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  1. JohnK

    2013 Iditarod

    Great shots, looks like terrific weather for the start. Who else thought "Cool Runnings!" for this one? :)
  2. JohnK

    Is it me, or do the latest Nikon DSLR's look too gimmicky?

    Considering their latest cameras have fewer buttons than the D800/700/300/200/100 and I like those, no I don't think they have to many buttons and levers - on the contrary they don't have enough!
  3. JohnK

    D7100 announcement live!

    Not mine, I still like my D300s, even if I get a D7100 I'll keep the old warhorse.
  4. JohnK

    D7100 announcement live!

    It's interesting they put a 1.3x "crop mode" on a DX camera. Nice that it goes to 7 fps with it.
  5. JohnK

    Sig 150-500, D300 full size shots (link)

    Mine ended up on the bottom of a river last summer, so no new shots from me with it. Here's one from a few years ago. D300s, ISO 2000, 500mm, F/6.3, 1/125th, hand held.
  6. JohnK

    'Five Changes For The Worse In Photography'

    The population rate is going up faster than the number of unemployed people so society must still be creating more jobs than losing as technology advances. Some would argue that we're not creating as many quality jobs, but that's a different discussion. There are numerous articles on both sides...
  7. JohnK

    Helmet For Walking

    Never heard of a helmet for walking, maybe a horse riding helmet? They seem pretty lightweight and look more like a hat than a helmet...
  8. JohnK

    'Five Changes For The Worse In Photography'

    It's really no different than many other professions have had to deal with over the years. My first courier job no longer exists because of the Internet. Newspapers are going under, also due to the Internet. Many brick and morter stores are going out of business due to places like Amazon, USPS...
  9. JohnK

    pano pic from skyline trail - stevens pass, wa

    Very nice - definitely print worthy.
  10. JohnK

    Spotted Towhee among brambles

    Taken on one of our uncommonly frosty mornings D300S, ISO 400, 1/400th, F/6.3, 500mm
  11. JohnK

    Like New D700

    Buy it! If you don't like it you'll easily be able to sell it for what you paid, probably more if you want to. Around here even with 20,000+ clicks they go for more than that.
  12. JohnK

    Adobe CS2 is (not) Free...

    Adobe screwed up. They probably didn't intend for it to be free, but that's exactly what they did. No where on the download page does it say you have to own or buy CS2 to download them, you don't even have to have an Adobe account to do it...
  13. JohnK

    Mother Load of Eagles part 1

    Very nice Jim, great shots. We were out to Rockport on Thursday and only saw about 15 eagles total.
  14. JohnK

    Post your first shot of 2013

    We had an unusual clear night (for Dec/Jan), my first shot of 2013 ended up being of the moon. I added the locations of the Apollo landings, just because I was curious about where they were.
  15. JohnK

    Shooting with a camera

    It was a complete, fortunate, fluke that it was 22 injured and not "15 killed 7 injured" or worse. There was a similar knife attack in August that ended up with 8 dead and 5 injured, and another in 2010 with an ax that resulted in 6 deaths. The problem isn't the tool it's the people and...
  16. JohnK

    Sigma 50-500mm OS vs Nikon AF-S 300mm f4 + tc14?

    I went with the 50-500 OS because I shoot hand held, rarely use a tripod, and most of the time have poor light in the NW. OS works very well and lets you get away with absurdly low shutter speeds, if your subject isn't moving too much. By most accounts the Nikon has an edge in image quality in...
  17. JohnK

    Good options for photos on cubicle walls?

    I used clear plastic sheet protectors, the kind you get for a 3 ring binder. Protects the print and leaves something to attach to the wall.
  18. JohnK

    Finally ordered D600 !!! Updated: Dusts/oil on sensor !

    Roger at LensRentals says the problem gets better over time, so if you like the camera otherwise it's probably worth learning how to clean the sensor yourself (it's not that hard) and keep the camera.
  19. JohnK

    Showcase Sigma 10-20mm

    I don't use it as much as I probably should, it's capable of very nice shots.
  20. JohnK

    Windows search path - command window

    Ah, that one I'm familiar with, since it's just an exe with no dependencies I just put sdelete.exe in c:\windows\system on my old XP box. :)
  21. JohnK

    Windows search path - command window

    You could put it in c:\windows or c:\windows\system32, it's not generally a best practice to install anything there, but it will work. If you type path from a command prompt it will show you every directory in the path. Or you put it anywhere you want and add the directory to the path.
  22. JohnK

    Snowy Owls

    Outstanding! That first shot is a great classic pose.
  23. JohnK

    Swans in fog and Skagit Valley birds

    Very nice, I rather like #2. Good to see the owls are still up there, I haven't seen them for a couple of years or so when I've made trips out to the flats, not since they "fixed" it and removed the berms.
  24. JohnK

    Google StreetView as Art?

    Google says He isn't linking to images on Google Street View, he's copying the images and putting them on his site so he's breaking their terms in that way if nothing else.
  25. JohnK

    Google StreetView as Art?

    I would say absolutely it's image theft. No different than if I posted 1000 photos from a soccer game and he combed through them for the shot he viewed as "art" and put it on his website. He's still taking a photo shot by someone else and using it on his website.
  26. JohnK

    Windows 8 - very soon now - *** Update - it's here!!! ***

    Oh God...MS Bob...That reminds me of an image I saw on G+
  27. JohnK

    70-200/4VR - what's up with that price?!

