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  1. LB Jefferies

    If eyes could speak...... w/85 f1.4

    This is the sort of image that will end up in a high school yearbook. :biggrin:
  2. LB Jefferies

    First shot at a "model" shoot

    I really like number 8, the eyes have it. :smile:
  3. LB Jefferies

    Anyone Use a Tripod with a P&S Camera?

    Not with a P&S, but I did shoot some stuff with an M Leica on a tripod . . . just to annoy the purists. :biggrin:
  4. LB Jefferies

    Fuji X100 images

    The angularity of that third one is pretty neat. :smile:
  5. LB Jefferies

    Metallic papers

    I've always found that my metallic prints can be dented very easily compared to the luster ones, just by handling them. These days, I give them a once over and it's off to the framing guy. :biggrin:
  6. LB Jefferies

    Metallic papers

    The first one I had done was Half Dome in February, shot from Ahwahnee meadow. :smile: My only complaint about Endura metallic paper is the fragile nature of it.
  7. LB Jefferies

    Mount St. Helens , WA ---

    It's worth the side trip, there's a lot of neat stuff along the way from "civilization" too. :smile: You have a 50/50 chance that the mountain may not be visible even from JRO. I have been out there and you couldn't see one end of the observation platform from the other. :eek:
  8. LB Jefferies

    What model of this Crumpler backpack?

    That looks like a Farmer's Double. I bought one 2003 that's still in almost daily service. Mine's the same color scheme, too. :smile:
  9. LB Jefferies

    Anyone Using the Elinchrom Quadra's???

    Def get the skyports if you buy Elinchrom lights. :smile:
  10. LB Jefferies

    Got a new set of wheels.

    Yeah, get rid of some of that lead in your shoe, get your mileage back. If you live where winter actually brings snow, you will absolutely love the Subie. :biggrin:
  11. LB Jefferies

    Anyone Using the Elinchrom Quadra's???

    Is that the benchmark? Overpowering the sun? :smile: With some thought about modifiers and placement, you can easily do this with a Quadra. I have done it on a number of occasions. If you're going to be doing that on a regular basis, I would look for something with at least 1000 watts...
  12. LB Jefferies

    Got a new set of wheels.

    20 mpg? Is that a typo? My Vette gives me 24 in the city with the AC cranked. :smile:
  13. LB Jefferies

    An email I received today

    Pretty much this. I don't think I would respond to something like this at all. Just my tuppence. :wink:
  14. LB Jefferies

    Dual camera systems

    I shoot a D3 and Mamiya/Leaf medium format combo. Only thing that annoys me from time to time are the differences in the controls, but it's no worse than shooting Nikon and Canon. I was so close to nabbing a D3x, but the MF deal was too good to pass up. :smile:
  15. LB Jefferies

    D7000 Ergonomics

    It may take a few days, but you'll be working with the dials by reflex. Changing abruptly to another (gasp) brand of camera can be a bit disorienting, though.
  16. LB Jefferies

    Will dslr ultimately break into medium format resolution?

    Would the average shooter do that to a brand new D3x, though?
  17. LB Jefferies

    Trying to get the morning light right

    The second one calls out to me. :smile: There is a bright spot in the upper right that I find a bit distracting, though. Bug?
  18. LB Jefferies

    Will dslr ultimately break into medium format resolution?

    The D3x already has more pixels than some medium format digtal. What it also has is an anti aliasing filter. That one little piece makes a huge difference at printmaking time. Just my tuppence. :wink:
  19. LB Jefferies

    Canon Guy Insulted My Nikon Gear

    I've had some spirited discussions with other photographers before, but I can't recall anyone coming right out and insulting me. But I usually ask the loud people with Canon gear if the internet, TV, or a sales person convinced them to buy what they did. :biggrin:
  20. LB Jefferies

    Anyone else sick of reality tv shows?

    I was through watching reality TV halfway through the first episode of survivor. Your mileage may vary. :wink:
  21. LB Jefferies

    Nikon 24mm f/1.4 is official!!!

    I'm not feeling the love for either of these lenses, price notwithstanding. I'm not even sure if I would be tempted if the price was less than $500. Now if they had released an 85mm 1.2, I would be pre-ordering. :biggrin:
  22. LB Jefferies

    Neutral density filters

    Are you looking for ND filters or graduated ND filters?
  23. LB Jefferies

    Recommend me an L bracket please

    I've never had any problems with Kirk brackets. They're one state over, too, so things arrive pretty quickly. :smile: FWIW, don't think Kirk or RRS have any low end stuff. It's all top notch stuff.
  24. LB Jefferies

    What are you saving up for this year?

