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  1. czechmark

    Longmire Returns ...

    This is a great series! You can catch up with previous seasons on Netflix.
  2. czechmark

    iPhone 3g and iOS4? Think Twice - And Now A Possible Fix (Fix Failed)

    Would you mind sharing what you have to do to transfer the phone to your dad? I'm planning on giving my old 3G to my daughter. Thanks.
  3. czechmark

    the iPhone4 issues thread?

    I've not had any problems so far. However I have been using the Apple "bumpers" protection since I activated the phone.
  4. czechmark

    LR3 Upgrade or NX2

    You have some experience with Lightroom that does not transfer easily to NX2. Lightroom is more flexible and more up to date with what most photographers need. Regards,
  5. czechmark

    New iPad

    And . . . Evernote - syncs clips, notes, recorded notes and pictures with all your platforms Smug Wallet Real Racing HD Atomic Web Browser - Much better than Safari Bloomberg Regards,
  6. czechmark

    The I love my iPad / I want an iPad Thread

    I suggest a Verizon MyFi for your trip. Regards,
  7. czechmark

    "Seeing The World Through A Single Lens"

    I'll check with the post office here on Saturday if Jani has not received the lens. Regards,
  8. czechmark

    Help with lense purchase.

    Here is a link to the 16mm images on Pbase. You can find similar links to other alternative lenses on the same site. Regards,
  9. czechmark

    Need a reason to get an iPhone?

    Philippe, In addition to triggering the shutter, you can adjust the White Balance, aperture, shutter and exposure and a few other things that I haven't had a chance to play with. Great for portraits, especially self portraits. Regards,
  10. czechmark

    Leica DLUX4 & Panny LX3 Owners: Question for you.

    Jay, What settings were you using? I tried several setups to try to reproduce your issue, but was not successful. All things considered, I think your wife will enjoy this camera. It has tons of features and produces great color images. And, you can carry it everywhere. The only thing that I...
  11. czechmark

    sb 800 ?s

    Here's a link to the Nikon Product Manual Library:
  12. czechmark

    sunset Tierra Verde

    Very nice Allan. I also wouldn't make any changes.
  13. czechmark

    Tillamook Air Museum

    I can see the challenges you faced. You did well under the circumstances. How long has the museum been open?
  14. czechmark

    A very rare event

    The eye details are stunning! Very nice, Ray
  15. czechmark

    Westminster Dog Show

    What a thrill. Can't to see more images!
  16. czechmark

    LR0868-Lisa's 52 Week Project 2009-update 12/31

    Very nice capture. The rain pattern on the window sets the tone.
  17. czechmark

    Street shots in Boston, MA

    I love John Harvard's! Great little place close to campus. Nice B & W series.
  18. czechmark

    PP Suggestions

    Thanks for your comment, Ray.
  19. czechmark

    PP Suggestions

    Steve, Thanks for your suggestions and the technical assistance on the link. Indeed, the picture was taken through our patio door. (My wife had assisted in site preparation by cleaning it thoroughly the day before) On cardinals, we had not seen many in the past, but a friend suggested last...
  20. czechmark

    PP Suggestions

    Yamo, You have a magic touch. Your version greatly improves the image. I have to get better at Photoshop. Thanks for your time.
  21. czechmark

    PP Suggestions

    Thanks Bob for your comment and suggestions.
  22. czechmark

    PP Suggestions

    I captured this image last Saturday and was very excited to have finally gotten a "Cardinal Shot". It was taken through a patio door at a range of 10-12 feet with a Sigma 50-500 at f/11, 1/80 sec. I did a 100 crop, some white balance and smart sharpening in Photoshop. I wondered if there was...
  23. czechmark

    NY / NJ / CT / PA Area Cafe Members

    Please add me to the list. (East Windsor,NJ)
  24. czechmark

    Another bag? - Kata 3N1-30

    $125 at B & H (cart is $50 additional) Regards,
  25. czechmark

    New York Harbor

    Unfortunately, the building has very few windows and absolutely none on the side facing the harbor. But from the front step of our building you can look up a not so broad "Broad Street"(left) or see some interesting reflections (right): Regards,
  26. czechmark

    New York Harbor

    Yeah, it's a great location in summer, but can be pretty brutal when it's cold. We are closer to the water than the Custom House which is up near the Bowling Green "Bull". The building behind the Governor's Island Ferry is 0ne New York Plaza. I work at 4 New York Plaza just behind the Sullivan...
  27. czechmark

    New York Harbor

    These are superb, Dez. The red brick building to the right of the Governor's Island ferry building in the last one is where I work. Regards,
  28. czechmark

    Engagement ring.. need some advise. UPDATE : She said YES and now pics Added

    Even if you don't buy your ring there, you should take a walk around the Diamond Center in NYC - 47th Street between 5th and Avenue of the Americas. You will learn much. It's a very competitive place. Regards,
  29. czechmark

    "Seeing The World Through A Single Lens"

    Paul, Please include me on the list. I currently live in New Jersey, but grew up closer to you in Mount Angel. Regards,
  30. czechmark

    New Firmware improves White Balance?

