1 face/2 views: how the DIRECTION of light changes everything

Discussion in 'People' started by spalding12, Aug 2, 2008.

  1. taken with my D200 a few years ago
    a few minutes apart
    a cousin of my wife
    at their pool, on a lazy Sunday
    NO makeup

    straight on


    a few moments later
    the very same natural light, but... FROM THE SIDE
    most women won't find this flattering
    but... shown here to illustrate a point
    i did use the BLUR tool quite a bit and de-saturate the image some before posting it here

  2. please show us a similar comparison
    same person
    same moment
    2 different directions of lighting

    thanks, in advance
  3. Here's two were taken only 2 minutes apart and with almost the exact same camera settings. The only change was in how the flash was managed.

    Direct harsh flash

    Bounce with a Fong Lightsphere....
  4. Kap....
    exactly what i was looking for here
    nice example of varied light and how it treats skin

    thanks for taking the time to post these... i appreciate it
  5. i'd love to see more examples here... please