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  1. Fremlin

    World of wings

    Made a wee visit to our local bird of prey rescue centre and took a few of the locals. and I absolutely loved this guy. A Melanistic barn owl.
  2. Fremlin

    Lion pride stalking, chasing and taking down a Puku antelope.

    Great photos, love the last two of the male.
  3. Fremlin

    Philadelphia Zoo 2012

    Love the red panda pictures!
  4. Fremlin

    First Bird Images - UK Garden Birds.

    Great shots. Long tailed tits are one of my favourites.
  5. Fremlin

    Just starting to check out this site too. Looks nice and I don't really have a site where I keep all my favourite pics for show. Please add
  6. Fremlin

    Crawling for the first time

    Here's a photo of my 9 month old Isaac. I blew all the highlights in the background and then mucked about with it in PS. Really liked the effect.
  7. Fremlin

    Not long till the baby comes now.

    Hey all. It's been a while since I've been on. Been a busy new daddy. Just thought I would update and show a few choice pics of my new addition.
  8. Fremlin

    Socttish Roe Deer

    While visiting the mother in law I took a few early morning walks. Here's a few deer I stumbled across.
  9. Fremlin

    Favour to ask with motorbike pics

    Thank you very much. Great effort!
  10. Fremlin

    Favour to ask with motorbike pics

    Hey all. My father in law is a real motorbike enthusiast and has asked me to try and do a wee bit of editing on a photo for him. I gave it a shot but my photoshop skills are just not up to it. If anyone can help it would be much appreciated. Basically he is looking at getting the double...
  11. Fremlin

    A new nikonian pics! Image heavy

    Congratulations, I have all this to look forward to in a couple of weeks too!
  12. Fremlin

    Not long till the baby comes now.

    2 weeks to go :eek:
  13. Fremlin

    Some of my family's dogs

    I did indeed, if you're interested the link is here
  14. Fremlin

    some bifs in overcast light

    Superb images as usual!
  15. Fremlin

    Some of my family's dogs

    Just thought I would share some of the dogs that give me and my family a lot of joy. First is my dog Kyuss then my wife's dog Fern the farm dog Nell and then we have Daisy and Desmo who belong to my Father in law.
  16. Fremlin

    Not long till the baby comes now.

    At least it will give me a new photo subject. Think I can use that as an excuse to buy a new lens?
  17. Fremlin

    Not long till the baby comes now.

    I think it makes it look like they are in one of those jars when they pickle dead animals.
  18. Fremlin

    Not long till the baby comes now.

    Hey guys just thought I would share a wee video with you all. My wife is now at 30 weeks and we went to get a video done of the baby the other night. Hope you like the video. YouTube - baby.wmv
  19. Fremlin

    San Diego (Cheetahs, Lion, and Giraffes)

    Love that first cheetah shot.
  20. Fremlin

    A day of birdwatching and all I got was this cheeky chap

    It is a mink. Not native to this country and unfortunately causes a lot of problems for local wildlife. Cute all the same and certainly a surprise for me as I have never seen one.
  21. Fremlin

    Caracara and Young Oyster Catcher

    Both shots are fantastic!
  22. Fremlin

    Puppy and All Grown up

    Your dog is gorgeous!! Kyuss as a puppy and then all grown up.
  23. Fremlin

    Sunny/Rainy day in Scotland

    The weather really couldn't make up it's mind and it seemed that every time we ventured out it would rain, only for the sun to come back out as we hid in the visitor centre. Had the pleasure of getting some good pics of some birds that I didn't have so far and also a first for me seeing a...
  24. Fremlin

    Little birds in early spring

    I didn indeed use the Nikon 70-300VR handheld. I was in a small photography hide so I was able to get pretty close to the birds. Thanks for all the nice comments!!
  25. Fremlin

    Little birds in early spring

    It's a goldfinch. They are very pretty little birds, much smaller than most round the feeder but they can hold their own against the bigger birds!
  26. Fremlin

    Little birds in early spring

    Thanks for the comments and apologies for not labelling the species. I really should remember to do this in future. #1 Song Thrush #2 Goldfinch #3 Goldfinch #4 Blue Tit #5 Blue Tit #6 Blue Tit #7 Blue Tit #8 Goldfinch #9 Coal Tit #10 Chaffinch
  27. Fremlin

