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12 days in the sunshine state.

Discussion in 'Wanderlust and Travel' started by Richard Peters, Oct 4, 2008.

  1. I had originally planned on doing a full write up on my blog for my trip to Florida but as the photo ops and weather were not as good as I had hoped I didn't come back with the shots I had in mind. However I'm going back out at the end of November so will save my big write up for after that. In the meantime here is a summary on my first visit :smile:

    Between not having the right kit (no tripod for long exposures, and only using a 2x with the 70-200) and hurricane Ike I did my best...

    Of course, a shot on the way out has to be done!

    One of a very few amount of shots that were sharp with the 2x.

    Hurricane Ike ruining the weather!

    But not for the whole trip...

    Although even the Piers were a no go once the sun came out! ALL the beaches were wrecked, seaweed piles 3 foot high were everywhere and also smashed crab fishing boxes!

    I hate spiders, you can't see his fangs here but they were big.


    Couple of shots from the Everglades (the weather and the time of year dictated not much wildlife, should be MUCH better when I go back I've been told).

    One of the other few sharp 2x TC shots.
  2. 8947.


    VERY grateful the D3 & 70-200 are weather sealed to an extent when we were caught in a very heavy rain shower out on an airboat in the middle of the Everglades!



    mmmm cheerleaders...I have a 6 shot pano taken from inside the stadium that looks amazing but I haven't finished PP it yet. And I'm at work now.

    Sunset from Key West, this was the day after the evacuation for the Keys was called off and tourists were allowed back. That chunk of land on the right is a residentual island...get your money out!!!

    Street performer at Key West, taken the day tourists were allowed back to the Keys, so it was pretty empty. This was in *** evening, sky was so dull we couldn't even see where the sun had set.
  3. Grab shot through the windscreen heading back towards Miami from South Beach.

    And a shot on the way home.

    So there we have it, I have more shots but to be honest most are just nice to remind me of the trip. So, although not really what I was hoping for, the next trip 'should' be far more successful so I'm not too worried! 1 month and 20 days and counting :D 
    AMAZING place though, it was worth it just to see an Alligator with babies in the wild!
  4. I see you took a tour ride at the Everglades. How was it?
    Very nice series...Lived in Miami for 2 years. I get to drive to Miami onces every other year...:smile:
  5. 8531.

    Banana Spider, quite harmless and very beautiful. I have a neighbor from South Africa, big dude. Fought the Cubans in Angola. He ran into one of those spiders while mowing his lawn. Cried like a baby. Scared him to death. I did have to laugh :biggrin:
    Nice photos, the Glades and Keys are a wonderful part of Florida.....now Miami :rolleyes: 
  6. Nice set Richard, considering what Mother Nature dealt you. I love the second shot.
  7. Gandalf


    Nov 15, 2006
    Nice shots! I really enjoyed these!
  8. bikersam717


    Aug 2, 2008
    Sonora, Ca
    Lovely shots. I love Florida.
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