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  1. atlanta_man

    Nikon 18-70 f/3.5-4.5 DX on a D810…

    Some of my best photos were made with this lens, regret selling it for small money. Bought it from a guy who published its measured characteristics on his extensive camera/lens technical website.
  2. atlanta_man

    Cataract surgery

    I had the c surgery done in one eye a few months ago, opt'ed for the simple lens. Did some research on the lens used and found them for sale on ebay, $40. I suppose for some folks this is a d.i.y. job?
  3. atlanta_man

    Dogs And Giving Them Cooked Bones

    Yes, bones bad but I sure want one
  4. atlanta_man

    Nikon 1 j5

    Get the adapter, it is fun with the 70-300 if you have a steady hand. It will hold its value when it is time to trade it off. Get a 'used' one, no downsides to buying used on that simple device. I have the J5 and the FT-1 and 70-300.
  5. atlanta_man

    Windows 10 Version 1809 or 1903?

    Got number 4 working today. Guessed right that Samsung Magician 'rapid mode' was the culprit. With enough fiddling I got 1903 running and rapid mode back ON. My remote desktop sessions to #4 are very stable now from the other 3 PC's now that all are on 1903. Used to have drop-outs every 20...
  6. atlanta_man

    Windows 10 Version 1809 or 1903?

    If you want it now, you can download from Microsoft their 'windows update tool' and it will force in the latest 1903. Eight or ten days ago, I updated successfully 3 out of 4 of my PCs. Then a couple days later they took a same sized update (huge) to fix initial bugs. I'll probably try my 4th...
  7. atlanta_man

    Does anyone here overclock?

    My 5 year old MSI mb allows very easy OC. Push a button on the motherboard and the I7 goes from 3.5 to 4.0 ghz and the memory gets a tiny bump in voltage. There's way too many bios parameters to fiddle with these days and the nomenclature and displayed variables are not consistent across...
  8. atlanta_man

    Favorite Walkaround for D750?

    My 24-120 VR is my favorite, but when I want a fun workout, and to remember the old days, I use my old manual focus 105/2.5, or the 28-105AF-D for some poor man's macro.
  9. atlanta_man

    Advice for the advice givers . . .

    Wish I looked that cool while doing photography.
  10. atlanta_man

    D750 or D850?

    Buy a lightly used D750 with warranty/return priv's. Spend the difference on full frame lenses. That's what I did, working out way beyond my expectations.
  11. atlanta_man

    Learned something new about my Windows laptop touchpad

    I remember years ago when I ran a large control center with 60 seats and over 300 screens. I bought 60 nice trackballs for the operators. Maybe a half dozen stayed with them, the others went back to wireless mice (which required special ones so that they would not interfere with each other)...
  12. atlanta_man

    To find a misplaced memory card...

    I'm still looking for the big glass of ice water I had yesterday.
  13. atlanta_man

    Learned something new about my Windows laptop touchpad

    I just cannot bring myself to tote around a mouse with my laptop. OK on my 4 desktop computers...
  14. atlanta_man

    Learned something new about my Windows laptop touchpad

    Recently bought a super cheap used chromebook for my workshop PC/bluetooth stereo driver and got to liking the 'two finger' scroll scheme on its touchpad. Turns out it can be set up on my Windows laptop as well. Settings...Devices...Touchpad...Advanced So much easier than moving the cursor...
  15. atlanta_man

    How to play MOV files?

    I've got a last year $60 Sony DVD player which will play anything I throw at it. MOV MP4 mkv on a dvd disk or usb stick (it talks to my tv via an hdmi cable) even if disc/usb's are 'data' format rather than re coded into dvd or bluray format nice surprise
  16. atlanta_man

    Several of the Nikon 1 products are going to be classic and collectable.

    I ike my J5 a lot but do worry about finding batteries for it. It's an odd one.
  17. atlanta_man

    I Cannot Believe It!! Too many lawyers!!

    The latest on this is he cannot find a lawyer to take his case. I take back the mean thing I said about lawyers.
  18. atlanta_man

    Bought Because It Was SOOOO Cheap!!

    Congrats ! I love a bargain.
  19. atlanta_man

    I Cannot Believe It!! Too many lawyers!!

    Lawyers and Judges, all part of the same labor union. Just another day at work.
  20. atlanta_man

    Why I called the police (long post)

    A couple times I've seen break-ins in progress. I call the fire department as the arrive quickly with sirens going and that scatters the bad guys. Police are not interested unless you see gunfire.
  21. atlanta_man

    One thing leads to another.....vehicle repairs.

    Now that all cars are mostly made and tested by robots, they are pretty much all great. I remember selling my (bought new) '71 Corvette at 44,000 miles after spending more on repairs than it cost new. The 12,000 mile warranty was not nearly enough.
  22. atlanta_man

    New Topaz product: JPEG to RAW AI (discounted)

    new pixels ! something for nothing ! this is as bogus as it gets, or they have found a way to overcome the principles of information / data transfer
  23. atlanta_man

    Throwaway world

    Here's a bargain way to fix your Mac
  24. atlanta_man

    Throwaway world

    my last Apple was an Apple II and I immediately installed a Microsoft CPM card in it - 1982 I think, close to $4000 with options
  25. atlanta_man


    I like rice from the insta pot but all the different types of rice require different times and let me tell you, when the time is up get the rice out quick.
  26. atlanta_man

    Who is going to be shooting the blood moon tomorrow night?

