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  1. exposinglife

    Post your D600 / D610 captures

    Loving the D600. Amazing what this thing can do at high ISOs. Of course I'm coming from a D80 so it's been a while since I've upgraded.
  2. exposinglife

    Cookie Monster

    I'm enjoying the D600. He's enjoying the cookies.
  3. exposinglife

    Marketplace Feedback Archive 5

    +1 for LotsaShots Seller: LotsaShots (Mary) Buyer: exposinglife (me) Item: D600 Camera was better than advertised and Mary was great to work with. Highly recommended in the future!
  4. exposinglife

    Goose on impressionism

    I'm not a bird hunter by any means and I don't have the glass to support such a habit. That being said, I couldn't resist this one cutting through the smooth water while waiting for some friends. Looks like he's coasting on an impressionist painting.
  5. exposinglife

    Ladakh .... the roof of the world

    Amazing images. Love everything about them. Can you share some of your post-processing tips for, say, a landscape and one of your candid portraits. I love what you've done.
  6. exposinglife

    Need some help for a wall

    Tony - Thanks again. I had played around with darkening the sky a bit...didn't want to make it look too fake...but it does look better. :) I'm probably going to have someone else frame it. I don't have the tools/time/skill to do it myself. I just wanted to know my printing options. I...
  7. exposinglife

    Need some help for a wall

    Tony - Thanks so much for your input! It's amazing how that castle looks like it is out in the middle of nowhere but you're actually surrounded by the busy city. I like your crop and color tones of Hadrian's wall. I think i have them replicated in Lightroom. I'm leaning towards putting...
  8. exposinglife

    Need some help for a wall

    Thanks guys...Dez - here is my edits with your inputs. Better? For the wall picture I wanted to keep the meandering wall in the frame on the right side. I do like tightening the crop up though. Anyone else? Votes for which one you prefer? :smile:
  9. exposinglife

    Need some help for a wall

    Have a couple pictures I would like to hang but need some critique on crop and color. I know these aren't cropped perfectly but I wanted to give you the full image so you all could figure out how best to crop these. I'd also like your opinion on which you like better. I have a favorite but...
  10. exposinglife

    Need some help

    Ouch. But it is appropriate. :smile:
  11. exposinglife

    Need some help

    To a golfer, this is one of the most famous approaches in the game. The focus in this picture should be the green (anchored on the right side) and the scoreboard (anchored on the left.) The bridge to the 12th green is also another significant and recognizable features of Augusta National...
  12. exposinglife

    Need some help

    Rob & William, Thanks for the replies. Here is an updated version with your critiques. Better? Any other tweaks. Again, many thanks for the comments.
  13. exposinglife

    Need some help

    Been a while since I've posted here. I need some critique and help with the below picture. I took it a couple years ago when I had the chance to go to a practice round at The Masters. Here is what I need help with: 1. Is this frame-worthy? Be honest. I'd like to have something on the...
  14. exposinglife

    Shots of the neighbor's kids

    I did a post-easter shoot for my neighbor. I'd like to get your input and thoughts on these shots. The full gallery is here but the few I prefer are below. Thanks for any C&C you can provide!
  15. exposinglife

    The Masters

    There is a thread over in the General Discussion forum but thought some here would like to see these as well (given not everyone visits every forum.) I have a full gallery here of color shots. Below are a few I decided to try in B&W.
  16. exposinglife

    Tuesday at The Masters - added B&W pics

    Here are some shots I converted to B&W. Let me know what you think. I know Augusta National isn't exactly the type of place you want to desaturate but a few of these work for me.
  17. exposinglife

    Tuesday at The Masters - added B&W pics

    The pimento cheese sandwich was wonderful. I had never had one before but felt obligated as it was my first trip to Augusta. It was the best $1.50 sandwich I've ever had. :smile:
  18. exposinglife

    Tuesday at The Masters - added B&W pics

    I went to the US Open a few years back at Pinehurst. The crowds at Augusta were a bit more tame. Of course it was very cool and windy Tuesday so that held some people back. The afternoon was a bit crazier but it was easy enough to be patient and get a decent vantage point. I wouldn't exactly...
  19. exposinglife

    Tuesday at The Masters - added B&W pics

    It's a tradition during the practice round that everyone try to skip the ball to the green on 16. The player (Ross Fisher) in the gallery actually nearly holed the shot! It ended up a few feet away. Augusta National has kept prices that low intentionally. Spectators (or Patrons as they call...
  20. exposinglife

    Tuesday at The Masters - added B&W pics

    The running joke is that The Masters is the only recession-proof place right now. I had a nice lunch for $4.00 which includes an extra .50 for a collectible cup. Not bad at all.
  21. exposinglife

    Tuesday at The Masters - added B&W pics

    I had a chance to go on Tuesday. My father got tickets through their lottery system and four of us went. Here is a (warning: large) gallery of pictures. Just give it a minute to load and enjoy! All were shot with the 18-200 VR. On a side note, you should have seen the glass there...and it...
  22. exposinglife

    any love left for the 35 f2?

    Oh yeah...much love. So much I think of roses.
  23. exposinglife

    New 18-200 VR on the way!