    With the Sigma 70-200 OS currently going for $1,250 I'd go that route too. It's great Nikon has come out with it, a lot of people have been asking for it, but it's not a lens I'll be buying. Now lets see a 80-400 VRIII!
  28. JohnK

    OT: The Walking Dead

    That would be as weird as hearing Rick speaking with an English accent.
  29. JohnK

    OT: The Walking Dead

    I liked it, but they seem to be drifting towards the typical zombie movie high body count plot. I thought the season 2 premier was much more intense. That herd of walkers all around them, hiding under the cars - great! Much better than killing 100's of walkers in the prison.
  30. JohnK

    Bird photographers! You have met your match

    Here's the version for eagles and osprey:,0,2000,1567&scl=3.8095238095238093&fmt=jpeg&id=3K_wyzRtRQQMFAY2Halhl3
  31. JohnK

    Heron stalking the lillys

    Thanks, and exactly right Louie. Other than turtles and a few ducks this was it. It's been pretty uninspiring the last few times I've been there too, but it's close enough to Bellevue to swing by there over lunch.
  32. JohnK

    Heron stalking the lillys

    I got out to a wetlands area yesterday to try out a new 50-500mm lens, more sun and fewer clouds would have been nice, but at least it didn't rain. It was amazing how long and how still the heron could hold this pose. If I didn't know it was real I would have thought it was a decoy it was so...
  33. JohnK

    Hint at Nikon Rumors.....

    Toss in the D800 focus engine (minus the left focus point issue) and you've got a deal!
  34. JohnK

    I need to vent

    They're no harder to copy from than anyone else. They put a large(ish) watermark across it so you can't copy a clean, large photo, but it's trivial to copy or save what they do show, doesn't even take any special software other than Firefox to do it.
  35. JohnK

    I need to vent

    Correct Floyd, I suppose someone might get a Ok 4x6 from it, but even that would probably be pushing it with most screen captures.
  36. JohnK

    I need to vent

    There's no such thing as "non downloadable", if someone can see it, they can get a copy no matter what steps you take. If nothing else you can hit the Print Screen button and paste into any image editor, even MS Paint, and have a copy of what you see, that has worked for decades, at least...
  37. JohnK

    Second day of snow....

    No snow here yet, it's been in the high 30's some nights though. I can't wait for it to snow, everyone else around here not so much though since even an inch paralyzes the county. I want another 60" winter like we had a few years ago, but unfortunately that was far far beyond the norm.
  38. JohnK

    Woodpeckers love apples

    Thanks everyone, they're a great bird to capture. They're usually very skittish here too Ron, it takes slow movement and apple distraction to get very close! That was also about a 50% crop, they never let me get close enough (or I can't stalk well enough) to fill the frame like that @300mm.
  39. JohnK

    Woodpeckers love apples

    Every fall the woodpeckers come to eat apples off the tree. D300S, 70-300vr 1/500 f/5.6 300 mm 1400
  40. JohnK

    Google Street View shows what appears to be UFO

    I thought those UFO's stopped visiting in the 70's. Don't aliens ever upgrade their ships? I know NASA used the same space shuttle design for 30 years, but I'd think someone capable of getting here from another planet might have something cooler than Lost in Space after all this time.
  41. JohnK

    Canon going one up on Nikon?

    I saw that posted on Facebook, the comments were very entertaining. Apparently 46mp is way more than anyone needs. All anyone needs is 5mp, 8mp, 10mp, 12mp, 16mp or 20mp depending on how many mp the camera has that the poster currently owns.
  42. JohnK

    I Like The NFL Replacements Refs

    Maybe, but until it starts costing them money they aren't going to be too worried about it. All the bad calls are doing is stirring up controversy and if anything is probably getting more people to watch just to see what bad calls might be made next. What I hear 'around the water cooler' at...
  43. JohnK

    D7000 possibly discontinued; $1299 kit at Best Buy

    It's a typo, it's the D700 that was discontinued, not the D7000.
  44. JohnK

    Olympic Coast Washington State

    Beautiful shots. It's been many years since I've been to that side of the peninsula.
  45. JohnK

    Lost D300s, what to replace it with?

    I do have a decent Manfrotto tripod so support is good, well-honed technique...working on it. :) Thank you all for your views, the D400 is what I really wanted, at least my vision for what it will hopefully be*, so for now I'm going to pick up a used D300s and enjoy it with renewed enthusiasm...
  46. JohnK

    Portable HD's...

    Portables are regular laptop hard drives, just in an external enclosure. I've had 4 and not had a problem, my mother in law has had one completely fail on her. They're good (a little slow) for backups, make sure you get 2 so you have redundancy, all drives will fail eventually the question is...
  47. JohnK

    Lost D300s, what to replace it with?

    That was definitely a consideration after looking through the prints. I did think about the D700, but since I do love shooting wildlife I didn't want to lose that much reach, especially without the 500mm. Around here the D700 is still close to $2,000 even on Craigslist. Absolutely, that...
  48. JohnK

    Lost D300s, what to replace it with?

    I've lost my D300s, it's now dead and unrecoverable on the bottom of a river along with my Sigma 150-500mm lens so I need to get a replacement. My quandary is what should I replace it with?? My first choice would be a D400 - but of course we know it doesn't exist and who knows when, or if, it...
  49. JohnK

    Am I crazy to think about getting another D80?

    If the D80 does what you want from a camera I don't think you're crazy for wanting another one. Paying $400 for one does seem a little crazy though. KEH has them for around $350.
  50. JohnK

    Native Ultimate Kayak ?

    I've been looking at the NuCanoe Frontier to fill that role. Comfortable seats, easy to mount a trolling motor to it and from the videos it looks just about unflipable. also being only 12' long it's possible to load it in the bed of a pickup without needing to put it on the roof. NuCanoe...
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