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  1. jprphotography

    NY / NJ / CT / PA Area Cafe Members

    Moved to CNJ...Old Bridge: 845-988-6428
  2. jprphotography

    Avon, NJ Sunrise

    I've never shot a sunrise before, so please let me know your opinions on these shots and their composition/lighitng/technique and which you like best. Thank you!:biggrin: #1 [/url][/IMG] #2 [/url][/IMG] #3 [/url][/IMG] #4 [/url][/IMG]
  3. jprphotography

    Irene (preperation & aftermath)

    These aren't EXACTLY timely (the power went out as i was editing the ones i shot the day Irene was supposed to come ashore in NJ) but i still though i would share. Let me know what you think, it's been a while since i shot any "journalism" style photography! #1 [/url] Weather Channel Asbury...
  4. jprphotography

    New here; nervous first shoot!

    +1...sorry but I agree. Kept asking myself the same question after reading your OP
  5. jprphotography

    Referb D3S cost From Nikon

    ugg...dont remind me, please. i hate seeing the groceries getting rung up, much less daring to look at B&H's website...
  6. jprphotography

    Few classic car shots...

    Realized i never posted these. Older but still some of my favs. Feedback is welcome!:smile: #1 [/url][/IMG] #2 [/url][/IMG] #3 [/url][/IMG]
  7. jprphotography

    WRX and a GLI

  8. jprphotography

    Bros new custom built bike finally assembled!

    yea it is, i think he said it has something like 30 gears. Next summer he's taking it to Ireland and is going to bike around the entire country!
  9. jprphotography

    Kwame and the Uptown Shakedown!(warning: image heavy)

    I was invited to shoot my buddies band during a studio session after work in Manhattan. I didnt know what to expect but left there with a big stupid smile on my face and a bunch of new friends! Awesome band, awesome people, awesome times! Enjoy... #1[/url][/IMG] #2[/url][/IMG]...
  10. jprphotography

    Bros new custom built bike finally assembled!

    Check out the photos i took on this blog! Hand crafted bike frame...true craftsmanship if you asked me. Such smooth joints!
  11. jprphotography

    Sandy Hook, NJ sunset

    Since you've asked, i'll endulge you. All with 17-55...last one with 80-200. ENJOY!
  12. jprphotography

    Sandy Hook, NJ sunset

    I dont shoot sunsets...or landscapes for that matter, but i happened to shooting my brother with his new custom road bike when this scene started going off behind us. Hope you enjoy a sunset from NJ! raritan bay by jprphotography1, on Flickr[/IMG]
  13. jprphotography

    The "Yeehaa, I got new gear" thread - Part I

    sigma 30mm 1.4 and sb-600
  14. jprphotography

    savage backdrops?

    thanks for everyone's advice, i just ordered my superwhite background with a orbis ring flash set...can't wait!
  15. jprphotography

    savage backdrops?

    anyone have experience with their paper backdrops. thinking of buying the 107" wide white one and wanted to make sure i wasnt buying crap. let me know please!
  16. jprphotography

    wall-mounting backdrop

    has anyone here mounted their backdrop to their ceiling or a wall. please let me know how it went and if backdrop's weight isn't too much for a wall mount to handle. im interested in starting my own studio in my new apartment. thanks!
  17. jprphotography

    white canvas backdrop?

    Was wondering if anybody knows of any affordable white or black canvas backdrops. i'm looking for something about 10' wide and 15-20' long. everywhere i'm looking i see drops for $120+. any ideas?
  18. jprphotography

    What lens is on your camera right now?

    d300 w/17-55mm
  19. jprphotography

    less time for shooting :-(

    Hey everyone, I've recently experienced a huge drop off in the amount of time i've spent behind the camera. It happened right about the same time i got a full-time job in January. I gotta admit that i miss it so much...the hours at my job just don't allow me very much time to do any of it (up...
  20. jprphotography

    Shooting positions?

    lol, nice "Q" charlie. for me it was prolly either the time i was shooting the end of a rail in a snowboard park, chasing a brush fire up a mountain with fire fighters, or on the side of a race track at the Monticello Motor Club.
  21. jprphotography

    The end of dream winter (heavy but worth it)

    So this year was an absolute TREAT to shoot here in NJ! great storms and i think it's gonna be hard to really compare anything to this one as far as the amount of shooting i did. Did a little shooting in the crazy amount of snow we got here in Jerz recently. Here's a little send off from me to...
  22. jprphotography


    looks like youve got dust on your sensor...and they all seem very soft on focus...and underexposed.
  23. jprphotography

    Anyone use FlashZebra?

    +1 all above :-)
  24. jprphotography

    More snowboard shots

    Handplants are a take off of skateboarding. They're done frequently, but you need the right feature...halfpipes/quarterpipes or steep uphills. The clone out attempt is pretty distracting, i agree. I'm jealous you're shooting with the 700...cant wait till i have enough for mine.
  25. jprphotography

    More Snowbard photography

    WOW....Deff didnt expect this kind of input and positive feedback on this set. Thanks though! I'll try to answer each one of you questions as i figure that's the least i can do considering how much i appreciate your feedback! Here it goes... scottmelby: "nice work, i can't figure out the...
  26. jprphotography

    More Snowbard photography

    Hah, so i've got some more work i'd like to share with you guys. Let me know what you think of my most recent snowboard stuff. #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6
  27. jprphotography

    Best In Your Portfolio Of 2009

    I'll play!
  28. jprphotography


    Hey Charlie, I guess ill be the first to offer a critique of your latest snowboard exploration. It seems like all of them need a fair bit of cropping done to them, especially in the top half of the frame. There's a lot of wasted space up there. I would also say you still have to watch your...
  29. jprphotography

    Snowboard shots! Back at it...again.