    Early Morning Osprey

    Absolutely stunning!
  28. Fremlin

    Little birds in early spring

    Woke up this morning to a lovely spring morning so decided to head to Lochwinnoch once more. Suprisingly cold once I got there and was glad I had brought my hat. Hope you enjoy these little guys.
  29. Fremlin

    When Kyuss met Dolph

    Took Kyuss (my 2 year old black lab) to Calderglen the other day to meet Dolph (5 month old doberman). Dolph is huge already and weighs the same as Kyuss. Hope you like the photos.
  30. Fremlin

    Tips for taking motorbike photos?

    On Sunday I am going to the soon to be Father in laws to take pictures of his bike. He's starting his own business doing restorations/customisations etc and wants me to take some photos of the details of his bike. Anyone give any tips as to how best to do this. Aperture settings etc.. I...
  31. Fremlin

    Were you always a Nikon shooter?

    I only got into Photography maybe 4 years ago. Had a Nikon 3200, then a D50 and just recently bought my D300S.
  32. Fremlin

    Just Another Osprey shot

    Holy smokes that's amazing!!
  33. Fremlin

    Scottish Stags

    Love the first shot. May I ask where you were?
  34. Fremlin

    Blood Red Arowana.

    Brilliant. I saw some of these in an aquarium recently and they are beautiful fish. Maybe one day I'll have a tank that can hold one.
  35. Fremlin

    Peregrine Falcon

    Stunning photos of a beautiful bird.
  36. Fremlin

    The Hubble Telescope...

    I would kill for reach like this.
  37. Fremlin

    Little birdies at the reserve (warning 16 pics)

    Do you guys not get any of these birds in the States?
  38. Fremlin

    Little birdies at the reserve (warning 16 pics)

    Had a nice day at the RSPB reserve yesterday. Started off reasonably bright but found myself having to crank up the ISO as the day went on as it got very cloudy. Hope you enjoy all the little guys. First of all the Fieldfares are still here. Having a little stretch ..then we...
  39. Fremlin

    Show me your Flickr!
  40. Fremlin

    Some little guys out in the cold

    It was indeed Lochwinnoch. It was freezing and after we attempted to walk the paths the guy at the visitor centre shut the paths as they were far too slippy. The whole Loch was frozen over and there was very little in the way of water birds.
  41. Fremlin

    Some little guys out in the cold

    Here's another which I salvaged.
  42. Fremlin

    Owl Quest: 2nd Trip, SEOW's again*LONG*

    They are all fantastic but number 12 does it for me.
  43. Fremlin

    Some little guys out in the cold

    I only use my nikon now, should really delete the Sigma from my list as I gave it to my girlfriend along with my D50.
  44. Fremlin


    The duck shots are brilliant, the colours are superb. Have to say the Shrike is my favourite though. Have never seen one and it just looks like he is braving the cold so well.
  45. Fremlin

    Snow Bunting in flight!

    Great shot. It's not easy getting BIF at the best of times, but these guys are so small.
  46. Fremlin

    Some little guys out in the cold

    Spent most of the week trying out my new D300S. Took a wee trip to the local RSPB nature reserve and came back with these shots. Found conditions challenging. Was very dull. Might need to bump up the ISO next time.
  47. Fremlin

    Couple of boring seagulls (first shot with my new D300S)

    Finally got my hands on a D300S and took it out today for the first time. Despite it being barely freezing temperatures (I couldn't feel my fingers), I am pretty pleased with my first attempts at using the 3d tracking function on the camera. Anybody got any tips then I would be interested...
  48. Fremlin

    Help please

    Thanks to all who helped. I totally forgot to try and download the latest NEF drivers and it now works a treat. Windows Photo Gallery can indeed show RAW files you just have to install the NEF Codec from Nikon. I have been using it for years.
  49. Fremlin

    Help please

    Ok have managed to change it back to Generic PnP monitor. Still not working. I took a few photos in JPEG and they work just fine. Just won't work when I do it in RAW.
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