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  1. Old Walt

    Paypal strikes again

    No. IMHO what PayPal did was and is plain wrong. Asking for destroying of the antiquity just because the buyer claimed it was conterfeit is plain wrong. They should have asked for a third party "ombudsman" opinion. ADD: I was so worked up that I have to clarify: destroying an item is...
  2. Old Walt

    CNN admits to cutting pro PJs because crowd-sourced consumer gear is getting so good

    Unfortunately, there is more to it: People are less and less inclined to pay for information. Most people on the internet or the social media expect that news come for free. That puts a lot of financial pressure on the classic media outlets. Newspapers are already paying the price and TV is...
  3. Old Walt

    Yoga Mat for Sale: be prepared to laugh...

    Mike, thanks a ton for posting this link. I haven't laughed so hard in ages. Wonderful.
  4. Old Walt

    How about those US Women

    Yeah -- they did it again. GO GIRLS GO !
  5. Old Walt

    I dunno - a new DSLR should be able to...

    Mike, thanks a ton. I have never used auto iso (although I have heard about it before, but never took it as seriously as I should have:Curved:). Until now, I have always set iso manually. Just tried your suggestion by taking some stupid photos at home and it works great. So maybe...
  6. Old Walt

    I dunno - a new DSLR should be able to...

    It happened again today: For interior shots I very often crank up iso on my D700, but have a flash attached to the camera just in case I may need it later. And suddenly, I stumble into a backlit situation, switch on the flash and forget to reduce iso. The result, of course, are heavily...
  7. Old Walt

    Nikon 85-1.4 D or the Sigma 85-1.4 ??

    So far, I have only used the AF-D that I love for the optical quality. But, there is a but: If you do stage photography (i.e. in a theater), I would very much prefer a silent focussing lens to the screw-driven lens. People often got upset when using the AF-D for more than a couple of shots in...
  8. Old Walt

    The 'ole 85 1.4 D vs $50,000.00 Toy

    IMHO, the photo clearly shows that the cheapo ole 85 1.4D is at least as much fun as the sticker shock mini boat :biggrin:
  9. Old Walt

    Showcase Nikon 24mm f/1.4 G AF-S - Part I

    Could it be caused by the flash illuminating the scene from behind? And, yes, I would also clone it away.
  10. Old Walt

    Nikkor 24 1.4 AFS vs Nikkor 28 1.4 AF-D

    Hi Gregory, Thanks for the beautiful and fascinating photos. Your test is testament to two great lenses. Cheers
  11. Old Walt

    Who will get the new AFS 85/1.4G ?

    Maybe, maybe not. Let's wait for some real world examples. But the silent part of AFS focussing sounds gooood. If the optics are better as they were with the new 60mm micro AFS compared to the old AFD, the new lens will soon replace the old one. If the optical improvement is less noticeable...
  12. Old Walt

    Nikon 85mm f/1.4G AF-S is official

    Re the supposedly harsh skin tone of ED-glass: Now I know why Nikon incorporated super ED into the 2/200: to offset the negative effects of ED glass :m18::m09: Without user experience of the new version, I expect one of the biggest advantages will be silent focussing. Last time when I used...
  13. Old Walt

    Susie the cat RIP

    Gregory, the good news is that Susie is now making new friends in cat heaven, charming tom cats and chasing bugs and mice. Of course, I am sorry for your loss.:frown: I had three cats -- all from the same litter. The first one died two years ago, the second one last year. Both had...
  14. Old Walt

    Wanting a fisheye

    Just got one second hand. But you have to be very patient, used they go for is very often too close to the new price.
  15. Old Walt

    Whoa, new Nikon lens?

    If this is real, this is sooo baaad.:biggrin: After the 24/1.4 this will be a very expensive Nikkor year...
  16. Old Walt

    New 24-70 f/2.8 or used 28-70 f/2.8

    Hi Scott, with DX the 4 mm difference is even more important IMHO. While I used only DX cameras for shooting at indoor events and receptions and shooting groups, I preferred the 17-35 and the 28-70 very seldom saw the light. On DX 28mm just wasn't wide enough, and at receptions I never...
  17. Old Walt

    300 2.8 ed af-i

    Yes. The AF-I was between AF and AF-S (see
  18. Old Walt

    The effect of cheap filters .

