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  1. PhotogWannabe

    On1 Photo Raw and Wacom tablet

    I really wish that they would get around to letting you rotate selections especially with the clone brush.
  2. PhotogWannabe

    On1 Photo Raw and Wacom tablet

    Ok, I don't know what I did, but it's working now. Woohoo!
  3. PhotogWannabe

    On1 Photo Raw and Wacom tablet

    Had the latest software. Deleted anyway, reinstalled, restarted the iMac. No joy. Any other ideas gratefully received.
  4. PhotogWannabe

    On1 Photo Raw and Wacom tablet

    Hi. My previous old version of PS automatically recognized my Wacom tablet when I brought the pen to the tablet surface. It's been several months now since switching to On1 and I thought I would try doing a little cloning on a photo. For the life of me, I can't get On1 to recognize the tablet...
  5. PhotogWannabe

    Village house

    Beautiful! With no modern amenities visible this photo could have been taken 100 years ago.
  6. PhotogWannabe

    Critique Clipped Wing Snowy; Opinions?

    If Mitch's idea didn't work out, I'd crop a bit off the top and then crop the right side to match the left.
  7. PhotogWannabe

    Backlit Bears

    Definitely works!
  8. PhotogWannabe

    Nikon D750 images & discussion thread

    Very nice to hear!
  9. PhotogWannabe

    Attended the Nikon Z Event in Los Angeles!

    In that case, I don't think you can go wrong with either a D750 or the Z6/FTZ combo. I'd still go with a dedicated video camera for videos rather than use a dslr.
  10. PhotogWannabe

    Attended the Nikon Z Event in Los Angeles!

    If your current lens lineup aren't all AF-S types (as AF-D and older lenses will be manual focus with the adaptor as far as I understand; I may be wrong) and you're concerned about going to mirrorless then I would opt for a D750. Yes, it might be a few years old tech now but I think it's a...
  11. PhotogWannabe

    The Fair

    The good old PNE!
  12. PhotogWannabe

    White Coat

  13. PhotogWannabe

    Weeping Angels

    Weeping angels?! Don't blink! (Dr. Who reference for those not in the Whovian universe.)
  14. PhotogWannabe

    Hard workers...

    Sheesh! Those boys have sure grown up a lot. I remember your baby photos of them.
  15. PhotogWannabe

    Nikon 85mm F1.4D for $480?

    I don't think you can go wrong if the amount is equivalent to Canadian dollars. I've used mine on dx cameras. It becomes a sort of 135 equivalent.
  16. PhotogWannabe

    Reifel Sanctuary

    We're about an hour and a half away from it. I have one photo of a crane sitting on a nest that's in the middle of a channel of water. I've no idea how deep the water is or how long it will take the colts to grow large enough to ford it.
  17. PhotogWannabe

    Reifel Sanctuary

    Thanks for looking in. Regarding backgrounds, absolutely. But, when the bird is where it is sometimes you don't have much choice and this was probably the best of the bunch. Alexis, I have one photo of this particular bird eating out of a kid's hand. :eek:
  18. PhotogWannabe

    Reifel Sanctuary

    So, we took a spur of the moment trip to Ladner, BC to the George C. Reifel Migratory Bird Sanctuary to see what we could see. Who knew BC had sandhill cranes! This, and a wood duck, were about the most exciting things we saw. o_O Sandhill crane by Paul, on Flickr
  19. PhotogWannabe

    Got Nikon??

    Some good comments re: Nikon's lack of marketing in the first linked article. It would be amazing to have a quick wander through that room.
  20. PhotogWannabe

    D500 Images, post them here, a companion to ....

    Nice one! That gym must have crazy good lighting to let you shoot 1/1000 and only hit 6400 ISO.
  21. PhotogWannabe


    Helsinki is a beautiful city to visit. We were there many years ago for our daughter's wedding. Only a few blocks from the Uspenski Cathedral is Helsinki Cathedral (Evangelical Lutheran) and Senate square. I'd love to be able to go back with a decent camera and spend some time photographing...
  22. PhotogWannabe

    New Nikon 180-400mm F4E w/built-in TC1.4 FL ED VR lens!

    At roughly 1/10th the cost in Canadian dollars I'll keep my recently acquired Sigma 150-600C. Yikes!
  23. PhotogWannabe

    It's deja vu all over again... (photo added)

    The camera just can't convey what the eye beholds! We woke up today to blue skies and sunshine after two days of freezing rain and 12 hours without power and many still without! The ice encased trees (those still standing and undamaged!) look like living chandeliers. So beautiful and so glad...
  24. PhotogWannabe

    It's deja vu all over again... (photo added)

    That it does, Gordon. Thanks for stopping by.
  25. PhotogWannabe

    It's deja vu all over again... (photo added)

    In late January and early February we endured huge amounts of snow in the lower mainland of BC and ended it all off with a freezing rain storm. Now, at the end of the year, we've had a bit of snow and over night more freezing rain. In between was the worst fire season in BC's history. You just...
  26. PhotogWannabe

