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  1. BarkisPhoto

    My Last Wedding - pushed my limits

    Hi, Stacey -- these wedding images are exceptional! Wow! Nicely done... Best Regards,
  2. BarkisPhoto

    Topaz 5 is out

    Also upgraded last night: Win7 64-bit, installed with no issues. Version 4 & 5 seem to co-exist just fine... Best Regards,
  3. BarkisPhoto

    Dancers (update 13.8)

    These are great photos! It would be fun to do a shoot like this, for sure! Best Regards,
  4. BarkisPhoto

    Lovely model from last night... 2nd Pic Added!!!

    Hi, Miguel -- excellent shot. I was going to comment on the lighting and was pleased to find a shot of your setup: Thanks! This image works in all ways... Best Regards,
  5. BarkisPhoto

    Antelope Canyon, AZ

    Hi, Jim -- A couple of years ago my wife & I took in Antelope Canyon while on a trip to the Southwest with friends (who also have photographic interests). We took the 'Photographer's Tour' from the people at This tour is a bit more expensive than the general...
  6. BarkisPhoto

    Because the D3 is Better

    Really nice work, Scott! Best Regards,
  7. BarkisPhoto

    Nikon Transfer Stopped Working

    It looks like there now is a version of Nikon Transfer that works with Win7. See for details. I'm just loading up a new Win7 machine myself and this was one of the next things that is needed...
  8. BarkisPhoto

    Some 24mm/1.4 shots

    Hi, Banhup -- looks like you had a wonderful trip. My favorite is #3 (although, I like 'em all!) and the lighting is wonderful... Best Regards,
  9. BarkisPhoto

    Maternity - for business card

    Hi, Seneca -- nice shot for your card! I've done five pregnancy shoots over the past two years & one missed opportunity (she delivered before we could set a time). A maternity shoot may not be for everyone (the mom or the photographer!), but the women I worked with were enjoying it to the...
  10. BarkisPhoto

    Art event

    Hi, Kelly -- Nice series. I think you captured the occasion very well. One thing I like about the use of existing light (no flash) are the occasional color casts in the environment from the various lighting temperatures. It works nicely here & in no way distracts from the correctly exposed &...
  11. BarkisPhoto

    HDR: how to?

    Very nice work on 'Valley of Light,' Douglas! Best Regards,
  12. BarkisPhoto

    Samantha with the octabox

    Hi, Mitch -- These are excellent! Very nice work, as usual... Best Regards,
  13. BarkisPhoto

    Can't stop receiving mail returned emails...

    Oh-oh! Somewhere in those 13k+ messages is one from me I sent this morning. I'll TTYL about it and not expect an answer! You possibly have been 'spoofed' by the bad guys and the 'reply-to' or 'sent-by' address in the (probable) un-delivered spam email was *your* email address. Or, it...
  14. BarkisPhoto

    4 year old getting ready for bed

    Hi, Mitch -- that's a fun shot! You captured her energy, for sure! Best Regards,
  15. BarkisPhoto

    Reunion: Mom and her two daughters.. a few days before the wedding- Many images

    Hi, Mike -- that's a great set. And, the fun everyone had creating it shows through in the images... Best Regards,
  16. BarkisPhoto

    Rachel Dashae - JoRoFoto *NSFW*

    Hi, Jose -- nice set. Looks like the model would be fun to work with, too... Best Regards,
  17. BarkisPhoto

    Beauty, Extreme Photoshop

    Hi, Laura -- sometimes PP a bit on the 'intense' side works: I feel you made it work wonderfully here! Nice work... Best Regards,
  18. BarkisPhoto


    Hi, Conrad -- very nicely done! It's also great to see your setup... Best Regards,
  19. BarkisPhoto


    Hi, Drew -- My hope is you're only taking a break from portraiture, as yours were posts that were always interesting, i.e., "How did he do that?" I'd wondered what happened to you and if, perhaps, you'd been run off or something... Nice waterfall! Best Regards,
  20. BarkisPhoto

    Smile Book continued... CC please...

