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    Nikon 200-400mm VR should I?

    Drool. Whichever one you get, I'm sure you'll enjoy! My preference would be for the 200--400...
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    Rockford Airfest 2009

    Fantastic shots! The F-22 shot is awesome.
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    buddy's 2010 Camaro SS

    Good looking car! I bet it's a rocketship!
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    300AF-S/1.4TC /80-200 Do Baseball

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    My Office

    Hey Morgan- Have you seen the new C90's with the Proline 21? Very nice... Fun to fly! Although, I have to admit I REALLY like the G1000 conversion! Haven't flown it yet, but that 15" MFD looks awesome.
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    My Office

    You sure you aren't in the sim? What's up with the Ann. panel? Nice shot, regardless!
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    Space Shuttle Endeavour Taking off from Fort Worth

    Great shots! I especially like #2. I'm thinking the WB might be a little blue? Great job on a series of shots that you may never get to see again!
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    Ship floating in air or water?

    Cool shot! Makes you take a second look!
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    57 Bel Aire anyone?

    Sad news on the father. Glad to see his love for fine automobiles lives on! That is a BEAUTIFUL '57!
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    A day at KMIA (8 pics)

    I like the shots too. My suggestion would be to loosen up the crop on the Carglux 747-400 and wait another 5 seconds for her to get above all the background distractions. Of the series, #5 is my pick. Any more?
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    A couple snaps of my TT in the snow.

    Great looking TT. Well done on the shooting. Interesting to see what the DX lens looks like on the D3 w/the regular mode.
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    Nikon 24-70 f2.8G delivered yesterday

    Looking forward to seeing pics with the new 24-70! (As long as they aren't taken during the procedure???LOL)
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    57 Bel Aire anyone?

    Well, the Honda's neat, but I'd take the '57 over it any day!
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    Post your F-15 Eagle shots here

    Ah yes the mighty eagle. Probably my second favorite McD product, behind the mighty Phantom. Here's a cool fact... The span of the horizontal stabilizers on the F-15 is greater than that of the WING span on an F-5!?!?! Here are a few from this past weekend...
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    Does Nikon make the 70-200VR in light grey for the Int'l market only? Or does it also sell them as US lenses?
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    First case of NCIS

    Yep, it bit me too. Had mine a few months now and it is fantastic. I was a little bummed that there might be an AF-S version out at Photokina... But whatever, this thing is beautiful!
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    Northshore Oahu Surfing

    So the question is, did he get barreled? Or spit out?
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    Calling all Illini Fans

    I-N-I! Awww, is that a Michigan fan lurking? LOL, the best way to get rid of that problem? Mention Appalachian State! (All in good fun...)
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    28-70 F2.8 or 24-70 F2.8

    Having owned both the "Beast" and the newer 24-70, I can't find anything to argue with here. Yes, I also think the skin tones are a little more pleasing on the beast, and the 24-70 is sharper, and does better outdoors. Both were acceptable to hold, even with the beast being a little thicker...
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    Chicago Air and Water Show 8/15/2008

    Great shots! Surely you've gone through all 1600+ and have more to post?? LOL! If you couldn't tell, I'm anxiously awaiting the new shots.
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    Calling all Illini Fans

    Ill............................ini!!!!!! Gooooooooooo Illini!
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    Can you identify this?

    Scotty_A nailed it. And as David said, it was an anti-submarine warfare type used by the Navy. It was developed from the civilian Lockheed Electra airliner.
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    Dream Lifter Landing Oshkosh

    Awesome! She ain't purty, but she sure is a technical marvel!
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    Navy Legacy Flight Oshkosh

    I'm jealous, 'cause I'm not there... But GREAT Heritage Flight! Thanks!
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    Duluth Air show

    Considering the conditions you were given, I'd say nice job! Imagine how much fun it will be when you get a pretty blue sky day! Love the P-38...
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    Bears with the 300 2.8 (Chicago, that is!)

    Great shots. I'm from lovely Bourbonnais, and it's been a great thing to have the Bears run their summer training at Olivet Nazarene University. Wish I was there to see it!
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    D3 in the Studio

    #5 and #8 are my favorites, and yeah, it does seem a little orange...
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    The LIGHTER side of sports... please show YOUR image(s)

    Fred, What a hilarious shot! I've smiled at all the shots in this thread, but THIS one made me laugh out loud when I saw it! Tony, great shot as well! Someone get that girls hair in a pony tail or something!!!
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    Air Re-Fueling

    What a great series! Thanks for sharing!!
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    Goose and Widgeon

    Both are beautiful airplanes. If I could choose? It'd be the Goose. Gotta love the radials. Fantastic shots, by the way!
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    Heavies Departing

    Wow. Nice series. I especially like the mountain in the background of #3. The exhaust out of engines #3 & #4 in shot 1 is awesome as well. Where did you shoot these? What lens were you using?
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    Gotta love the 500 F4 AF-S....

