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    A murmuration

    very nice it's better when the tide is out. Phil.
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    A few images

    Nikon d2x d3 d3x d300 d700 lens are 500 f4 600 f4 800 f5.6 I have sold all my big lenes now and have just kept my 200-400 70-200 105 28-70 24-85 20-35 18-35 and 14mm. Phil.
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    A few images

    Some to have a look at. Phil.
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    A few from the velodrome in Manchester in the uk
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    Great Crested Grebes

    That's a very nice set you have there. Phil.
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    Nut Hatch

    Not posted for a long time, I have not taken a wildlife image for over a year so I think it's about time I got out and did some. Taken with my D3x 600 + 1.4 tc Phil.
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    Motor bike racing

    Hi a few from the weekend taken with my D3 200-400 or 600. Phil.
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    Red Merlins

    Hi nice to see them at your home they are kite's though not merlins. phil.
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    St Stephens Fish Lift

    Very cool Randy and a very nice image too. phil.
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    Car racing

    From the weekend I have PP some of them all taken as jpegs it was a very wet day but good fun to watch. Phil.
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    A few bird Images

    I have not been out taking any wildlife images I think the last image I took one was last September I have just not had the time. Phil.
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    Bike racing

    Some more now I think I have worked it out. Taken with the D3 and 600 f4 or 200-400 all as jpegs in camera. Phil.
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    Bike racing

    It's OK have worked it out. Phil.
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    Bike racing

    I give up how to link from smugmug.
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    Bike racing

    One from last Friday my first time out in over 5 months with my cameras. Phil.
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    Astronauts don't need to worry about lens weight

    Yes that sigma 300-800 is a nice lens (that's the one in the middle of the three) Phil.
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    For all you Photoshop PP's your color vision?

    I got this. Phil. Eye of an Eagle Wow! You answered all correctly and have scored the highest possible score! You have an impressive sight! You have the ability to notice the tiniest nuances and details, and nothing gets past you! Congratulations to you! Now, We’d like to test your friends...
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    Lightroom jpeg's

    Hi Tony why on earth would I want to send the original image shot as jpegs, from LR to CS2 or any other pp program as a tiff, only to have to convert them back to a jpeg again if LR can not send the jpeg back without compressing it that much that it becomes useless as a jpeg to me then why dose...
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    Lightroom jpeg's

    Hi Tony it's not nikon transfer I have never had any problems with the Nikon software, it's some thing in LR for some resin the jpegs from lr when I use the edit in, they are 1/3rd the size they should be 1.3 mb and not 3.8mb on average. Showing that LR is doing some thing that it should not be...
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    Lightroom jpeg's

    PPs the jpegs from LR show the same problem even if I tell it to open in FastStone so I don't think it is a problem with CS2. Though the tiff are fine even if I say to open in CS2/PS with any size 8bit/16bit/ lzw compression. Phil.
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    Lightroom jpeg's

    Hi Tony my LR is 5.7.1 the thing is that this has only just started I have not had any problems before with LR and CS2. The prophoto was me just not bothering to change it to srgb though it is just the same with srgb. Phil.
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    Lightroom jpeg's

    Hi Tony hear is a image of screen grabs. image 1 the jpeg in LR image 2 the export from LR to CS2 image 3 as it opens in CS2 image 4 is the same image as 3 but zoomed in @ 200% in cs2 with some USM No other PP has been done to the original jpeg in LR and the only thing done in cs2 is usm...
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    Lightroom jpeg's

    Hi Tony, well I think it is saving at the lowest quality by the images I have seen on the web that look just the same, though when I look at the file size in my CS2 and comparer them it is the same size as a normal one of higher quality. The thing that gets me is that if I then open it up in say...
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    suggestion on pic by pic editor

    Hi have a look at after shot pro. Phil.
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    Lightroom jpeg's

    Hi Tony thanks but it is a problem with LR no matter what setting I set, ( I have tried them all inc a reinstall ) if I use the edit in with lr adjustments and save as a jpeg in ps or any other of my PP programs by right click on the image in lr when it opens in any PP program with no...
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    Lightroom jpeg's

    why just google poor quality jpegs from light room. Phil
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    Lightroom jpeg's