    Totally agree, I've waited far too long for this time of the year. I kinda like the soccer net in the shot, i feel like if i cropped it any tighter on the right, it would just be a floating net, which might looks strange. I feel the same about #6, a random brick wall with a snowboarder...
  30. jprphotography

    NEW WEBSITE! Finallyyyy. Please give it a look and tell me what you think!

    ^ Says it all!
  31. jprphotography

    Snowboard shots! Back at it...again.

    So the past few weeks i have been doing a fair share of snowboard photography. This is partly because i hooked up with a filmer who knows a tonnn of urban spots to hit and i basically tag along and shoot the stills. Here's some of what I've come up with. I normally do a lot of shooting that...
  32. jprphotography

    Brittany Murphy died

    I did like the parts that i saw her play. It's a shame that she passed away so young. RIP. I think if you are unaware of who she was as a person/actress then there is no real need to say so or express how because your unfamiliarity is any justification for a lack of any regard for someoen...
  33. jprphotography

    Facebook for Marketing?

    I also have a fan page!
  34. jprphotography

    Infringement o creative property help please. Long post...please help

    Just an update for those interested. The mountains Marketing Manager called me and was very assertive with his words and seemed to try to play down the situation in an effort to make me "realize" that it was "a mistake". I explained that this was the second time they had used my photo without...
  35. jprphotography

    FINALLY! A Job offer!

    I believe you are referring to Enterprise:wink:. At least that's what my research indicated. Customer service champs and their current CEO and much of their Senior Management is comprised of people that started out as Management Trainee's
  36. jprphotography

    FINALLY! A Job offer!

    Sorry John, it looks like that's the case :325:. I really enjoyed my time and the opportunities shooting with you and the Record. If you're ever in a serious bind though and you need someone to fill in deff give me a call and i'll see what we can work out. If you know any editors or papers in...
  37. jprphotography


    I own two of them and they've been through about everything short of throwing it out of an airplane or deep sea diving. Charlie's flashes are just afraid of work...:wink:
  38. jprphotography

    FINALLY! A Job offer!

    So i doubt any of you know, but i had to share. I graduated college almost a year ago with the hopes of becoming a newspaper photographer. Those hopes were pretty much all but dashed to pieces when the industry started to melt before my eyes weeks before my graduation. Almost exactly one year...
  39. jprphotography

    New Nikon 300 VRII and TC20E III!!!

    I guess i'm just missing something with the TC's? My DX body does it well enough for me. I'm gonna have to agree with an earlier post that Nikon does need to shift their focus from doing small upgrades on already great lenses to revamping older lenses and trying to release something that's...
  40. jprphotography

    Infringement o creative property help please. Long post...please help

    True hahaha. Well here's an update for you, though it may be minor, it is a step in the right direction. I headed to the resort today to try and speak with the Marketing VP one to one and get the dates of usage on the last invoice, an explanation for the current usage, and to inform them of...
  41. jprphotography

    Infringement o creative property help please. Long post...please help

    Only problem is that laywers are expensive :-/....anyone wanna help out on that one?
  42. jprphotography

    10,000th shoplifter

    omg they should do that here...public embarrassment is a killer for sure!
  43. jprphotography

    Infringement o creative property help please. Long post...please help

    Thanks for the resources. I registered my photo with the US Copyright Office yesterday just in case this case needs to go further.
  44. jprphotography

    First solid snow here in my area!

    i wanna live where you are...provided there are mountains!
  45. jprphotography

    Infringement o creative property help please. Long post...please help

    This is a long post and i apologize in advance and thank you to those with the wherewithal to read and respond...but i really need help on this one. Now, i know that none (or 99%) of us here are Lawyers so im not anticipating to get exact advice and direction, but i would like some help with...
  46. jprphotography

    First solid snow here in my area!

    So tonight was AWESOME. We did 8 hours of shooting a few different locations in NJ. Unfortunately though, one of our riders got really messed up on one of the hand rails and had to go the hospital. We found out later that he ruptured his spleen, collapsed a lung, and lacerated his liver. I would...
  47. jprphotography

    First solid snow here in my area!

    So it's been snowing since about noon and enough to where we have a real nice dusting of the white stuff out there. I'm hooking up with a snowboard videographer, his crew of riders and then another photog friend of mine here at the Cafe to do some snowboard photography! I'll let you know how it...
  48. jprphotography

    Photographing Photographers - Part I

    THATS WHERE I PROPOSED hahaha, so many ppl there it was scary!
  49. jprphotography

    Showcase Nikon 10.5mm f/2.8G ED AF DX Fisheye

    sure you wont, lol. i would love to have this lens for my snowboard photography.
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