    Wow. That's some great surfing photography. #8 and #6 are my top two. Were all of these with the straight 500, or were some with the 1.4 as well? GREAT series.
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    What makes more sense for sports?

    Glass, every time. I'm thinking about a 300 2.8 as well. I thought about a D3/D700, but like it has been said before in this thread, glass will be worth it in the long run.
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    Eclipse VLJ (Very Light Jet)

    Sheesh. I've got egg all over my face, Morgan. Duh, they don't have TR's. It was a EICAS issue I heard and read about (yet another issue with the Avio NG). Apparently one of them had a wind-shear incidnet flying into MDW and when they pushed the levers to the stop to power out, they got an...
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    85 1.4 -> still the ONE!

    Awesome. I got my 85 1.4 on Monday and haven't had the chance to play yet. I'm hoping this weekend to give it a good workout. I'm sure it will show me how much work I have to learn how to use it properly.
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    An All-Time Memory (Rugby) - With A Ton Of Photos

    WOW. That is powerful. Very well done. The emotion is priceless and shows how hard those girls must have fought to get to that point. Congratulations to you and the girls!
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    Eclipse VLJ (Very Light Jet)

    Yah, the Eclipse is very small. They now seem to have a thrust reverser problem to sort out, as well. Just not my cup of tea. I'll gladly stick to my Twin Otter Amphibian. BTW, you could buy close to 20 Eclipses for the cost of ONE G650. But I'd take the G650 every time!!!!!Forced to choose...
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    Hate to rain on Baywing's parade, but the #89 isn't an SNJ... It is a SNV, which is the Naval version of the Vultee BT-13/15 Valiant primary trainer of WWII. 421 is indeed SOME kind of T-6/SNJ/Harvard variant.
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    85 1.8 - an informal portrait machine

    Harry, great shots. The detail is awesome. My 85 1.8 was stellar as well. But I'm hoping to experiment and learn with my new 85 1.4 even more.
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    Test Debut

    VERY well done. I'm guessing you were shooting the 120-300? How do you like that lens? Also great to hear there are lots of "dark" lenses hitting the sidelines now!
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    Just for funish

    What a great venue to have access to at will! Look forward to seeing more.
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    Freedom Birds

    Nicely done. Was the C-17 doing a flyby?
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    Old Glory & a tractor

    Ah yes. Just a bit of backlighting, no? Good looking International Harvester Farmall. Is that a Super M?
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    Cool visitor to KPBI (West Palm Beach, FL)

    Hey Alex. My office is in Jet Aviation, the FBO where the An-124 parked. It is one BIG airplane.
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    Palma de Mallorca, Spain.

    William, I hope this isn't too late of a response... My wife and I went to Mallorca on our honeymoon last July, and it is a FANTASTIC place to shoot (yes, even though I was on my honeymoon!!:Love: All the places listed above are wonderful. DEFINITELY rent a car if at all possible and explore...
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    Sports Forum Challenge #25 "Coaching'm Up"

    This shot is just a little over a year old. It's me reassuring a 11 year old she was playing well and to not worry about the perfect play... BTW, there's a 85 1.4 on that D2H of mine that I borrowed. Using it that weekend in Tampa helped convince me I needed one!!!
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    Old Glory & a tractor

    Yep, no image. Post again!
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    Cool visitor to KPBI (West Palm Beach, FL)

    Last week we had an Antonov An-124 show up on the ramp for a few hours. Why was she there? A brand new Agusta AB-139 was loaded and off they went. I felt a little bad for the crew, they were bummed they didn't get to RON and enjoy a little of Florida ... Truly an incredible...
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    The LIGHTER side of sports... please show YOUR image(s)

    Here are a few more. It really is a blessing to coach and impact the lives of so many young women... And then sometimes they decide they've had enough and give you the "LOOK"...
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    The LIGHTER side of sports... please show YOUR image(s)

    BTW, what a great idea for a thread. I've been coaching travel volleyball for ten years now, and once the girls get used to you having a camera around, look out, you're going to get all kinds of silly moments!
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