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    How do I clean sticky stuff off my cameras?

    So I wasn't sure where to post this. Feel free to move it if I've put it in the wrong place. OK so I've got a couple of F80's and also a D100 that have been sitting in a pelican case for probably about 10 years now and had very little use in that time. I probably should have decided this some...
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    Monitors and calibration

    Note my original post where I said I was able to get them close excepting for the contrast. So I then recalibrated the display with a contrast of ~900:1 down to ~600:1 but that didn't really help. The U2414M does have a wider gamut. It would be nice if it was able to give me an indication of...
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    Monitors and calibration

    I calibrated in darkness the first time around. I watched all their training videos after having difficulty to see if there was anything I'd missed that may help as I've not had the i1 Pro for long. I've upgraded from the i1 Display 2 but haven't spent really much time with the new software...
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    Monitors and calibration

    Well for some time I've been using a pair of Dell 2209WA screens. I recently picked up a Dell U2414M and am running it along side one of the 2209WA’s I’ve calibrated both and yet I’m noticing color difference between the two and yet supposedly both monitors have calibrated well. How much...
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    Shooting Water Drops......With a Gun

    Get it right..... Sprechen sie Deutsch?
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    Shooting Water Drops......With a Gun

    Waiting with baited breath. What's the go with the final video? Will you have rights to post it somewhere for us to see? Will you only be able to post a small snippit to tease us until they have fully aired on TV (or what ever they intend to do with it initially)? I'm just wondering...
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    Who has EVER had a Memory Card go bad

    I had a Microdia 512MB one die on me. That's all. I have a 4GB and a 16GB Sandisk ones that I've been using for the last 4 years in my D700 and they've been fine.
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    Why "I'll just zoom with my feet" and focal lengths matter

    I've been meaning to do an exercise like this myself except with a person as my subject matter. So I can get a good feel for which focal length I like the look of best. I've always been aware that wide angle lenses will distort a persons features. It would also be nice if the source can...
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    Shooting Water Drops......With a Gun

    I see you've added some more asesome photos since I lest read this thread. Congratz on getting some real publicity for these images and I'm really looking forward to see what the 14th of May brings.
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    Tiny Gecko

    Thankyou I'm pretty happy with the results considering the equipment I was using and that I didn't want to nuke this little guy 100 times over trying to achieve a perfect result. As always the problem could be solved with more money by getting a better flash setup for macro and also a...
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    Tiny Gecko

    Found this little critter as I was going out the door for dinner, he was clinging onto my fly screen. So I scooped him up and put him in a container until after dinner when I let him model for me* * Read that as I let him run around (which made it terribly hard for focussing and only...
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    Lightroom 3 vs Lightroom 4

    Best thing for you to do if you're still after answers to this is to jump onto Adobe's website and they do have a bunch of tutorial videos up there on all the new features of Lightroom 4. Several things off the top of my head though that I remember are new. Softproofing Book creation...
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    Which one will you be getting? (800 vs 800E)

    I feel for you.:Unsure:
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    Issue with i1Display2

    I've got some trouble with my X-rite i1 Display2 I've just recalibrated one of my screens and it's made it look rather green. Anyone know what I might be able to do to get the calibrater working correctly again? I'm concerned about calibrating my other screen which I know is a little off...
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    D700 frustrations

    And now it's Monday (at least where I am) and rumors of a D800 are surfacing again. Do you still want that D700? :tongue:
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    I dabble a little with macro (Spider shots)

    Here's my attempt to capture a photo of this little fella who I walked under without realising until afterwards. I'm glad his web wasn't lower down. Looks like he hadn't been there long as he didn't have much of a web at this point. Took about 14 shots and these are two of the better ones...
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    RAID? Cloud? Something else? Share your backup solutions.

    Well I'll mention what I do. I've slowly become both more complicated and also simple in how I handle my important data. I have 3 copies of my important data. Drive 1) My working copy Drive 2) My backup copy (in the PC) Drive 3) My backup copy offsite (relatives house) All I do is...
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    Scariest job on earth? You decide.

