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  1. paradiddle

    The Breakup

  2. paradiddle

    Isayx3's Project 365

    Isayx - Would you mind telling me where I could find patterns such as the one on the wall you have of the photo of your wife? Thanks Gary
  3. paradiddle

    Bescor 500k Kit Arrived!

    Nice - I can't wait to use it...blush.
  4. paradiddle

    Old Nikkor Lenses - Aperature Wont Adjust

    I have a friend that lives several states away. An retired photo journalist just gave her an old film camera and 8 lenses. She has a D700. She can't get the aperature to ajust on any of the lenses. It appears they are/stay stopped down to the smallest aperature (ex f22). It appears they...
  5. paradiddle

    Mississippi River - Memphis Flood Stage vs Drought Stage

    Close to drought historic low (my understanding). Aug 2012 Historic Flood High - May 2011
  6. paradiddle

    Girl portrait

    Great photo and subject.
  7. paradiddle

    First Post in a while. Feed back welcome

    Thanks for the feed back! I actually thought the same thing when I processed it and cropped so tight.....I had a reason for doing it but it was laziness. The bottom part of the crop is due to the side of the I can't help that. Here is a less cropped version..... Thanks again.
  8. paradiddle

    First Post in a while. Feed back welcome

    Any feedback welcome. Gary
  9. paradiddle

    Please help me identify this instrument

    This is a photo of an instrument that has been in my family for over 100 years. My father 74 says he was told as a young boy it belonged to a second cousin that came to visit that was a well digger. I was told by a professor one time that it was used much like a compass but instead it...
  10. paradiddle

    Seeing the world through a single lens, part 2

    Yep. Just shipped at post office. They said Monday delivery.
  11. paradiddle

    Seeing the world through a single lens, part 2

    Just so that everyone knows the status of the lens. This was my second stint. I really just wanted to get my name on the box: Lens is headed to Dallas today. .............. John - sorry for the frustration. FYI - I never put the 35 on my camera. Absolutly no time. The lens is...
  12. paradiddle

    Fashion / Clara H

    Mirror shot was really cool. Kind of confused me for a second. Liked it.
  13. paradiddle

    Two girls - One hour (models)

    I like them. A couple would be good commercial shots.
  14. paradiddle

    Amateur Portrait (New Member)

    I am an amatuer also....... On a photo like this (probably any photo) where you are requesting what people think. It might be best to give some background on the photo. What you were trying/did accomplish. What you think works, what you think might not work. I would be guessing that...
  15. paradiddle

    New Model - New Setup

    Well - thanks for all the feed back. Really thanks for the honest feedback. This was actually a test for me. Instead of just purchasing books, reading them and putting them on the shelf.......I decided that I would choose one of the photos and try and replicate. All in an attempt to...
  16. paradiddle

    New Model - New Setup

    Any/All Comment Criticism welcome.
  17. paradiddle

    Lens Suggestions/Help

    Thanks for everyones input. I think that I will purchase the 105 micro 2.8. That is what I thought I should get but wanted to make sure there wasn't something out there that I just had never heard of. Will let you know. Gummi - the reason I think the 70-200 f2.8 doesnt allow just...
  18. paradiddle

    People and Nikkor Micro 105 VR

    Is that crop from the camera? or did you crop in Post? I don't like how her face is framed. Sorry it just seems kind of odd to me? Please don't take offense. You might do a slight curves adjustment also. That would slightly brighten her skin for a little seperation from the background.
  19. paradiddle

    Lens Suggestions/Help

    200 f2 is not in my budget. Have a Nikon 70-200 2.8 vr1 - Love it but it is only good down to maybe a headshot more like a head and shoulders. I don't feel comfortable buying anything but Nikon lenses. I found this on nothing but me. Thanks for the input.
  20. paradiddle

    Lens Suggestions/Help

    James - I should have specified. Price range under $1,500.
  21. paradiddle

    Lens Suggestions/Help

    What would be the best lens for close up, beauty shots. My camera is a D700. I would like to be doing from Headshots to even just lips and a eye/eyes. If you have examples of such shots with your suggested lens and FF camera. I would appreciate it. Also would be nice to mention...
  22. paradiddle

    Funeral photography?

    So a friend of mine asked me last month to document her grandmothers funeral. I did. No flash. She is an artist. So when people asked me. I just said I was a friend of XXXXXX and she asked me to take pictures for the family. No open casket. I just made sure to get at least one photo of...
  23. paradiddle


    Great shot. Jessica is an amazing model. Share other photos if you have them.
  24. paradiddle

    Questions about used D700 on the horizon.

