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    Shelby Cobra

    Great shots, What a car!
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    D 600 Crop Questions?

    Thank you . I would much rather the smaller files also. It seems to be the best of both worlds. A smaller lighter D3oo with the benefits of full frame, wider angle ,higher resolution ,and video.
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    D 600 Crop Questions?

    I am coming from a D300 and have a couple of questions regarding shooting with a D600 in crop mode. I have all Fx lenses except for the 18 -200. When you choose to shoot in the crop mode does the view finder show the smaller crop ratio? When in crop mode can you only shoot in jpeg or can you use...
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    Accidental Portrait (Son)

    Thanks for the comments . The light was just right . I guess timing is everything sometimes. I am trying to really focus more on looking for that special natural light.
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    Accidental Portrait (Son)

    Rich you really made me laugh. So true , he talks about the car already. I am in big trouble.
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    Accidental Portrait (Son)

    Thank-you for the kind comments. Ill take lucky light over technique everyday.
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    Accidental Portrait (Son)

    I was laying in the couch reading and looked down at my five year old son playing underneath the coffee table. I told him don't move ! Grabbed the camera, it had the 85 1.4 on it. Laid down clicked off two shots. Shocked he stayed in the same position. F2 @ 1/80 iso 800.
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    Recent Boudoir

    SIMPLY Beautiful.
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    Girls Gymnastics

    Enjoyed the set! Great intensity and perfect timing.
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    Today a new family has officially born..

    Congratulations! One of life's beautiful gifts.
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    RIP Whitney Houston

    Sad ending for a gifted talent, troubled lifestyle . RIP.
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    A Walk Around Rome (Image Heavy)

    beautifully done, again.
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    Assisi, Italy (Image Heavy)

    You captured a beautiful place beautifully .
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    Frames Per Second Question?

    I would assume with future technological advanvements we will be able to shoot 4 second video bursts and choose from 120 frames to get the one killer shoot. And enlarge it the size of a billboard.
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    Frames Per Second Question?

    Thanks for all the answers. Interesting to hear even a few more FPS can make the difference. I just fool around with some kids sports, no money involved. On the professional level when everything happens much faster to get THAT shot I can see how every frame counts.
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    Frames Per Second Question?

    Question for action shooters.I have been reading all the opinions on the new camera bodies. In real world situations what the difference between shooting at six frames per second compared to eleven frames per second? (I know five frames.) I assume you shoot in bursts to try and catch that...
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    High ISO Performance of DSLRs From the 2001 Super Bowl Versus Now

    Piers Morgan said last night, " I finally have something in common with Madonna, we both never sang at a super bowl."
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    Beautiful pano of Paris

    Thanks for the link.
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    Lens Pictures

    Would love a 300mm.
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    Vacation pics

    Its like having a third person with you on your trip.
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    Show me your best car shots!

    Ferrari 430,
  22. J

    Some of my latest work.

    You have such a distinct style , you can tell its your photo before seeing your name. Inspiring .
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    Show me your best car shots!

    Bentley GTC,
  24. J

    My oldest...

    No offense to your great photo ,but I don't think you can take a bad picture of that beautiful face.
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    Old Porsches

    Enjoyed your photos.
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    Jessica headshot

    Professional shot # 1, Facebook # 2.
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    Shoot with Local Singer, Composite Fun!

    You really nailed the first one! Great work.
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    Lens Pictures

    Quick snapshot, No camera or lens for a better one.:wink:
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    Mobile Me posting question?

    The other pictures in the same album are posted with no problem. Can the one picture be corrupted ?
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    Mobile Me posting question?

    I tried to post a photo in a new thread in the portrait category from my mobile me account. I copied the image address and pasted it in the insert image box. The photo showed up then would randomly disappear? I tried to edit and re post the photo with the same result. Am I doing something wrong...
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    5 Light Strobist Portrait.

    I apologize , something may be wrong with my mobile me account? Sometime I can see it then it disappears.
  32. J

    Portraits: Grandpa Jr.

    Enjoyed all of them. Made me miss my grandfather.
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    5 Light Strobist Portrait.

    [Ezybox 24 x 24 Left @ 1/32 power. Fill on floor Lumiquest LTP 1/128 power. Backround Left SB 800 Gary Fong Diff 1/8 power. Backround right SB 800 1/8 power amber diff. Hair light one Lamp Fluorescent diffuser camera right boom. F 4 @ 1/60 ISO 500
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    Some more from Afghanistan!

    Many thanks for your service!
  35. J


    So hard to get a beautiful relaxed natural smile like that. Great capture . Mine will not sit still for a second.
  36. J

    NYC right before Christmas

    Enjoyed your photos.
  37. J

    Black Toyota Supra Mark IV Photoshoot!

    Great shots.
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    Christmas Card (son)

    Thanks for the response. His teeth are slowly starting to turn very slightly. Dentist said they will fall out soon! His will will grow back ,not like mine.
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    Which are you getting: The D4 or D800?

    Waiting for the specs to be released. Want to upgrade to FX. If the D8oo has the capability to shot raw files in 10-16 megapixels , (if thats possible) I will buy it. No need for 36. Or i will pick up a new D 700. Like the idea that the D800 will be slightly smaller.
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    Post your holiday spirit here

    Happy Holidays to all.
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    Christmas Card (son)

    Jim feel free to post any corrections. Its great to see others interpretations, great way to learn. Enjoy the Holidays, Joe.
  42. J

    Christmas Card (son)

    Second photo from same shoot. Hope it looks better.
  43. J

    Christmas Card (son)

    Thanks for the comments . I agree and like the correction. Going to check my monitor and my eyes.
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    Christmas Card (son)

    I can use any advice on improvements. Feel free to post your Christmas card photos.
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    Show me your best car shots!

    430 Ferrari Spider
  46. J

    Home from Afghanistan (Pics Added)

    Your family will obviously have a great Holiday season. I can not express enough thanks to your son for his service.
  47. J

    Show us your Christmas Tree!!

    Last years Tree
  48. J

    Evan takes NYC

    Not only are the pictures great , its obvious by looking at both your smiles you had a special time.
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