1603 vs 1620

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  1. Out for a drive at the beginning of the week, passed through Tiverton, Devon, UK, came across the Manor Hotel built in 1603. The Mayflower sailing was still 17 years away. Makes one wonder what sights it must have seen in all those years.
    There is a slight distortion as it was taken with my 17 - 55 mm. from across a narrow street and I used perspective control in PS 7.

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    Feb 20, 2007
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    THat's very interesting Roy. 400+ years is a long time for a building! I visited the UK in 2005 and just loved the achitecture.
  3. it is amazing to me that ANY structure could endure that test of time! How much PC correction did you have to do? Could I see the original?
  4. Original - Manor Hotel

    Here you go Dave the original. and the PP was done in Photoshop elements 5 not PS 7 as stated.
    Regards, Roy.

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