    I would at least buy the cheapest CF card, regardless of speed or size - to test the camera. Who cares if it isn't the best in the long run. You will be upset if the camera isn't what you think in the long run. The card is a cheap investment to ensure your larger investment.
  25. paradiddle

    Silver Efex Pro 2

    Ditto - i finally bought it and HDR Efex Pro.
  26. paradiddle

    Photo of another photographer

    Thanks. He generally does take an interest. He is fun.
  27. paradiddle

    Photo of another photographer

    Fathers Day - Treat. I think there will be many many more. It was all his idea. I am so glad I didn't sell my D80 when I got my D700!
  28. paradiddle

    Kayla beach shot

    Todd - I really really think you should practice some more. Awesome shot and model. Gary
  29. paradiddle

    Meet Skye

  30. paradiddle

    Sports Shot Inside.

    Red - if you try the me so I can see your results.
  31. paradiddle

    Images from my first session (processed)

    Plenty of feedback to try above. I think you did great! If you arent using might try a cheap reflector. Great work.
  32. paradiddle

    Sekonic - L358 Calibration

    I apoligize but I don't understand all of that. What I do know seemed when I would meter a model and later shots would be a little hot - with a small amount of clipping on the face. I was watching a Kelby Training Class - Frank D. He said calibrate your meter to the...
  33. paradiddle

    Sports Shot Inside.

    On Thuner Grey Seamless. Two AB800's on top of each other. On top the Medium/Small Octabox -Gridded. Directly below the large softbox - grided I think? Lights are 10 feet from the background and camera right. Lights were feathered slightly so not to really point directly at models...
  34. paradiddle

    Sports Shot Inside.

    I'd buy these with joy! Linda I have adjusted the Crop.......How many do you want and what CC do I bill it too? :biggrin: Thanks
  35. paradiddle

    Sports Shot Inside.

    Thanks Buddy. That is what I am thinking also.
  36. paradiddle

    Problem Printing Faces in Portraits

    Denny- I have a D80 (now my backup) camera. I got some awesome shots....with flash.....sunlight.....not sure I ever got good ones with Fl lights. If I dug really far back in my history of post here on the cafe I am sure I would find where I was asking the same question. It was my...
  37. paradiddle

    Sekonic - L358 Calibration

    So it appears that to calibrate the hand held meter to the camera lens combination......I dial in a -.4. I was getting a 126 - 129 type of numbers when selecting the grey card. It was really close to the center of the histogram. Even before I changed the calibration of the meter. One...
  38. paradiddle

    Mississippi River - Memphis - May 04 2011

    Andy - thanks for the comment. This water is actually not the river....but an inlet to a harbor. With all the flooding....the river was actually probably a few miles wide if you count the flooding on the Arkansas side of the river. In downtown Memphis there are a couple levels of bluffs...
  39. paradiddle

    Sports Shot Inside.

    Thanks for the input. Just got photos back. Cropped so tight.......the printing actually cut off top of the head and toes. As for over the top.........Showed the prints to a couple of least favorite was number 4. Viewing parents had different ones they liked. Two liked...
  40. paradiddle

    Sports Shot Inside.

    Just some testing. Something I am hoping other parent think is worth buying?
  41. paradiddle

    Sekonic - L358 Calibration

    Wayne - modeling lights were on. I even had a shop light shing towards her eyes trying to get her eyes to un-dialate. I think Weebles has the best understanding of what I am thinking. I really don't want to use the reflective meter. I am trying to get my meter to match my camera / lens...
  42. paradiddle

    Is the 28-70 af-s 2.8 a bad walkaround lens?

    I think starting with a D80 had one advantage. Because of its metering and I feel WB issues in mixed light.......I read and tested and processed...etc etc so much trying to fix the issues....that I feel I am a much better photographer than I would have been if my first camera was my D700. I...
  43. paradiddle

    Sekonic - L358 Calibration

    You guys are way more technical than I. There was a little clipping in the RAW file. I believe I adjusted to a -.5 exposure in ACR. Lighting. Camera Left - AB800 with Large softbox about 1 - 1.5 feet away from the model. The model is positioned towards the rear of the light. Camera...
  44. paradiddle

    Sekonic - L358 Calibration

    I am here. Reading trying to digest what is being said. I appreciate all the input. I dont think the thread is hijacked. Exactly what I wanted. It just takes me time to read and understand. Keep it up. It may take a week or so for me to get the time and confidence to adjust my meter...
  45. paradiddle

    Sekonic - L358 Calibration

    Thanks I I will try this today.
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