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  1. Stephan54

    Leica M10

    That is true and I do not take it for granted. I had three Zeiss lenses and a D700, and although I like MF the weight was too much. Decided to make a new start and did not want to compromise on the 50mm as that is my most used focal length. I had a Milvus 50 2.0 and somehow missed 1.4, so I went...
  2. Stephan54

    Leica M10

    I decided to buy one with a Summilux 50 and 28 Elmarit. Will mean a lighter bag and a much lighter wallet to carry.
  3. Stephan54

    What walk around 2.8 lens do you have and love?

    Zeiss 21mm 2.8
  4. Stephan54

    The Dream Pond.............IR

    Quality stuff as usual.
  5. Stephan54

    Kowloon the third

    Thanks Craig for the kind remarks. We sure did have a relaxing and interesting trip.
  6. Stephan54

    My 50mm 1.4D review

    It is my favourite after dark lens.
  7. Stephan54

    Kowloon the third

    Shanghai Street D700 – 50mm 1.4d
  8. Stephan54

    Sky City Visitor's City.........IR

    Hi Craig. Very nice indeed.
  9. Stephan54

    Kowloon after dark

    Thanks for the tip, but I am back home. So the walk has to wait till my next visit.:smile:
  10. Stephan54

    Another Kowloon night

    Hi Craig, thanks for the kind remarks.
  11. Stephan54

    Another Kowloon night

    Exotic but relatively safe. D700 – 50mm 1.4d
  12. Stephan54

    Real Street in Color!

    I do like your street shots.
  13. Stephan54

    Paris, night...

    Cool shot. Lots of detail.
  14. Stephan54

    Kowloon after dark

    Thanks David. These were shot around Jordan Station.
  15. Stephan54

    Kowloon after dark

    Thanks Rui. All were shot with the 135dc, so some pleasant bokeh is almost a given.
  16. Stephan54

    Kowloon after dark

    Hi Craig. Thanks for the kind remarks and happy I saved you five hours of walking. :smile:
  17. Stephan54

    Kowloon after dark

    Thanks, it sure is.
  18. Stephan54

    Kowloon after dark

    Thanks Samuel for the kind remarks. Hong Kong offers some excellent subject matter.
  19. Stephan54

    105 f/2 DC and 135 f/2 DC - Part I

    posters remorse - deleted
  20. Stephan54

    Kowloon after dark

    D700 – 135dc
  21. Stephan54

    Watched Over By An Angel.......IR

    Very nice Craig. Always a pleasure to see you IR shots.
  22. Stephan54

    Nigerian Scam- Latest Variation

    The next variation I expect is: This is a mail from the representative of Queen Beatrix of Holland who has been chased off the throne by her son. Please spare Beatrix a life in poverty and help her transfer some money from the Netherlands. Your reward will be generous. The rest goes along...
  23. Stephan54

    Star Trails over Blueridge

    I certainly did enjoy those.
  24. Stephan54


    Nextelbuddy: thank you for your kind remarks.
  25. Stephan54

    The Camps

    Deleted. I realised those pictures of the Death Camps have no place on a general forum. No need to confront others.
  26. Stephan54


    Thanks Craig. A wonderful 2013 for you and yours too.
  27. Stephan54

    Which lens is best for portraits?

    It is always a pleasure to see a portrait of your favourite model
  28. Stephan54

    Church At Christmas

    Those turned out well.
  29. Stephan54


    Thanks Morton. Modern Warsaw is a relaxed city with a pleasant atmosphere.
  30. Stephan54


    Thanks Art. It got dark at around 16.00 hours, so inevitably I ended up with more nightshots than usual. Not a bad thing.
  31. Stephan54


    Changing of the guard Music And food Stamp it D700 35 2.0d and 50 1.4d
  32. Stephan54

    Best walk-about FX lens?

    In Warsaw I mainly used my 35 2.0d and 50 1.4d. The zoom (24-85) stayed in my bag. Used on a D700.
  33. Stephan54

    How much to charge a friend for my photos...

    Do not ask for money. Better if he can return the favour by doing something for you.
  34. Stephan54

    playing with light

    Thanks 610nm for the kind remarks.
  35. Stephan54

    playing with light

    Thank Craig. It gets dark at four, so plenty of night shot. :smile:
  36. Stephan54

    playing with light

    D700 - 35 2.0 / 50 1.4d
  37. Stephan54


    Thanks Karen. I will try to post some more.
  38. Stephan54


    Thanks Craig. It turned from minus 16 tp plus 5 in a few days, so the guards probably were pretty comfortable. Very enjoyable city. Shot with my new 35 2.0d.
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