    I think the difference is in jpeg output and on the LCD display of NEF images.
  31. czechmark

    Show the Dog you hug in your Life.....

    Once upon a time we had a dog. . . . Now we have four. . . And we hug each of them at least once a day. Regards,
  32. czechmark

    Sports Forum Challenge #14 - SCORE !

    Go Ducks! Great memories. Great capture.
  33. czechmark

    Unusual DOOR pictures... please

    East 88th Street - NYC - Near Central Park Regards,
  34. czechmark

    STROBIST 101: Assignment/Exercise #1

    Russ, Image links edited - switched from pbase to SmugMug.
  35. czechmark

    STROBIST 101: Assignment/Exercise #1

    Strobist Exercise #1 I used Camera Control to experiment with about 50 "takes" for this assignment. Limited model choice, but off camera lighting is very versatile. This is my preferred "Post Office" head shot. And this one brings out my "dark side"
  36. czechmark

    Spring Arrives in New Jersey . . . Finally!

    Thanks Greg, Looking forward to more sun and less rain in these parts soon.
  37. czechmark

    Spring Arrives in New Jersey . . . Finally!

    Thanks Rich and Robert It's been a while since I posted. The D3 is amazing. I noticed the EXIF info was missing so I've added it manually. Very little PP on these.
  38. czechmark

    Spring Arrives in New Jersey . . . Finally!

    Nikkor 105mm f/2.8G ED-IF AF-S VR Micro 1/160 - f/25 - ISO 3200 1/160 - f/18 - ISO 450
  39. czechmark

    SB800 repair

    I experienced the same symptoms the other day when I dropped one of my SB800's on the kitchen floor. No external damage, but it wouldn't fire. However I was relieved when I noticed that I had replaced the fifth battery in the wrong direction. (it popped out when the unit hit the floor). Check...
  40. czechmark

    Self Portraits for a Photog

    I actually used Nikon Camera Control. Hooked my camera up to my computer, set up a tripod, used a remote SB-800 an took about 30-40 shots at our kitchen table as I watched the images come up on my laptop screen.
  41. czechmark

    Did anyone buy a D300 from Costco or Dell?

    If you are a member of NAPP ($99 a year) B & H offers free 3-day UPS shipping. Also, they do NOT charge NJ sales tax, even if you don't belong to NAPP. The NAPP membership is one of the best values available, just for their Photoshop tutorials and discounts.
  42. czechmark

    Any experience with Kelby Training

    Patrick, You won't be sorry. Unbelievable number of tutorials, and as Greg points out the Videos are very helpful. There is also a user forum like the Cafe. Regards,
  43. czechmark

    Any experience with Kelby Training

    You might consider NAPP membership For $99 dollars a year, you get Photoshop Magazine, free shipping from B and H, a bunch of online tutorials in Photoshop and Lightroom and a discount on Scott's books and in-person seminars $79 versus a regular $99 fee. Scott is a great instructor but an...
  44. czechmark

    D2H vs D2Hs

    Nute, You will be amazed at what this camera will do for you! See my Champions on Ice images for examples of the noise you might experience under the demanding conditions of an ice show. By the way, I grew up in Mount Angel in the 50's and 60's. Where is your home? Regards,
  45. czechmark

    Help me solve this mystery

    I think from the wood grain pattern that this was a knot in the wood that fell out before the various wildlife got involved.
  46. czechmark

    Nikon View Software Incompatible with Vista

    Mike, Nikon has recently offered "View NX" which may serve your needs. I'm not sure I like it yet but it does work with Vista. Do a search of the KB on Regards,
  47. czechmark

    Lightroom 1.1 Questions

    Geoff, I'm using a Sony Vaio notebook - Intel T7100 Core 2 Duo - 1.8GHz - 2Mb RAM - Windows Vista Ultimate. Regards,
  48. czechmark

    Lightroom 1.1 Questions

    I currently have about 35,000 images in a master file that is 556 Mb when I back it up. Like you, I only keep the last couple of backups. It will be interesting to see how Version 1.2 handles backups.
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