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    iPhone to tripod mount

    Hey Mark thanks for the DYI Link but I have no use of my right arm yet and I'll be in rehab for a little while. I'm trying to check out the Ram mount but you need flash to see things on their site and all I have is my iPhone. I'll see if I can check out a laptop tomorrow. Thanks for the ideas
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    iPhone to tripod mount

    Well the iPhone is all I can use for now; at least while I'm in rehab. I just want to find a device to connect it to my monopod maybe. I know it sounds crazy but I'm also bored out of my mind.
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    iPhone to tripod mount

    Does anyone know of any type of clamp or adapter I can use to mount my iPhone on a tripod or monopod? Both have dovetail clamps on them. I fell off a ladder while cutting some branches and shattered my right leg and elbow. The camera on my iPhone is all I can use for awhile and my left hand...
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    My BlackRapid CR-2 has finally arrived!

    I finally got mine but I noticed that warning on their website about the new Connect-R failing so the are sending replacements to everyone who ordered one.
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    New Sony Cameras

    Not sure what the game plan was there. A very interesting line up indeed.
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    Just another "which flash bracket" question

    CB Jr is a great braket for the price. This would have been a good poll question.
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    My BlackRapid CR-2 has finally arrived!

    They told me that if I didn't receive it by today to let them know and they would resend.
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    When to use uv protection filters?

    My UV filter saved my 28-70 f/2.8 lens recently.
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    Off Topic – What is this?

    Michael, I just wanted to say thanks for pointing me to that site!!! My brother got the set and loved them. Thanks again!
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    Who's a believer of windows 7?

    I believe +1
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    My BlackRapid CR-2 has finally arrived!

    Nice can't wait to get mine. Been waiting since Sept
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    Darian lost his battle with cancer this morning

    Too young. My deepest condolences
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    The late lamented D200....

    You know with all these sales at Best buy I wouldn't be surprised to see if the D200 was Nikon's best selling body.
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    Camera strap tip

    Yea I know, I just didn't like hanging it sideways when the bracket was mounted.
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    Essential wedding lenses...

    I've heard that the Sigma 50-150 f/2.8 is a great lens for weddings
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    OT: Almost got booted from a park this time

    Wow I’ve heard of restrictions at pro sporting events but this is the little league. Every parent in there should be allowed to take photos using whatever camera they want. I could understand restrictions on where you take photos from but that’s it. There is another post somewhere in the...
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    Essential wedding lenses...

    Looking at the very last line of your post I'd say you have to pick up a 85mm F/1.4 and a 17-55 F/2.8. Depending on your budget of course.
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    New bag

    While I had it I loved the National Geographic medium shoulder bag. I had to sell it due to back problems but, never the less, it was an amazing shoulder bag.
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    Camera strap tip

    I did that for awhile until I started using the RRS Perfect Portrait bracket.
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    Camera Strap

    Camera Straps are very subjective. I own Tamrac straps, OpTech Straps, the Black Rapid and the UpStrap. Each has its pluses and minuses and you really need to try them on with your gear to see how you like the feel. If you need a critique of each: Optech vs Tamrac – Not much difference...
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    Smugmug menu question....

    Control panel > Customize > Site-wide Customization
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    Smugmug menu question....

    Your BIO is what you need to ensure is displayed on your homepage so you can write a section about yourself. On you homepage Click Homepage Layout and ensure that "Your Bio" has a checkmark next to it. There is no FTP option that I know of on SmugMug, but adding photos is as easy as clicking...
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    Hot Shoe Diaries...

    I'll wait for the HBO series :657:
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    I'm not.

    In that book I mentioned it states that the most successful wedding photographers were people with business degrees.
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    I'm not.

    A book on wedding photography I read, I can’t recall the name right now, discusses the two schools of thought on how to charge for weddings. You can either: Traditional - Charge a low flat rate for photographing the wedding while charging more for prints and not providing the B&G with ANY...
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    I love mine. Three of my friends got iPhones after checking out mine and liking it so much.
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    Am I the only one that has their camera equipment insured???

    I have renters with USAA. I just added the gear on as high value items. It only added $125 to my policy annually.
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    Fake or Foto?

    6 out of 12. Yoinks!!
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    Aftermarket D-Rings for backpack straps

    I don't think it matters but they would be for a Fastpack 250
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    Aftermarket D-Rings for backpack straps

    ~Lisa~, For convenience sake I’ll check out Wal-Mart first but thanks for the link to strapworks. I will bookmark that site as I may just need to replace a couple of the quick connectors for my various camera straps.
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    Am I the only one that has their camera equipment insured???

    My insurance company mentioned this very thing to me when I got my policy. I got mine after one of our members had all his gear stolen from the back seat of his car. He was another Florida member if memory serves me correct. Anyway I always thought I’d use the policy when someone broke...
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    Nikon Cafe Hat

    Are there any other NikonCafe items besides hat's, patches and T-shirts? Just curious
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    Aftermarket D-Rings for backpack straps

    Thank's "Reaper" I'll check them out. I should have thought of them since lately they have everything.
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    Am I the only one that has their camera equipment insured???

    I've had it for two years and had to use it for the 1st time recently. Gave them the estimate for repairs they gave me the money no questions asked.
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    Aftermarket D-Rings for backpack straps

    Anyone ever purchase D-Rings to add to their backpack camera straps or know of a place that sells them for this purpose? My Kata bag already has them but my LowePro does not.
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    Getting Married and have questions

    I started to try to explain but I think it will be easier if you see examples. In in effort to lower costs for my wedding I looked into designing and having one printed myself but found that most printers will not deal with anyone other then "professional wedding photographers", and even if I...
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    Oh and shoot RAW!!
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    Getting Married and have questions

    Digital Flush adds a grand to the package. I'd say somewhere between 2 and 3 grand but in this economy as low at $1800.
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    A good flash bracket Flash diffuser Plenty of spare batteries and don’t wait for them to die before changing them. Change at regular intervals like: Just after the formals, just after the traditional dances, just before cake cutting, just before the bouquet and garter belt toss. An assistant...
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    Getting Married and have questions

    Depends largely upon two things. How many hours each photographer is going to put in. Whether the 10x10 Album is matted or digital flush mount.
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    Jason and Stella Wedding

    Doh!! Time to update my avatar and signature
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    Long-time film shooters who went digital - do you miss the medium?

    What I miss is having that one “mom and pop shop” that would go out of their way to make sure your photos were properly developed. You’d establish a relationship with the owners and I miss feeling like part of a photography family. I never minded having to pay an extra 4 or 5 cents per print...
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    My Best Camera Gear Purchase

    I used to keep a set of knee pads in my trunk just in case I ever went to an event that had a lot of kids. That reminds me I need to buy another set!
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    Any Reviews comparing GPS Units?

    I'm convinced. To me it looks like the di-GPS Pro is the best unit currently available.
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    How do you know if you are a semi pro/pro?

    This reminded me of some info I found while I was searching for a Photography club in Tampa. I'm sure the requirements are different from City to City but it's a good discription of what makes a pro. The important sections are in bold.
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    First time at weddings

    I like the second shot but love the last one.
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    took a few pics at a friends wedding.

    Great composition but could we see the original "non-Sepia" photos.
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    Jason and Stella Wedding

    Great shots but I think the one third from the end could use a little more cropping. That thing hanging on the wall is distracting.
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    The Bouquet at a wedding that I shot... What do you think?

    More of the Bouquet would have been nice. I've seen some really nice photos where the photographer carefully puts the wedding band's in one of the flower buds. Might be worth a try.
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