    The only way I can get the reach needed is with my J5 and using the Nikon 1 to F adapter. Played with it last night with some of my Nikon almost long lenses. Lenses with an M/A setting really is not exclusively M. Turns out the J5 has a Manual Focus menu item but it really does not work...
  27. atlanta_man

    Brrr...and then some

    Here in South Texas. It's the 40mph wind gusts beating the tree against my house that has got my attention this morning. Been going on for three hours so far. And I trimmed that tree severely recently.
  28. atlanta_man

    The internet pundits have spoken . .

    Well Ken's site does a good job on photos of the gear he reviews. And for a Canon guy, he gives good marks to the Z7. His promotion of .jpg's sure torques some folks.
  29. atlanta_man

    "You can't buy game."

    If in Baltimore, sometimes they say "can of corn". They talk funny too.
  30. atlanta_man

    CS #635 - Keys

    My sliding along, on the wheels upright all the way, but on gravel/ice was coming off I-20 in a little east TX town 40 years ago. I do miss those days of riding on old curvy hilly oil well roads, dealing only with occasional dogs and bees.
  31. atlanta_man

    CS #635 - Keys

    Sold mine after coming off the freeway ramp at legal 40mph speed slowing down for the stop sign ahead until I hit the tiny pea gravel that some truck left for me. Slid across 6 lanes of highway, fortunately no cars around. Gravel turns good road into ice. 100mph always felt very stable to me...
  32. atlanta_man

    CS #635 - Keys

    I worked at a radio station in Texas in 1969. An announcer made reference to a church key and was immediately fired. Shocking use of language. Things have changed quite a bit since then.
  33. atlanta_man

    Anybody Impacted by Marriott/Starwood Data Breach?

    I always used Marriott for business and personal travel, for at least 30 years. Got up to 90,000 room redeemable points a few years ago. Not Starwood, but Marriott gave me a new last name in their computer system last year and told me I had to send in documentation to get it changed. But they...
  34. atlanta_man

    I'm being held hostage by ransomware

    Professional reel-to-reel audio tape archives are stored 'tails out'. These tapes play in one direction only, unlike some cassettes. Somehow this minimizes print-through that hurts playback quality over time.
  35. atlanta_man

    I'm being held hostage by ransomware

    Wondering what the archive-ability / longevity they (consumer writeable CD/DVD's) have ? I tried to research this long ago for a business use but gave it up as the claims were not very convincing to me at the time. The whole idea of a dye layer hit by a laser just did not seem to be for the...
  36. atlanta_man

    I'm being held hostage by ransomware

    I'm going to stock up on writable CD's. Before they get to be expensive collectors items.
  37. atlanta_man

    If you do the crime....

    <---- And I thought my Olivia (beagle) was unique with the loud howling upon park arrival.
  38. atlanta_man

    Dead PC

    Also thanks to Amazon, replaced my dishwasher pump. It was available locally at the parts store for $130. Paid Amazon $25 and waited a couple days for it. They say a good repair man can replace it without taking the dishwasher out but I needed to see what I was doing.
  39. atlanta_man

    Dead PC

    Did the same PS change out last year on my main desktop. Was surprised that Amazon had a half dozen, in stock, for next day (Sunday) delivery. The more powerful units are longer than the smaller ones so had to check my case size to be sure a bigger one would fit.
  40. atlanta_man

    M.J.'s Random Pictures

    Where have I seen that one before ? It IS nice.
  41. atlanta_man

    The DSLR will probably die...

    Thinking about the past 10 years or so, it baffles me that so many fine camera companies are still at it. Seems the companies/models have multiplied greatly even though the market has been squashed by smart phones over the same time period. I do love the used bargains on bodies and lenses that...
  42. atlanta_man

    What's happened to InView/StockView?

    Apple Store Employees Aren't Allowed To Say 'Crash', 'Bug', or 'Problem' - Slashdot
  43. atlanta_man

    Sales Tax is coming . . .

    Sorry, I don't play lawyer on the internet. Some folks use these services for vendors that will not ship to certain states, territories, or countries.
  44. atlanta_man

    Sales Tax is coming . . .

    At least in Texas, strong and regularly updated tax software is necessary to keep up with all the small sources of the sales tax. Hospital district, special bridge fund, cities part of it, college projects, etc. The amount and allocation varies on the location of the buyer. Oregon has some...
  45. atlanta_man

    Z7 User preset U1,2,3 question

    Exactly my frustration
  46. atlanta_man

    Z7 User preset U1,2,3 question

    I wish you could edit the U1/U2 settings PAS or M mode without switching to one of the PASM's then doing a 'save'. Took me a while to understand this behavior.
  47. atlanta_man

    DxO PhotoLab 2

    Most folks are numerically challenged. Especially when making wild guesses. Sorry for changing the subject from the issue of pricing policy. Like most, I don't like the feeling that I got a higher price than others as a reward for being a good customer. I just took one of my favorite...
  48. atlanta_man

    DxO PhotoLab 2

    millions ? maybe hundreds !
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