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  1. CliffB

    I'm always surprised when someone quits photography... You?

    You probably do. It is at Draper WMA, near Brattonsville. They plant the fields to attract doves, for the fall hunting season.
  2. CliffB

    I'm always surprised when someone quits photography... You?

    I may "quit" some hobbies; but, I seldom seem to sell the equipment. I guess that I am always leaving open the chance to rekindle my interest. I haven't taken a photo in several years. Yet, I still have all of my equipment. Two days ago, I decided to go to a field of sunflowers and take some...
  3. CliffB

    OT - New or Used Vehicles; Your Opinion - UPDATE! And The Winner Is...

    Congratulations, Lyndee. That car looks great. I think that you made a wonderful choice. I hope that it serves you as well as your previous Toyota.
  4. CliffB

    Interesting insight into the fall of Brick & Mortar camera stores

    That is what I was told by a former B&M store owner. Shortly before she closed her store, a few years ago, she told me that digital was what ruined her business. Though it wasn't the lack of film developing, as those coming in for developing services were not the pros who would buy expensive...
  5. CliffB


    As an 11 year old, in 1960, I sat on my bed, listening to the radio broadcast of the first Boston Patriots game. They lost to the Denver Broncos, 13-10. I think that they have sufficiently made up for that loss. All the times that Belichick made the starters stay in the game, when they had...
  6. CliffB

    Penn State snubbed

    Though some teams will always be upset at not making the playoffs, hopefully, someday, the teams making the playoffs can be chosen more by what they do on the field than by a beauty contest. The old adage, "that's why they play the games," seems to have been lost in the shuffle.
  7. CliffB

    OT - New or Used Vehicles; Your Opinion - UPDATE! And The Winner Is...

    I bought a used 2016 Infiniti Q50, a few weeks ago. So far, I am enjoying the car, with absolutely no issues. Good luck in finding what you're looking for.
  8. CliffB

    OT - New or Used Vehicles; Your Opinion - UPDATE! And The Winner Is...

    That was true years ago, but it is no longer. Car dealers make a commission from the financing. Therefore, the dealer makes less profit from a cash deal, and will not be willing to give a lower price for cash.
  9. CliffB

    OT - New or Used Vehicles; Your Opinion - UPDATE! And The Winner Is...

    I have also just been in a car buying mood. I usually buy either new or one year old. I once bought a several year old VW convertible for my daughter, and it was just in time for all of the plastic fittings, in the engine compartment, to start failing. It was a nightmare. I have never had a...
  10. CliffB

    Waiting for Fed Ex today.

    Two fisted D300's sound like you will be well armed.
  11. CliffB

    A happy ending - hurricane Matthew

    aqsxz Though she missed some planned events, the wedding became a lot more memorable, due to the difficulties that were overcome. I must be too ugly for prime time. Thank you, Karen.
  12. CliffB

    A happy ending - hurricane Matthew

    Thanks, Tom. Yes, friendly strangers make this world special. Being able to perform the ceremony made things even more special. The only thing missing was not having a member of the Dim Bulb Photography Club as the wedding photographer. True to course, for my crazy daughter, she hired a...
  13. CliffB

    A happy ending - hurricane Matthew

    Thanks. I had to wonder why we spent 1.5 years planning the original wedding, when we ultimately were able to get everything together in just 4 days.
  14. CliffB

    A happy ending - hurricane Matthew

    Amazingly, the 200+ guest wedding, put together in 4 days, went off without a hitch. Being able to officiate at the wedding of my daughter was an amazing experience. Here is a link to coverage from a local news station: Last week, that station, plus Fox News and NBC...
  15. CliffB

    A happy ending - hurricane Matthew

    I am not sure if there will be time to arrange the interviews; but, Fox News said that they want to try to get a one minute story on for their 6:00 news tonight.
  16. CliffB