    I'm undecided about this one. I do rock climb, but only with all the necessary safety equipment. If I were to do this it wouldn't be free climbing. I'd have to do it with all the safety equipment. Slower? Yes, but my life ain't worth risking like that. Even so, not sure if I'd actually go...
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    Showcase Nikon 35mm f/1.4G

    I went to a B&M on the weekend and found that they had the 35 1.4G on display. So I had a play. The odd thing is though they still don't have a 16-35 or the 24-120 F4 on display yet. That being said I also found that they had an 85 1.4G in stock and cheaper than I could find it on ebay which...
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    Changing all the light bulbs in the house, what to get?

    One thing you should know about the CFL's is that a few watts makes a large difference in brightness. I've used them ever since I moved into my new room 7-8 years ago. In that time I've replaced the globes twice I think. I'm not sure what wattage I started with but I'm now using two 24 or 21...
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    Lens baby Tilt transformer, anyone tried it?

    The reason why this works is because the image circle of a Nikon SLR lens is much larger than what is required by a 4/3 or Nex camera. Also there is less distance between the sensor and the mount on 4/3 and Nex cameras. Meaning even if you didn't want tilt/shift functions in order to mount a...
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    Showcase Nikon 35mm f/1.4G

    Hey Ugo What is that thing in the shot of the anchor just to the right of the tip of the anchor? It's "touching" the yellow stipe on the boat but it seems that it's in focus and therefore a lot closer than that boat. To me it looks like there's something floating mid air there. Edit...
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    Buying a lens from Ebay?

    This is something I have been considering also. Things however that you should note when buying a new lens on ebay. Where is the lens coming from? If it's coming from over seas (often Hong Kong on you'll probably have to ship it back there for warranty work. This means...
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    Editing on 42" HD-TV?

    I though everything these days was all about HD in TV land. Which would I suspect have meant that most TV's 32" and up would be running at 1920x1080 pixels? (16:9 aspect) My 22" LCD monitors run at 1680x1050 (16:10 aspect, which I prefer) So you would get a few more pixels on the 42" TV...
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    Need help removing purple fringing.

    OK, an update on this. I have reloaded CNX2 and found that it was able to do a better job than LR3 could with removing this. (Still not as good as Ray's 2 minute attempt) Guess I'll have to be happy with that being I don't have Photoshop. Ray has done a perfectly good job on his 2...
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    Need help removing purple fringing.

    De-fringe didn't work, I'll have to double check the auto lens correction. But the red/green and blue/yellow sliders have only a very slight affect. Been busy, I'll hopefully find time to reload up CNX2 this weekend and see if that can do a better job.
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    I'm buying the entire Nikon catalog !!!

    This was my line of thinking when I saw the thread title. Trouble with scams is that they pay out big and only need to pay out say once or twice a year and you're set. Not a huge amount of work is required. So they're only looking for 1 idiot out of say 1 billion emails and sadly there are...
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    Sorry but I just gotta ask somewhere....

    I have a D700, I can't speak for other FX cameras. You may use any DX lens on the camera, however it will crop the image down to DX size which works out to around 5MP. You can go into the custom settings and turn this cropping off so that it will give you the full 12MP image. Using DX...
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    Big cards v. small cards

    I have 1x 16GB 30mb sec 1x 4GB 45mb sec 1x 1GB 1x 512MB The two smaller cards were for my D100. When I went to the D700 obviously they were too small. I did the wrong thing really. I got the 4GB fast card for when I may be doing a little sport shooting. But that is counter intuitive...
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    Tire shop damaged my truck, any advice???

    Good question actually. Maybe getting winter tires put on? But then surely he wouldn't have said that he was getting the tires "replaced".
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    Need help removing purple fringing.

    OK played around with the sliders in LR. The only have a very minor effect. I've found that I haven't releaoded CNX2 onto my PC since the last rebuild. So I'll have to do that and see if I can get a better result from that.
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    Need help removing purple fringing.

    Can some one please tell me how I can get rid of this purple fringing. I'm hoping it can be done in LR3 but I do also have CNX2 if necessary. I just prefer Lightroom 3. You can easily see the purple halo on the person far left of the image. But it is also on the guy in the vest on the...
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    Damn, I must be a good photographer!

