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  1. whyhan

    Which 105 ?

    There's also the 105 AIS 2.8 macro you can consider.
  2. whyhan

    Sunlit Cacti

    Very nice capture and colours. I suggest you go 8x10 format and lose bit of the foreground. Horizon seems a bit tilted to my eyes, then again maybe i need my eyes checked.
  3. whyhan

    Great wall

    Very nice. Were these taken at badaling? Mutianyu? Or...?
  4. whyhan

    Eye-fishing at the KLCC twin-towers Malaysia

    Locoej and uberfischer, thanks for the comments.
  5. whyhan

    Eye-fishing at the KLCC twin-towers Malaysia

    Thanks. I stand corrected. Should have said it's the tallest 'completed' building :tongue:
  6. whyhan

    which 2 for art show

    I like 1 and 3, however 3 is slightly tilted. 2 doesn't do much for me, seems like they're just waiting for their ride.
  7. whyhan

    Eye-fishing at the KLCC twin-towers Malaysia

    Thanks for all the compliments everyone :smile: A 10.5 with an ancient d200 :redface:
  8. whyhan

    Pico, le chat

    Ton chat est tres belle :smile:
  9. whyhan

    Need CC before I print this

    In addition to the comments above, I suggest cloning out the few spots found on the tiles in front of the statue.
  10. whyhan

    Eye-fishing at the KLCC twin-towers Malaysia

    Thanks for all the comments :smile:
  11. whyhan

    A bunch of cabbage...

    Nicely done. Excellent lighting as well.
  12. whyhan

    Thinking of picking up some AIS lenses any suggestions?

    Agree with the above. Seeing what you currently have, go with a 105mm2.5 or 105mm2.8_or_f/4(AI) micro.
  13. whyhan

    Eye-fishing at the KLCC twin-towers Malaysia

    The Petronas Twin Towers in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia were the world's tallest buildings (from 1998 to 2004), before being surpassed by the Taipei 101 in Taiwan. Also used in the movie Entrapment starring Sean Connery. Pic 1: Pic 2: Pic 3: Pic 4:
  14. whyhan

    Nikon 20mm v 24mm v 28mm all 2.8

    You can add the 28 2.8 AF to the junk list as well. But the AIS version, is a totally different story.
  15. whyhan

    Test-drove cars today! Talk some sense into me.

    Ok, i'll try to talk some sense into you: Help the economy, buy a car! :biggrin:
  16. whyhan

    Temporary For Sale Forum OFFSITE to Cafe

    Been a way for a while and just found this thread from another post. Can't this be a sticky?
  17. whyhan

    I may have a real problem here...

    Keep cat in front of you when handling camera. Clip claws.
  18. whyhan

    Laptop Suggestions

    I'll third the lenovo thinkpad(former IBMs). IMO, they're like the zeiss of PC-laptops - excellent build quality(no cheap plastic)+functionality(eg. can't live without their patented red trackpoint mouse-navigator), but not entirely priced like a zeiss. Dells are like sigma-tamrons, they'll work...
  19. whyhan

    The one lens you'd never sell...

    My old no-longer-made classics like the 28/2 tok90/2.5 and 105/2.5.
  20. whyhan

    CS4 Question...probably silly
  21. whyhan

    used Nikon AF-D 28mm f2.8 - deal today yes/no?

    The 28mm af-2.8 is considered to be an inferior lens in the 28mm lineup. Since you have a d300, i would say go for the 28mm f2 or 2.8 AIS.
  22. whyhan

    The "Yeehaa, I got new gear" thread - Part I

    There should be a rule for this thread: all new toys must be accompanied with a pic. Afterall, this is a photography forum!
  23. whyhan

    Transferring ACDSee Database to new PC?