    A happy ending - hurricane Matthew

    Thank you, Lyndee, Steve and Art, for you well wishes. This is getting even crazier. NBC News, Fox News and People Magazine have all called about called about interviewing my daughter and her fiancé.
  17. CliffB

    A happy ending - hurricane Matthew

    They definitely have a story to tell. The local newspaper is running a story and video about their wedding at and the local TV station is sending a film crew to the wedding.
  18. CliffB

    A happy ending - hurricane Matthew

    Thanks, Brad. I just noticed that this whole ordeal had me more addled than I thought. In my original post, I said that the wedding was originally planned for "Charlotte." That should have read "Charleston", which is in the path of the hurricane, and forecast to have downpours and 70+ mph...
  19. CliffB

    A happy ending - hurricane Matthew

    Thank you, Mike and Bill. We found out this morning, when going over the menu, that the chef, who will be staying Saturday night to cook for us, is getting married himself on Sunday. We were also unaware that the chef's brother is a guest at my daughter's wedding.
  20. CliffB

    A happy ending - hurricane Matthew

    Thank you, Allan, Don and Nick. I'll tell the couple that the have best wishes coming from Nikon Café.
  21. CliffB

    A happy ending - hurricane Matthew

    I haven't posted for quite a while, but I look in on the Café quite often. I see many posts in the general forum that are about complaints or bad issues; so, I thought a happy story would fit in nicely. My daughter's wedding was planned for Charlotte, South Carolina, this coming Saturday. A...
  22. CliffB

    My First Photo Credit for a Book

    It's good to see your name in print.
  23. CliffB

    My First Photo Credit for a Book

    You did a great job for him. I am glad that you got "paid generously." The only time that I did a portrait for a book jacket was for a novel by my wife. Not only did I not get paid, but I have ended up having to cook a lot of my own dinners, while she is away doing TV interviews, radio...
  24. CliffB

    Humour for the day

    Funny, but oh so true. I have a friend who has had a long career as a commercial photographer. He purposely uses very small memory cards to force himself to think about every exposure, making the experience similar to the days when he shot film (though he still does some film work, for...
  25. CliffB

    Whose image is it?

    I guess that this is anniversary season. My wife and I will be celebrating our 38th tomorrow. If you are anything like me, we are both more than lucky to have found women who have put up with us through the years.
  26. CliffB

    Whose image is it?

    Almost correct. It is actually the person who has the most creative input in creating the image. Almost always, that would be the person who pushes the button. However, if you set your camera on a tripod, position the tripod, arrange the subject, set up the lighting, set the exposure on the...
  27. CliffB

    NFL Playoffs

    I have come to think the same. At first, I felt that Cam's actions were no big deal, as its just a game, and who cares what his reaction at a press conference might be. As I gave it further thought, I realized that, though, in my job, it would take me ten years to make what Cam makes in one...
  28. CliffB

    NFL Playoffs

    Win or lose, Cam Newton has always been overemotional. Though he has taken criticism this year for excessive celebrations, a couple of years ago, when the team was playing poorly, he would sit on the sidelines pouting, with his head hanging low, and talking to none of his teammates. As good a...
  29. CliffB

    Gorgeous photos of 1950s Hong Kong by a teenager

    With such a wonderful eye as a teenager, you can't help but wonder how his photographic talent grew and developed. What must his photography have become in his later years...his thirties...his forties?
  30. CliffB

    Am I just too old? (pity party?)