    Airfare/rental cars/lodging . . . (got enough equipment already)
  25. LB Jefferies

    Bama vs. Texas

    I'd vote for that one. :biggrin:
  26. LB Jefferies

    UNBELIEVALBE Nikon Service Repair! Advice please!

    It must be clean living, but I have never had anything like this happen to me. :biggrin: The longest any of my stuff has been gone to Melville is eight days. Anyone remember the "silent recall" of the D2h? Mine made it there and back in six days during the middle of December shipping...
  27. LB Jefferies

    Good camera store in Portland, OR

    +1 for Pro Photo. :smile: They made me an awesome deal on some Hensel lighting equipment. (parking there can be kind of scary, though)
  28. LB Jefferies

    This should be tracked... ( Leica X1 )

    That is quite possibly the ugliest thing I have ever seen with a Leica dot on it. :eek: I hope it's just a bad artist's rendition.
  29. LB Jefferies

    Panasonic GF1 anyone?

    I'd buy one from Nikon and stick a 45mm AI-P lens on there. :biggrin: Seriously, I may grab a GF1 and try it with a couple summicrons I have floating around.
  30. LB Jefferies

    New Panasonic GF1 Camera - a Wowzer!

    Is there an MSRP floating around for this thing?
  31. LB Jefferies

    Maryland Renaissance Festival

    Ohio, too. link I visit later in the season when it's cooler, too. But it didn't make it to 65 here today. :eek:
  32. LB Jefferies

    Pine Tar sap

    +1 I have unstuck things that resisted all sorts of solvents with plain old peanut butter. :biggrin:
  33. LB Jefferies

    can't believe that the summer is almost over

    Keep your summer, it's my least favorite season. Too many tourists. :tongue:
  34. LB Jefferies

    The Curse of HDR

    Now I like HDR images. I do not like auto tone mapped click this button and you're done HDR images. (photomatix, etc.) Y'all's mileage may vary. :wink:
  35. LB Jefferies

    2 full days of John Shaw

    I attended one of John's two day events in the spring of 2004. Lots of info, but it's all in the handouts. :smile:
  36. LB Jefferies

    More big news (sad/shocking).

    I was going to say what Sandi said.
  37. LB Jefferies

    85 f/3.5 dx vr ???

    I second that! That's my favorite M lens. :biggrin:
  38. LB Jefferies

    Help! wifes mac keeps showing dialog box

    What OS version? Do you have a Mobile Me account? Trying to connect to someone else's iDisk?
  39. LB Jefferies

    d3x gets dethroned!!

    Exactly. :smile: Test results on the internet (or waiting for the DwhateverX model) aren't going to capture the images that are out there RIGHT NOW. I still routinely meet folks making money with their D1X cameras. :biggrin: Y'all's mileage may vary.
  40. LB Jefferies

    Places to have a book made

    I haven't tried blurb yet, but I can put in a plug for the White House. I just had one made up with a photo cover (metallic paper, too) that is awesome. :biggrin:
  41. LB Jefferies

    So what do you want from Nikon ?

    A D3 with one upgrade. True 16 bit color from the sensor, ala medium format backs. That would make a great camera even better. :biggrin:
  42. LB Jefferies

    If you weren't already invested would you

    I made my decision to stay with Nikon because I just cannot stand that damn wheel on Canon cameras. So no, I wouldn't go with the C brand if I was just starting out. :biggrin: Your mileage will vary, I'm sure.
  43. LB Jefferies

    Formula 1, Schu coming back!

    I live 15 minutes from this race track, so my interest in F1 has never been very high. Just my opinion, but F1 will never have the following here in the states that it enjoys elsewhere. There are too many other things competing for the American fan dollar. :biggrin:
  44. LB Jefferies

    Who uses 2 bodies (DX and FX)?

    I see that I'm not the only one with the D2X/D3 combo. :biggrin:
  45. LB Jefferies

    What image quality do you shoot with?

    Some interesting responses . . . and maybe some RAW snobbery? :wink: I shot RAW only for years because I don't make prints smaller than 11x16 as a rule. Nowadays I put together an online gallery of 'rushes' after a trip or event, and resizing a jpg to get that ready just takes less time...
  46. LB Jefferies

    What gear do you carry with you on the trips?

    I've scaled way back on what I take anymore. For the average trip, it's the D3 with a 28-70 and 85 1.4. The second body might be the d2x with a 50mm or a Leica M with 28 and 75 crons.
  47. LB Jefferies

    Book printing?

    You can also get these done at the White House. You'll spend a bit more, but like my grampa told me, cheap is good, good isn't cheap.
  48. LB Jefferies

    Make me feel better about my Shutter Count!!! (Post yours!)

    I hear that! I have a D2x I bought new in March of 2005 that doesn't have as many clicks as most of y'all's months old bodies. :eek:
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