    Got it. Thanks. :smile:
  19. Old Walt

    The effect of cheap filters .

    Although it is obvious to me after reading all contributions that cheap or bad filters do have a negative effect, I am always confused by these discussions. All long Nikon lenses (which have an unquestionable quality) do have a slip in filter holder with a L37C. Nikon advises not to take them...
  20. Old Walt

    My Lens Lust is Complete

    Hahaha -- nice try. Aren't we all? Welcome to the lensoholics anonymous. To be serious, the only way to recover is to stay away from all internet discussion sites, all internet and real shops, and try to avoid fellow photographers in real life. Just take photos and avoid all other...
  21. Old Walt

    A Manual Focus Event

    Hi Frank, Very nice, clean and sharp set of photos. You don't seem to be restricted or hindered from MF to take the photos at the exact right time. Actually, when I walk around and take pics for fun, I prefer MF to AF. And the funny thing is that I have the impression that the photos...
  22. Old Walt

    Biggest, most powerful prime lens in the world?

    If Nikon will not offer us one right away, I will go to the dark side :biggrin:
  23. Old Walt

    Is everyone dumping their old 70-200?

    I'm also sticking with mine. For what I do with it (people photography, no landscapes) the lens is perfect. And I also spend more on lenses than I planned for this year getting lots of older ai/ais lenses. I can wait until the price comes hopefully down...
  24. Old Walt

    Any downside to VR?

    VR is a drain on the batteries. Just compare using a VR lens with VR on all the time to using a classic MF lens...:wink:
  25. Old Walt

    flying with a 500vr

    Here ya go for the locks:
  26. Old Walt

    Showcase Nikon 58mm f/1.2 Noct

    OOps, sorry :redface:. I wish that either my MF technique or my eyesight will be as good as yours are. For fast moving subjects and manual focussing I can only say: Well done.:smile: PS: Hope your wife is not getting jealous with all those young ladies smiling at you :Love:
  27. Old Walt

    Showcase Nikon 58mm f/1.2 Noct

    Hi Stan, I have tried to follow this thread, but might have missed the answer to the following questions (if it ever was asked): You have both fast lenses, the Noct and the Nocton. Which lens do you prefer? Do they render images differently? Which lens do you use more often? Thanks.
  28. Old Walt

    New AF-S DX Micro NIKKOR 85mm f/3.5G ED VR

    I hope that I didn't give you that impression. I was just wondering why was the 10.5 fisheye at the time when Nikon did sell professional DX bodies the only DX prime that was offered (if I remember correctly)? I am also wondering why Nikon starts to sell a higher priced DX prime at a time when...
  29. Old Walt

    New AF-S DX Micro NIKKOR 85mm f/3.5G ED VR

    I have to admit: I don't know either. This was just my impression I got spending too much time here. :rolleyes:
  30. Old Walt

    New AF-S DX Micro NIKKOR 85mm f/3.5G ED VR

    Please don't leave too early...
  31. Old Walt

    New AF-S DX Micro NIKKOR 85mm f/3.5G ED VR

    It is funny and sad at the same time that it took so long to put out some good DX primes. IMHO, they would have made more sense 3 or 4 years ago when we had the professional D1/D2 lines but no DX primes from Nikon. Or does even in the age of superfast computers lens development still take...
  32. Old Walt

    Recommend me some "older" lenses please!

    Hi Geoff, all above recommended lenses are excellent choices. But, since I am a sucker for fast glas and if you have some money to burn, I would recommend also that you check for deals on 35/1.4, 50/1.2 and 105/1.8. These are all stellar lenses. My 2 c.
  33. Old Walt

    Would you sell your Noct....?