    Hi, Mike -- nice work, all the way around! I'll bet your patients were pleased with the results... Best Regards,
  21. BarkisPhoto

    tuxedo bikini

    Darn! I must have come in late: the images seem to have vaporized! Sorry to have missed your images, Drew! Best Regards,
  22. BarkisPhoto

    Looking to borrow a 24-70

    LJ has a full-frame ultra-wide zoom. I don't recall the particulars, but think it starts at something like 18mm or so. And, I have the good-old 28-105mm sitting on the shelf... L8R,
  23. BarkisPhoto

    Sarah Belle; Anytime Shoot - Image Heavy

    Beautiful work all around, Stacey! Best Regards,
  24. BarkisPhoto

    Another "Sweet&Spicy" Boudoir shoot

    Hi, Nick -- what a great series! I particularly liked #2 that you posted here, although the whole set in your gallery is excellent. Nice work... Best Regards,
  25. BarkisPhoto

    Medical Student Photo Project + Cancer Project

    Hi, Taylor -- always interesting to follow your posting in this thread. Nice images... Best Regards,
  26. BarkisPhoto

    my 9 y/o angel

    Hi, Drew -- these are excellent portraits of your daughter. She must have had a lot of fun working with her dad to create these... I'm saddened by the comments implying there is something more to these images than there is. It is a sad commentary that our society attempts to see something...
  27. BarkisPhoto

    My parents' 50th anniversary

    Hi, Mitch -- as the official 'unofficial' photographer you did well! Wonderful occasion to celebrate! Best Regards,
  28. BarkisPhoto

    Two from the beach today.

    Hi, George -- not particularly drawn to the firs two, but the third is excellent! Nice work... Best Regards,
  29. BarkisPhoto

    Kandie - NWS

    Nice set of images, Jordan. Best Regards,
  30. BarkisPhoto

    I think I'm getting there

    Hi, Bob -- nice portrait! Best Regards,
  31. BarkisPhoto

    Sweet and Spicy

    Hi, Nick -- nice work. I like the use of 'window light' for these images. (Nice stuff in your gallery, too!) Best Regards,
  32. BarkisPhoto

    Coney Island Mermaid Parade

    Hi, Larry -- always thought the Mermaid Parade would be a real hoot. Looks like you made the best of the marginal wx: nice photos! Best Regards,
  33. BarkisPhoto

    Home servers for photo storage?

    Hi, Gretchen -- Microsoft has some 'unsupported' freebies called 'Powertoys for Windows XP' (there were/are versions for other operating systems, so make sure you have the XP version). One of these is a program called 'Tweak UI' which lets you easily change some obscure Windows settings...
  34. BarkisPhoto

    What a difference a day makes!

    Very cool, Chris! Nice setup... Best Regards,
  35. BarkisPhoto

    2 week trip to New England - suggestions?

    There is lots to see and do in the entire New England area. Hope you enjoy your trip. A good drive across the upper part of NH should include the Kancamagus Highway (see It is beautiful all times of the year. Like...
  36. BarkisPhoto

    My Memorial Day project.

    Hi, Chad -- what a wonderful tribute! I particularly like the first image... Best Regards,
  37. BarkisPhoto

    Cloudy day portraits for C&C

    Hi, Ed -- nice images! Cloudy days can be very nice: the sky becomes one big softbox! Best Regards,
  38. BarkisPhoto

    Bam! Eyes.

    Hi, Laura -- that's a stunning image! [But, I gotta ask: did you open up her irises in PP?] Best Regards,
  39. BarkisPhoto

    Janelle; Anytime Session

    Hi, Stacey -- what a great set! Excellent photographic work... Best Regards,
  40. BarkisPhoto

    artistic low keys

    Hi, Peter -- nice work. I like your use of the light on the model... Best Regards,
  41. BarkisPhoto

    Love Park: Night time, wide open, 3 strobes

    Hi, Chris -- really nice use of the light. I like your image a lot... Best Regards,
  42. BarkisPhoto


    Very nice image, Peter. I like it a lot... Best Regards,
  43. BarkisPhoto

    Another Pinup

    Yes, that's the post, Joe. Reading on, I copied down your recipe for the "Paint with Light" layer. I've been doing my dodge-n-burn layer that way for years, but with 'Overlay' blending. Gotta try it with 'Soft Light' as you suggest and see how I like it! Thanks for the great tips! Best...
  44. BarkisPhoto


    Exceptional work, Drew. I think your PP is spot-on with this model... Best Regards,
  45. BarkisPhoto

    E-Session In NOLA

    Extreme or not, I love your processing -- particularly on #1 & #4. Best Regards,
  46. BarkisPhoto

    Another Pinup

    Hi, Joe -- another very nice image. I remember an earlier post of yours where you described the PP technique -- took note and have been playing around with it a bit myself. Will be watching for more from you ... Best Regards,
  47. BarkisPhoto

    A very special wedding

    Hi, Harry -- nice work. And, what a great location for a wedding ceremony. I'm sure the newlyweds will be very happy with your images... Best Regards,
  48. BarkisPhoto

    A few from Saturday...

    Wow, Keith! Nice work. I always enjoy your posts... Best Regards,
  49. BarkisPhoto

    D200/300 GPS interface

    Nice project, Scott. Your detailed instructions should help others build it! Best Regards,
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