    After reading this comment and thinking about it a little I would say that is possibly the probelm. From reading about the place the new shape mini seems to get refered to everywhere as MINI. This MINI must be trade marked or something. If you changed your text to Carole's Mini you might...
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    Damn, I must be a good photographer!

    I don't understand this either. All I can think of is that they must think this photo is too good and must have been commisioned by BMW and that you don't own the copyright even though you say you do. Surely BMW can't be claiming that you can't get photos printed of BMW vehicles. If they are...
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    Short amusing story..... I thought so anyway

    I don't think so.... I think she just let it go through to the keeper. Doubt it, they didn't hang around the photography section for long after that. Yeah, I thought that afterwards, but I still appreciated the humor. Yeah, see comment above. It's all about how you think and we all think...
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    D700 plus . . . what lens?

    So did you go with option A or option B? Suffice to say that yes the D700 is awesome :biggrin: (I'm just a little biased as I own one too)
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    Short amusing story..... I thought so anyway

    A friend of mine gave me a voucher for a book store in return for some photos I did for him. I wasn't expecting any compensation so it was a nice bonus. So I go to said book store and have a look about. I get the photography section and there is a book there entitled. "How to photograph...
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    Marine got married

    If you're talking about the picture with the bride, groom and little boy there is a light actually to the camera left which is causing a shadow on the boy to the camera right. I'm not sure where you're getting the idea that a flash on camera is causing that shadow.
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    Data storage working with Lightroom

    The FreeNAS server, does it have a gigabit ethernet card in it? Do you have a gigabit switch? This may or may not help things with your communication between your PC and the FreeNAS sever. The Netgear NAS that I have is only 10Mpbs and if you mirror it you effectivly halve it's bandwidth...
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    Camera of the future....

    I'm not up with all the P&S cameras. But my limited experience with them is that they all have bad shutter lag. I would suspect this may be the reason some people go out and buy a cheap DSLR. So that they can get the shot as soon as they press the button. If P&S cameras and similar were...
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    D70s --> D7000 Help

    Quit worrying about it. If you have a pre-order, CANCEL IT! Now go enjoy the camera you own. When the D7000 hits the shelves, then go have a look at them and play with one in store. This should give you a better idea of if you will actually enjoy one if you decide to buy it. If you bought...
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    Grey Market and Online Sources

    Try looking at this I would argue that if Nikon hasn't listed them as an Authorized Dealer then they will only be offering Gray Market products. Seems that the Dealers are listed alphabetically and I can't...
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    Upgrade Time, now what?

    I'm not sure what gives you the idea that Nikon has been lagging. Here's some sales figures for you Admittedly these are Japan sales figures and not world wide. But it should give some kind of indication. That and for the first 6 months or so...
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    Need some serious help (website address)

    Personally I'd try and stick with something shorter. I'd hate having to type in a huge long domain name to get to your website if I'm copying it off your card. My suggestion would be That or use your initials instead of your whole name. I like how MJ rolls off the tongue. You...
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    Dumbest Thing I've Done Lately

    Why do women ask loaded questions? I have no idea how I would tackle said questions if I ever get married. Considering the topic of the OP I suspect that in your case "yes" was the "wrong" answer. Answering "compared to when?" probably also wouldn't have gotten you far and if you said NO...
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    Nikon vs. Canon, not a debate thread but a paper for English

    Not sure how much freedom you have with this. How factualy must the piece be? So much of why people choose one camera over another is matter of opinion. As at least one poster pointed out, the Nikon just fit their hand better. Here's another spin you could do. Compare two camera's...
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    Upgrade Time, now what?

    Some food for thought, Which is better? Buying a $1500 Nikon Or Selling all your Nikon gear for $1500 and then spending $3000 buying everything necessary in Canon land so you could buy a $1000 camera? As far as current tech models are concerned the D3100 is not for you because...
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    Best card trick and funny to.

    The hand trick. If you pay careful attention you do get to see him from a far out view with his hands apart. You only see it for a brief moment. However he was probably redemonstrating how to do it at which point he would have changed his hands. As far as the card trick is concerned. He...
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