    New 180-400 VR coming (with 1.4x TC integrated).. start drooling

    Out of range of most people, I would think.
  27. PhotogWannabe

    Cajunangel MIA October 29th

    Great news!
  28. PhotogWannabe

    Morning snack

    Thanks, Gordon!
  29. PhotogWannabe

    Morning snack

    Thanks, Karen. Thanks, Mike. I’ve been trying to get better with my cloning skills. My Wacom tablet sure makes a difference.
  30. PhotogWannabe

    Morning snack

    Today is one of the last days in our string of rainless days so I thought I'd head out and drive along the Fraser River to see if I could find some bald eagles. I'm happy to say I saw lots... but, they were mostly on the other side of the river! I did manage to find one having a mid morning...
  31. PhotogWannabe

    Critique Scholastic Volleyball with D500 and Sigma 50-100 f/1.8 ART and 35 f/1.4 ART

    You got some nice shots in there! I would agree that it's a very difficult sport to cover. Much faster than basketball. I just shot the final game of the AA Senior Girls' Fraser Valley Volleyball Tournament. I'd take a shot and think the rally was done and end up watching some fantastic...
  32. PhotogWannabe

    Little trouper

    When doing candids I would reasonably expect this to be completely the case and I've done that before (with this group of little ones) and continue to do that with the 6-18 year olds at the school. However, this situation was the exception.
  33. PhotogWannabe

    Baldie Eagle last weekend...

    Photo not showing and marked private if you click the link.
  34. PhotogWannabe

    Overture Center, Madison

    Fabulous photos! How on earth do you get access to these places (Wisconsin senate chamber, supreme court) let alone photograph with no people in them.
  35. PhotogWannabe

    Little trouper

    In the interests of growth, and in case I'm ever asked to do this again, can you show me some of what you're thinking of? Feel free to post here or send via pm. Thanks.
  36. PhotogWannabe

    Little trouper

    Thanks, McQ! Being a retired teacher it irks me too when it is misused. Perhaps a little. On mine she has reddish cheeks but that was due to the weather and, I suspect, not feeling well. C'est la vie! This was one pose, of at least three, that was requested by the teacher and the parents of...
  37. PhotogWannabe

    Recent shoot with Ellie

    Beautiful! Well done.
  38. PhotogWannabe

    Little trouper

    After what seemed like an interminable number of days of rain we had a short dry spell. Earlier in the school year the indoor preschool class, along with the rest of the elementary school that I shoot events for got the usual posed school photos by a commercial outfit. However, the school also...
  39. PhotogWannabe

    Company used my image for advertising but says "There will be no compensation"

    This is just a response in general to the topic of "borrowed" images used for commercial purposes. There's another photo forum I frequent where this topic came up and one user has mentioned as a website that will find and fight image theft on your behalf. On a verified case apparently...
  40. PhotogWannabe

    Critique Tranquil

    Beautiful! and, welcome!
  41. PhotogWannabe


    What do you shoot most often? Dogs, I'm guessing? Considering your lenses, I'd go for the D750. I haven't used a D500 in low light but I have with the D750. The photo of my grandkids above was ISO12800. I also use it to shoot volleyball, basketball and performances inside school gymnasia. I'm...
  42. PhotogWannabe

    Video on the Nikon D850

    Georgie looks like he's ready for his morning nap. Oh, and the slow-mo looks pretty darn good too.
  43. PhotogWannabe


    Dave, I've got both a D700 and D750. I'll keep both as they both are excellent cameras. The D750, for me, is my sports camera and the larger mp count lets me crop a lot more than the D700. You'll also love it for its high ISO abilities. This photo was taken with the D750, iso 12800. It has a bit...
  44. PhotogWannabe


    Thanks, Karen! I don't know about generations but it's been appreciated by the families involved. ;)
  45. PhotogWannabe


    LOL! Good one. Thanks, Gordon. They sure are little darlings.
  46. PhotogWannabe


    We finally got around to celebrating our granddaughter's fourth birthday (illness and whatnot.) Here's a quick candid of her showing one of her cousins some love as they watch "Frozen..." Cousins by Paul, on Flickr'] Cousins by Paul, on Flickr']Cousins[/url] by Paul, on Flickr[/URL]
  47. PhotogWannabe

    Apple Releases "High Sierra" -- New macOS

    Just scanning through the comments and didn't see this; but, if you use a Wacom tablet you may want to wait awhile as Wacom is still working on drivers for the new MacOS and it could be some time before they're available.
  48. PhotogWannabe

    Photographer Shot by Deputy

    How on earth do you mistake a tripod and camera for a gun? Beats me!
  49. PhotogWannabe

    shooters selling D810s and D500s

    NIKON D810 - Like New C$2100 for 3 months old, 110 clicks. Good deals out there if you don't want to spend almost double that for an 850.
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