    I swapped my 70-300 VR for one yesterday. I loved the 70-300 but didn't use it enough. The need for a good all-around lens trumped everything else. I'm excited to give mine a spin too.
  24. exposinglife

    OT: Opinions on Craigslist?

    Just bought an 18-200 VR yesterday via Craigslist with no issues. Like others have mentioned, deal locally. It's the only true way to avoid a scam. I was able to bring my camera and test out the lens myself.
  25. exposinglife

    lena came back :)

    That first one stands out. Great look, pose and lighting. The others are very well done too. :wink: If I had to pick a fav out of those, it would be the third photo (on the chair).
  26. exposinglife

    Bouncing in the swing

    I'm still getting use to my new Macbook Pro. I upgraded to Lightroom 2 as well and had a chance to play with it and give this shot a bit of PP. Let me know what you think. Shot with the 35/2.
  27. exposinglife

    So I borrowed a Mac this weekend

    It's officially mine. First post from the new (used) 17" MacBook Pro. :smile:
  28. exposinglife

    White Wash

    Very nice job. Love the lighing and BG...also curious to hear a bit more about the setup.
  29. exposinglife

    my ace

    What can I say? Great stuff...
  30. exposinglife

    Share your favorite Paris image...

    This was shot with a P&S *cough* Canon *cough*, but it still turned out pretty good. I love that you can see Sacre Cour through the clock. I have some more here if you want to take a look. Very hard to pick just one.
  31. exposinglife

    Overlooked shot from last spring

    I took this last spring during a trip to the UK. During some downtime I was messing around with the hue and got the edge color to really pop. Now, I really like it...and thought I'd share it with you to get your feedback. I also dropped the saturation in green to make the flower pop...
  32. exposinglife

    Color Test

    First try. :smile: After the first two I focused on a spot between the answers and just reacted to the color of the word instead of reading it. Neat test...
  33. exposinglife

    First Few (Andrew&Christina) Sat. Wedding

    Other than wanting to see more of her dress in 2, 3 and 4 they are all very well done. I love 5&6...wonderful shots.
  34. exposinglife


    She looks angelic or from the future. For going hi-key you were still able to keep (or even bring out) her soft and beautiful features. Well done.
  35. exposinglife

    Post Your Moon Shots

    A couple from the last couple eclipses. Not a closeup but I like this shot: A more standard shot with the 70-300 VR and D80: There is a sequence of the last eclipse found here. Enjoy!
  36. exposinglife

    Wine anyone?

    I've always enjoyed a glass of wine with a meal, but Malbec is the first type that I could drink on its own very easily. The fact that it is inexpensive is a big plus only adds to its appeal. Our Sam's Club here doesn't carry it unfortunately. We do have a Total Wine and More here that carries...
  37. exposinglife

    Wine anyone?

    I love Malbec. More shots here if you're interested. Posted this in the lighting forum but thought it would get some appreciation here on a Sunday evening. :smile:
  38. exposinglife

    Bottle of wine

    Literally. The bottle was a gift from the wife for Valentine's day. Thought it would make an interesting subject for some lighting work. I borrowed a SB-800 to pair with my SB-600 and took a few shots. The entire gallery is here. Below are a few of my favorites. Please let me know what you...
  39. exposinglife

    She came in through the bathroom window...

    I like the second and the third the best. Very nice, natural shot. The last doesn't work for me because of the way she has her head turned and the lines it has created on her face and neck. I think that she'll love the second or third. Both are composed beautifully and the exposure is...
  40. exposinglife

    Myers-Brigg Personality Type & Photography

    ESFJ - The "Supporter" Describes me pretty well. I don't like conflict and am more concerned with how others feel than most anything else. BTW, I'm an IT Manager.
  41. exposinglife

    My buddy

    Thanks, and none taken at all. I appreciate all C&C as long as they are constructive and not mean-spirited...and yours are helpful. Thanks Andy. I used the Beast for both shots. Great, great lens.
  42. exposinglife

    My buddy

    Thanks. I'm partial to the second as well. I think it needs a little extra PP for some reason, but can't put my finger on it.
  43. exposinglife

    Engagement Set 2

    Laura, #1 is wonderful. You rock girl!
  44. exposinglife

    Ok I Need Help

    #1 for me. #3 is a close second.
  45. exposinglife

    Jack Russel terrier

    :smile:Love the "danger zone" pic. Very cool...I would have been freaking out, but dogs have a 6th sense sometimes...and better balance than humans.
  46. exposinglife

    Cutest Westie returns

    Violet, in one of her more cute poses, after getting her hair clipped. Compliments of the Beast and the SB-600.
  47. exposinglife

    My buddy

    I saw the famous "Whistler's Mother" in my head when I was framing this shot. I'd call it, "Photographer's Son". I love watching him play with his train sets. I realized nearly all my shots are very "snapshotish" and thought I should get a couple differently framed ones.
  48. exposinglife

    The Time-Less Stare

    Let me guess, she just woke up from a nap again? It's the hair. :wink: You know it's going to stop one day, right? She's going to say "No Mommy! No more pictures!" :smile:
  49. exposinglife

    Sigma 50 F1.4 takes a plunge....sort of...

    Sometimes I despise you D700 owners. :wink: Sure the 50/1.4 is a fine lens, but this just shows what the finest sensor on the market can do. Great captures Sandro.
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