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  1. gorec

    WALK/FLY ?!

    Thank you my friend!!yeah !!as long as he poses !!:):)
  2. gorec

    Mourning Dove:

    Wish all birds learn from them how to get close without fear !!:)
  3. gorec

    Mourning Dove:

    Love these birds !!very beautiful!! The first image is AWESOME!!(y)(y)
  4. gorec

    WALK/FLY ?!

  5. gorec


    If you pass 1 image to 10 people, i would expect 10 different edits !!the beauty of human brains !!.
  6. gorec

    Bengal Cub

    Beautiful!!has a look !! Very nice expression caught!!(y)(y)
  7. gorec

    Adult Male Brown Bear Fishing in Katmai

    These are SUPER SHOTS !!AWESOME!!(y)(y)(y)
  8. gorec

    Crab Day

    Loved the 2nd one ,Awesome colors and pose !!(y)
  9. gorec

    Chipmunk humour: Warning statue nudity.

    Cute !!(y)
  10. gorec


    I learned about them loong ago ,they were going to the borderline of extinction, our government carried out a big rescue operation that lasted for decades, luckily they succeeded and now they are roaming the deserts here , but still , the government is looking for their gatherings and supplies...
  11. gorec

    Birds at Balshford Nature Reserve

    It is so much fun to be in a place with variety of birds around you !!use that privilege!!i liked the Nuthatch and the Herons shots , some birds you have to catch them quicker before they turn their back on you!!(y)(y)
  12. gorec

    GOT SPEED !!??

    Thank you ,Allan my friend!!they make my heart beat faster everytime they zoom by !!
  13. gorec

    GOT SPEED !!??

    Thank you,Sir !! I do try my best and appreciate your very kind comments and guidance!!(y)
  14. gorec


    Yes,Mike !!i think that being in a forum is a blessing, but only when used to its full potential!!meaning to say ,critique and adding ideas and suggestions to each other , that is the way to move up the ladder .If one is coming here and thinks he is perfect, i may tell him honestly, he...
  15. gorec

    GOT SPEED !!??

    Strangely, they never got fined !!:):) Thank you,Darrell !!(y)
  16. gorec


    Thank you my friend!!glad you like this !!(y)
  17. gorec

    GOT SPEED !!??

  18. gorec


    Thank you so much for your kind words !!(y)
  19. gorec


    I was lucky he flew low to get this BG !! Thank you !!(y)
  20. gorec


    Thank you my friend!!glad you liked it !!(y)
  21. gorec


    Thank you so much !! I like your edit !!i have no problem with that at all , these images i post is for all of you here, feel free to edit , critique, all , i am here to learn and your additions all add up to my learning !!thank you so much !!(y)
  22. gorec

    09/25/2018 BYB From the "Chair".

    Beautifully done !!(y)
  23. gorec

    Eastern Phoebe

    Beautiful captures!!
  24. gorec

    Ruffed Grouse: Journey to a crab tree.

    Awesome set !!
  25. gorec

    Golden Bald Eagle (was in my bucket list)

  26. gorec

    Connecticut Warbler

    Beautiful set !!
  27. gorec

    5 week old loon

    Fabulous looking set !!(y)(y)
  28. gorec

    Red Tide Has Hit Ft. DeSoto

    All look awesome, Bobby !!awesome work !!(y)(y)
  29. gorec

    Morning Dove.

    Beautiful capture!!these birds look beautiful!!(y)
  30. gorec


  31. gorec

    D850 + 300pf

    Randy having fun at the farm!!awesome captures !!(y)
  32. gorec

    Squirrel on a mouse...

    No wonder he took advantage of him !! Beautiful capt/ion/ure !!.
  33. gorec


    You are right !!i always keep my distance, especially when they start to notice my presence!!
  34. gorec


    Thank you,Sir !!(y)
  35. gorec


    Thank you ,James!!glad you liked it !!(y)
  36. gorec

    Bald Eagle Portrait

  37. gorec

    A rarity for me ...

    As suggested by Allan !!;):) :Dwe want to bring you IN !!
  38. gorec

    Wood Ducks

    Wonderful looking set !!(y)
  39. gorec

    Eye Contact

    Perfect example!!(y)(y)(y)
  40. gorec

    Little Green Heron...Looking Big

    Sharp !!(y)
  41. gorec

    How's that song go? "Rainy days and Mondays got me down"

    1st one is awesome!!love the clarity /colors/BG /pose !! All superb !!(y)(y)(y)
  42. gorec

    more 3 week loons - feeding

    Superb set ,Allan !!a dream to capture something like this!!(y)(y)(y)
  43. gorec


    2nd one has a super pose and BG !!(y)(y)
  44. gorec


    Thank you ,Sir !!(y)
  45. gorec


    Thank you,Daniel !!much appreciate your kind words!!
  46. gorec

    Thought you locked the door !!

  47. gorec


    Here with a Dove , one bite and boom !!
  48. gorec


    Oh ,yes !!they have a very strong bite !!i have seen that with a Dove and a SANDPIPER, instant death !!
  49. gorec


    Oh !!almost identical scenario!! are right, maybe a specialist can explain this behavior, !!great capture ,West !!but i would maybe darken a bit behind the duckling ,or darken the duckling itself to make it pop !!.
  50. gorec


    Thanks buddy !!(y)
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