    Hi Sandro, Mr. Noct thinking of selling his Noct??? Naaah. But seriously: I think you have just answered your question: 1st - Noct is unique, so don't sell it. 2nd - if it sells for 4.2K consider selling it and get a Sigma 500/4.5 :eek::biggrin:
  34. Old Walt

    Saying Good Bye is Sooo Hard

    Bill, I'm so sorry for your loss. May your father be at a better place now. And I'm so glad that you found the photos before they were lost. And may the photos help preserve happy memories.
  35. Old Walt

    guess the lens ~ yep: 14-24

    Terribly soft right side, but hurtingly sharp in the upper left :biggrin:.
  36. Old Walt

    guess the lens ~ yep: 14-24

    If this really was taken with the 14-24, I see no reason to update my 17-35. The corner performance is not as good as I would think the 14-24 delivers (from what I heard). I would guess for the photo one of the older primes was used. 20 or 24 mm 2.8 AF perhaps.
  37. Old Walt

    Uncle Frank for Gold Star

    But, Ron, you enjoyed every nickel of it, haven't you :biggrin:? UF, you really caused a stir with this photo (absolutely lovely) and thank you for being so persistent about this lens. And by following your advise on this lens, everybody would actually save some money with this "best bang...
  38. Old Walt

    Nikon prices going down?

    It would be interesting to learn more about this deal since this combo in Germany is about 3900 € which is more in line with everything else I heard about prices. Not that I want to spoil the party, but... PS: actually, this combo is between 3400 € in the Netherlands and up to over 3900 € in...
  39. Old Walt

    1st time out with my new 300 F2.8(versionI)

    Very nice pics. And I couldn't see any over-sharpening (but maybe I have something with my eyes :rolleyes:). The 300/2.8s are in a league of their own -- I just have the older AF version, which is also sharp as tack. PS: And congrats to your excellent new lens.
  40. Old Walt

    85 1.4, and the 28 1.4......

    WOW. It is interesting to see what heated discussions the mentioning of certain lenses produce. :rolleyes: As I said before, if Nikon introduces new wide angle high speed primes that are optically of the quality of the wide angle PC-E lens, people will run to get them. This would equal...
  41. Old Walt

    85 1.4, and the 28 1.4......

    It still listed on Nikon's global website, so I guess the answer is yes.
  42. Old Walt

    85 1.4, and the 28 1.4......

    While the 50/1.2 is a wonderful lens, the NOCT is a 58/1.2 and like the 28/1.4 with a hand grounded element, app. 11,000 lenses produced ( making it a rare lens. For you LL you might want to read...
  43. Old Walt

    85 1.4, and the 28 1.4......

    OK. you got me thinking. I never used the 85 or the 28 with extension tubes. Maybe, I can take some shots this weekend with this setup. What extension tubes are you thinking about? The original Nikon ones are sturdy nice metal once, but they convert your AF lenses to MF lenses. There...
  44. Old Walt

    85 1.4, and the 28 1.4......

    If this is for a NOCT, I would say get it, get it, GET IT. And if you're on it, could you also get one for me??? This lens usually goes for 2000-3000 U.S. Dollars (and in Europe the same in Euros, which is considering the exchange rate even way more).
  45. Old Walt

    85 1.4, and the 28 1.4......

    Rob, your kit is only the ultimate kit if it satisfies your needs. From your signature I gathered that you also have a macro lens. So, if macro shooting is also something you do and like, the 28/85 is not the ultimate kit. If you need something wider or a longer tele (i.e. for birds and...
  46. Old Walt

    85 1.4, and the 28 1.4......

    No, Steve. My guess would be that the price will come down a bit, but not as much as some hope for or others fear. If there is a new modern 24/1.4 or new 35/1.4 with all current day bells and whistles, there will probably be fewer people trying to get a 28/1.4. But the rarity thing will not...
  47. Old Walt

    New Nikon 24 1.4 and 35 1.4

    Of course, better is always in the eye of the beholder. But your last sentence made me think, since from my own experience I know that the 200/2 is "better" than the zoom. Nikon already provides a brand new 24mm prime -- the 24/3.5 PCE. It would be great if someone having both (the zoom and...
  48. Old Walt

    any one avid scifi readers?

    If you like scifi, you might enjoy reading the new speculation about a D700x ( I got a kick from the following: "Rumor around NASA headquarters in Washington has it that they went to Nikon because Canon's auto...
  49. Old Walt

    Got My 14-24 Lens!

    +1 and to add: nice dog (maybe you should think about protective filters :tongue:)
  50. Old Walt

    105- 1.8 vs 2.5 AIS

    If I may give my 2 c: I just have the 105/1.8 AIS and the 105/2 DC, so I can't compare it to the 105/2.5 AIS. And I wouldn't call the 1.8 soft wide open, but it renders the focussed part of the picture in a certain way like the 50/1.2 AIS also renders it in a special way. Some might consider...
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