    Hi thanks but after checking the adobe forums it is a bug in lr5 and not fixable, I will just use export to a folder as jpegs using the export to command and stop using the edit in PS from light room. Phil.
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    Lightroom jpeg's

    Hi thanks I have found out what it is, it appears to be the LR output it show the results of AHD demosaicing which I understood to be the standard algorithm in ACR so it's not fixable unless I can get LR to use some other demosaicing standard. Nikon NX2 seems to use the Bilinear 4 colour...
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    Lightroom jpeg's

    Hi Tony thanks LR 5.7 is set too quality 100 and image size is not ticked I have just rechecked and it is still doing it I think I may just go back to using cnx2 and bibble for jpegs if I can not make the jpegs any better in LR 5.7. Phil.
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    Lightroom jpeg's

    Why is the Jpeg output from lightroom so poor the image below is the same but one crop is from lightroom and one from nikon nx2 is there a setting in LR too make the jpegs better. Phil. Phil.
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    Sensor Gel-Stick

    Hi I had a eyelead one but lost it one day so I got one of these as a temp but I liked it so much that I have 3 of then now. Phil...
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    Hi Bill I've not done Skomer as I can get to the Farnes quicker but I would think the Farnes has more species as Skomer is more about the Puffins. This year is the best I have seen for Puffins on the Farnes. Phil.
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    Hi James thank's. Phil.
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    Hi yes from land and thank you. Phil.
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    Thank you. phil.
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    4 Woodpecker afternoon at Louies.

    Hi James a super set very nice. Phil. :)(y):D
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    A few from yesterday I had a day trip out to the farnes. Phil. Taken with the D3x 200-400 and 70-200. :)
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    Motor racing from

    Oulton park all taken last weekend with the 200-400vr 70-200vr D3 D300. Phil. :)
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    anyone use 200 f/2 with extension tubes?

    Hi Kerry yes it is, my set of the kenko tubes are the DG ones and work great with all my AFS lenses I use the 10mm one a lot on my 600 f4. Phil.
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    anyone use 200 f/2 with extension tubes?

    No they are not meant to but they do hold the camera to the lens just fine. Phil.
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    anyone use 200 f/2 with extension tubes?

    Hi yes it works great for flowers, I use some Kenko AFS ex tubes 12 / 20 & 36mm and a old AF-I 2x tc (cost me £35) with all the glass taken out by me. Phil.
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    Nikon Monarch 7 10 by 50

    Hi hear in the UK I use 10x42 HG hi grades that cost me £1400 (about $2000) don't know what they are named in the USA but they are very good, I also use some of the 8x32 Monarch and I do find the Monarch ones good. Phil.
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    Which 500 f4?

    Hi if you can go with the AFS-II
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    Common (European) Cuckoo

    Very nice but it has to be the 2nd image for me (y)(y):). Phil.
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    Kingfisher Fishing

    Very nice Colin. Phil.
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    D750 Problem

    Hi I would try a other card reader as that is what nikon may/should ask you to do, if the problem is still there then you have one less thing that they might say it is. Phil.
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    Showcase Nikon 200-400mm f/4 G IF-ED AF-S VR

    Taken at Oulton Park with the D3 & 200-400 or D300 & 70-200 all taken as jpegs . I find the 200-400 f4 one of the best motor sport lenses you can get it's up there with my 600 f4 & 200 f2. Phil. :):D
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    Race Cars from Oulton

    Park taken with the D3 & 200-400 or D300 & 70-200 all taken as jpegs these are ones taken for my self and not for MSV Oulton Park. I find the 200-400 f4 one of the best motor sport lenses you can get it's up there with my 600 f4 & 200 f2. Phil. :):D
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    Have you ever considered shooting in jpg vs raw ?

    Well I just use jpegs when I shot motor sport most weekends I have never found the need to use raw. I can take 3000 to 10,000 images over a 3 day event this week I did Friday / Saturday and Monday and took over 8,000 images, raw images are just a PITA time wise when you have a loot of images...
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    Question regarding focusing on D3s

    Hi turn the focus switch that is under the thumb pad on the back of the camera to the top spot of the 3 settings. Phil.
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