    On your old PC, export the database(i use the read-only,compressed version option) to a directory. Copy the whole directory to your new PC and do a import. I did this recently and it worked like a charm. Hope this helps.
  24. whyhan

    The "Yeehaa, I got new gear" thread - Part I

    Congrats. You can toss your rebel now :wink:
  25. whyhan

    Order from

    Wow! :eek:
  26. whyhan

    Order from

    Some pics would be nice.
  27. whyhan

    Old MF lenses on D700

    Since you have the originals, would you say the 105-2.5 is sharper than the 200mm? Seems like it to me in these pics. Nice shots of your daugther btw.
  28. whyhan

    Showcase Nikon 10.5mm f/2.8G ED AF DX Fisheye

    Hmmm, CA looks quite bad. What aperture was it set at?
  29. whyhan

    SB800 has been discontinued

    Hmmm, they might actually appreciate in price :wink:
  30. whyhan

    Zeiss lens reviewed

    I meant the French Magazine Réponses folks.
  31. whyhan

    tokina 11-16 f/2.8

    Give this a read:
  32. whyhan

    Zeiss lens reviewed

    Do these guys have a website?
  33. whyhan

    Nikon 28/2 AIS versus Zeiss 28/2

    If someone wants to send me their zf 28mm, i'll be happy to give a detailed comparison report with my ais :tongue::biggrin:
  34. whyhan

    35mm f/2D: Known issues (past or present).

    I believe the non-D versions were notorious for this.
  35. whyhan

    AF-S 80-200mm HB-17 HB-29

    Very good info guys. My HB-17 has developed a small crack. Might have to go for a Hb-29 one day, ....and pay troy a visit for modification purposes :tongue:
  36. whyhan

    Laptop for editing?

    Yes laptop screens can be calibrated. 2 gig ram is the minimum i'd go.
  37. whyhan

    Help with color management

    Bruce, have a read at Good place to learn about colour mgmt and most of your questions will be answered there. Quick answers to your question: you'll need a printer profile for your Pixma, to use as proof in NX. I'd say most calibrators will work on your notebook.
  38. whyhan

    US versions of UK TV programs.

    Agreed, the 2 muscle men scene was absolutely hilarious. I'm still recovering from the laughing aches i had that night. Unfortunately, a lot of the US version are quite bad compared to the original UK versions. To name a few: Coupling, Kitchen nightmares.
  39. whyhan

    Calling Out the Photoshoppers.

    Personally, i think the stock wheels from the classic '76 pinto looks the best on the 323ci :smile:
  40. whyhan

    Remote shutter control

    Do you mean remote vs. cable-release? If yes, i'd say there's no difference, unless of course you jerk the cord everytime you trigger the shutter :tongue:
  41. whyhan

    one pic

    Very interesting shot. I like it.
  42. whyhan

    Moonrise over Vermillion Lakes

    Very nice. How long an exposure was it?
  43. whyhan


    I believe your photoshop elements is stripping that info. Like frits mentioned, opanda a straight-out-of-cam pic.
  44. whyhan

    Croatia 2008 - Part 1

    Yves, maybe you should number your pics. It'll be easier to comment them. First pic is definitely over-exposed. Nonetheless, excellent composition for all.
  45. whyhan

    Upcoming Nikon 35/1.8 and 85/1.4 AF-S lenses

    Nah, if they do come out with a 35mm 1.4 afs, it'll be more like $1000+. Canon's equivalent is around there. I for one do hope there will be an updated 85mm1.4, preferably not years from now.
  46. whyhan

    Always carry a camera!!!

    I bet you told that guy to send his camera phone in for calibration for it's softness and other image issues :wink:
  47. whyhan

    FS - why not ship to Australia?

    So, are there any countries one must avoid at all cost?
  48. whyhan

    Recommendation needed: External USB dvd burner

    Nobody here uses an external burner? :frown:
  49. whyhan

    Yosemite Candids, Please Critique

    Sure: Out of the lot, i'd say 7 is the best. Does that thing shoot in HD? 1080p? :biggrin:
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