  36. MarkM

    Been a while...

    Yeah, what they said. I really like these, as usual, you never disappoint when you post. The angle of the building in the first image really adds to the look - almost twilight zone looking to me. All are great Peace Mark
  37. MarkM

    RML and Fuji S5 Pro issues

    Correction - NO file sent Sorry, Just discovered that my ISP kicked back the email. It appears that I can't sent an attachment larger than 10mb. The S5 Pro raw file is 25mb and it zips to 18mb. I will try to find one of the review sites that contained a raw file for downloading and...
  38. MarkM

    RML and Fuji S5 Pro issues

    Thank you Charles, Peter and Phil. I sent an email with a raw file. Peace Mark
  39. MarkM

    RML and Fuji S5 Pro issues

    Hello all, I realize this may be a 'shot in the dark' here but, any Fuji S5 Pro users here have trouble with raw files in RML? I get an image that appears to be cropped and then stretched out horizontally. Jpegs and D200 files work fine though. Peace Mark
  40. MarkM

    Photos from a dark restaurant

    Awesome shots!! very creative and imaginative!! Peace Mark
  41. MarkM

    Cafe Challenge #39 - "Night" - Voting Thread

    Tough to just pick three but here we go: 1st - #7 - Orange Night 2nd - #6 - G-Talk 3rd - #22 - Eight Peace Mark
  42. MarkM

    Finally purchased my first DSLR

    Congrats on the D200!!! It is an awesome camera, hope it serves you well - looking forward to great pics :smile: Peace Mark
  43. MarkM

    Ordered the Fuji S5

    Grats on the S5 Grats on the S5, I hope you like it as much as I do. After my local camera shop let me play with one for a few days, I was sold. Now I am enjoying the S5 and put my D200 up for sale. I don't have any people pictures yet but am impressed with the scenics I have shot so far...
  44. MarkM

    Another Published

    Congratulations!! Great Picture!! Peace Mark
  45. MarkM

    Love my new D200, some questions

    Congrats on the D200. These are all great shots, but this one really stands out to me - great job framing the word 'SPEED' Peace Mark
  46. MarkM

    Strobist: Self Portrait

    That came out nice, I really like that effect. Peace Mark
  47. MarkM

    What the...?

    WOW, looks similar to a Shen-Hao 4x5 digital field camera seen here at 'the view camera store'.
  48. MarkM

    Wedding Album edit suggestions? (Warning 15 wide images)

    This is the first digital album I have seen so I have nothing to compare it with, the groupings look good but it definately looks busy. There appears to be a lot of very nice photos being used - are you going to get any of them included in the album by themselves? Maybe I am too old...
  49. MarkM

    Backpack recommendations, please

    Um, that depends on the size of the jacket AND amount of gear. I use this backpack and can't see that a jacket would fit unless it is a light windbreaker or sweater and only half of the pack is used for a camera body w/ small lens attached (no more than 4" long lens), one flash, 28 & 50 stacked...
  50. MarkM

    Backpack recommendations, please

    Congrats on the bag, I hope it satisfies your needs for a long time. Peace Mark
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