    I rarely shoot these days, so maybe I am not the right person to give advice, but let me make a couple of comments anyway. Don't get bogged down in the technical aspects of equipment. It sounds like you may be doing a bit of that. Most of the folks I know, who know all the intricate technical...
  31. CliffB

    NFL Playoffs

    It's funny how we describe when teams are healthy. We discount players whose injuries are severe enough to end their season. Though we say that "the Patriots are healthy and have all their offensive weapons back," we ignore the fact that they are without their backfield (Lewis and Blount) and...
  32. CliffB

    NFL Playoffs

    I am with you on that one. The weather, particularly winter weather, used to be a major part of football. It was part of what differentiated it from the other sports. It was the only outdoor sport that never cancelled a game due to weather. Indoor football almost seems like a different sport.
  33. CliffB

    NFL Playoffs

    My daughter moved to Cincinnati one week ago, and has now been immersed in the Bengals football tradition.
  34. CliffB

    Another year, another National Championship (again...and again) - Part II

    On the other hand, I hope you're right. It should be a good game.
  35. CliffB

    The Sound Of Film

    That brought all sorts of smells back to mind.
  36. CliffB

    Another year, another National Championship (again...and again) - Part II

    Since the playoffs are still new, we will not see an expansion for years. I agree that an expansion is necessary; but, like getting the 4 team playoff in the first place, figuring out how to work it out, without stepping on the toes of the mega-moneymaking bowls, will be the major stumbling...
  37. CliffB

    Another year, another National Championship (again...and again) - Part II

    That certainly wasn't an impressive game for a number one ranked team. However, it is hard to downgrade a team that has gone through it' s entire regular season undefeated. When you get to the emotions of such a heated rivalry game, records don't seem to mean much.
  38. CliffB

    These Beautiful Antique Photos Were Made With Potato Starch

    I was unaware of this process. The images look wonderful. Some of them (particularly the boy scout and grape picker photos) have a wonderful feeling of depth.
  39. CliffB

    Auto experts: synthetic oil question

    I usually just follow the manufacturer's recommendation for oil change interval. I figure that they know more about the car's engine than I do. I have been using a blended oil, but only because that is what my dealer uses, and they charge me less than anyone else does for natural oil.
  40. CliffB

    Human body design

    My daughter's best friend, a civil engineer, is coming for Thanksgiving dinner shortly. I will be sure to tell her that one.
  41. CliffB

    Gray market lawsuit: Will Get It Digital get it?

    It is not Nikon's policy, it is the policy of Nikon USA. I have always felt that Nikon thinks of retailers as their customers, not the final consumer. They seem to be very insulated from those of us that use their products. We end up dealing with their system of distributors. Nikon appears...
  42. CliffB

    Bicyclist made an incredible 14,000-mile journey across Asia — stunning photos

    A nice story with wonderful photography. As well as the photography, I was struck with some of the commentary. In particular, his comments about how many people invited him into their homes. Those of us who live in the West like to think of our societies as being more civilized than those in...
  43. CliffB

    Sad News Involving B&H

    I have no idea whether or not B&H is guilty of such reprehensible actions. However, the fact that these workers have set up for a news agency to document their delivery of a complaint to their employer, and that we have Al Jazeera writing a story critical of a Jewish owned business, have to make...
  44. CliffB

    For all you Photoshop PP's your color vision?

    I got them all correct. I found that, on the ones that I found more difficult, a brief glance away from the screen helped.
  45. CliffB

    More news regarding carry on luggage...

    One of the big problems with luggage manufacturers' listing of their products dimensions is that they do not include the wheels in their measurements. So, be sure to measure yourself, including the wheels, before going to the airport.
  46. CliffB

    your luggage at the airport

    It looks like my luggage has much more fun than I do at the airport.
  47. CliffB

    The American West - 150 years ago. An you thought your camera bag was heavy.

    It is wonderful to see what was capable of being done with the equipment of the times. The work that went into each print had to enormous. A few years ago, I went to a civil war reenactment. A fellow with a Civil War era camera and lens had set up to take photos, however, he could not take...
  48. CliffB

    Aviation Night Photography

    These are all very impressive. I particularly like the third shot and the one with the four tails. Your panning, on the take-offs is very nice.
  49. CliffB

    1930 Packard detail

    D300, Sigma 17-70, polarizer
  50. CliffB

    Green Sea turtles

    Super shot. The colors and composition are both spot on.
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