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    Interval shooting problem

    Yikes...sometimes I miss the forest because of all the trees. I should spend more time learning the camera's menu and look for the obvious first Thanks for your assistance.
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    Interval shooting problem

    A friend wants to document the move of a house from one location to another. Moving the house is a very slow process. He wants a series of pictures taken at one minute intervals over a 4 hour duration and wants the camera to do the work. He has the same camera as me which is a D7000. Told him...
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    Arizona Slot Canyons

    Great colour and light, well done.
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    Change to Daylight Saving Time

    So many clocks and watches to change. I think I should leave all but one blinking 12:00.
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    HDR's of Sedona

    The strata lines in #5 really jump out.
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    *OPINION: Why Photoshop is Ruining Landscape Photography*

    Similar lines are drawn in music, grammar and sports to name a few. Want to get something going on then give a hard opinion as to what is jazz or what is proper English. As you said, it is opinion only.
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    The Sahara

    Good shot, I like the plant because where there is life there is hope.
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    Down East Structures...

    Your imagination was in focus, particularly in #'s 2 and 4. Well done.
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    Brady Theater and a Red Door

    I like colours that jump, the door does that very nicely.
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    'Getting It Right In The Camera: The Truth, The Myth, The BS'

    Same range of opinions in music, art, fishing, chess, golf and on and on. For me , I want as much as possible out of the camera because there is less "post" work. Others like to work an image until it is just so. Different strokes for different folks.
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    Couple from January

    I like the last one, the way it is all the "fluff" and then the sharp tree.
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    Mountain winter storm aftermath...

    #5 is catching. What lens did you use?
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    Did you already hear about Picos de Europa? Take a look...

    I'll go with the majority here, #1 is killer.
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    Letting in some light

    I like #2 and I also like chasing light around.
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    Milwaukee Art Museum

    Number one is a keeper for sure.
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    Some steps over the ocean - 1

    Fine images. By the way, do you play chess?
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    Snow blowing off mountain ridges

    Jagged and smooth but all blue. Good capture.
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    San Miguel Mission...

    Nice. I like the long shadows.
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    Frozen Lighthouse...

    Very well done.
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    Big Four Bridge

    Nice lines.
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    To my Cafe mates in Oz - Say it ain't so...

    I checked their acronym (NHMRC) to see if MP was there (Monty Python).
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    For those of you who still think older cars are safer

    They made their point but what a waste of fine Detroit iron.
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    Fascinating panorama of London

    Enjoyed that. London is a special place.
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    Football's saddest man

    Obviously he is a big fan. Missing out like that has gotta hurt.
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    The 49 ers played an awesome game !

    It was there for the taking, but... I'll get over it.
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    Multnomah Falls

    Like the first one because everytime I see a shot such as the one of the bridge I think about the pioneers, about how tough they were and that one time there were no bridges.
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    Nikon 800mm Price Announced

    $17k?... Imagine the collection of other glass you could assemble.
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    Extreme Photowalk!

    Methinks I'd ask them to take my p&s with them and get a few shots. Couple of rungs up and I've had my fill.
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    The beauty of the coast on a winter day...

    Well done, #3 is especially appealing.
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    Park Your Vehicle Using Your Smart Phone

    No need, just park by ear.
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    I love the snow but hate.....

    The ones that amuse me are the folks who figure they are immune to road conditions because they have 4 wheel drive.
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    RIP Stan the Man

    The Man could flat out hit. Class all the way.
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    Might go through Vancouver in July.

    Day trip for a photographer might start with brunch near the Inner Harbour. From there take the walk along Stanley Park's seawall. You'll come out of the park and be in the West End. Eat some more, have a refreshment. You can be back in Richmond (airport area) for supper. Start with an empty...
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    Audubon Winner!

    Good Audubon no less. Congratulations.
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    Crazy winter weather

    Snow, rain, freezing and then back to cold and snow is a deadly sequence.
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    Might go through Vancouver in July.

    Public transport can put you just about anywhere in the Lower Mainland. Try downtown Vancouver, the inner harbour and the West End for starters.
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    Ever notice that Bettman and Count Numbers look alike?
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    morning at the farm

    Nice shots. Surprised to see the snow. You must be a bit elevated from the water.
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    A work colleague send me this link. I laughed 'coz its true

    Wrong coloured suit. Might be the Finnish team tho.
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    OT: Who do you think for the superbowl?

    How about the winner of the Washington v Seattle game to go all the way? Odds makers say otherwise, but you can always bet heavy and sleep in the streets.
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    Shutter count, How many actuations this year.

    Probably going to be in the 10K area. Sometimes, as TomP noted, a desired result requires many takes. Sometimes it is one and done.
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    D7000 AF Finetuning

    The lens I used for portraits was giving me grief, especially the more wide open it was. Bit of fine tune and all is well.
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    D7000 owners: How do you have U1 and U2 modes set up??

    U1 All set up for manual control of flash with output levels as the first item on My Menu U2 Manual mode with sunny 16 numbers and AFC 9 point.
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    December 21st

    Won't see meteors here, it's been snowing for the last 24 hours.
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    And now something really important..Baseball

    Missed that, only had heard it was a done deal and Dickey was a Jay. Lots of catchers for the the Jays to choose from.
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    And now something really important..Baseball

    Arencibia is young and a good catcher. Loads of potential although he has to buy a bigger mitt ASAP.
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    GPS thread...

    Garmin. You are facing the same caveat we always face, we get what we pay for.
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    Pretty cool photography site.

    Lots of good "technical" stuff.
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