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1D mark II same price as D2Hs?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Jonathan F/2, May 25, 2005.

  1. I just checked B&H photo and the 1D Mark2 is priced with rebate at the same price as a D2Hs. Nikon really needs to get on the ball with the D2H replacement or at least price it around $2500 or less. I'm not really feeling the value of my equipment, especially when the other brand is being very competitive. I know it's about the photos, but the Canon side is looking very attractive. :? :evil:
  2. Simon


    Apr 30, 2005
    Sydney, Australia
    Heh - yes I know what you mean, but . . .

    . . . here in Sydney, the D2HS is AUD $5400 and the ID Mk II is AUD $7100

    That price relationship is about right. Still, there I was last weekend having a play with the 1D Mk II, but man that Canon L series glassware is expensive !
  3. Larry Gleason

    Larry Gleason

    Jan 26, 2005
    I'll tell you what, add up the cost of all the Canon lenses, flash, and other accessories that you would need to go with the attractive price of the Mark II body and let us know if its still a worthwhile move. It may be in your situation but would not interest me. A decision must be made on the total package, not one part :wink:
  4. Bought my D2H for 1500 with a shutter release and a AC adapter. I don't know what you are referring to about feeling the value of your equipment.

    But I tell you what you go ahead over to Canon. There is a reason Lexus advertises and has sales and Ferraris don't have to :evil:
  5. I've seen new 1D Mark2s for close to $3K recently (with rebate and discounts). :shock: .......... Maybe the real :shock: is $3.3K (discounted) for a D2HS. :lol:

    Does anyone have info on the actual sales of the D2HS? My guess is that the total US sales have been VERY-VERY low so far. From reading the specialty forums it looks like many people don't expect this body to sell (in any volume) until the price breaks WELL under $3K. Even at $2.5K it's a "push" because the D2H is selling for around $1.5K. At that price the D2H has VERY good 'value'.

  6. I ain't trying to troll here. Lots of photo agencies are getting picky with file sizes, Canon offers 8mp cameras from sub 1000 to 3500 dollars, Nikon has zero 8mp offerings, unless you want to pay 5 grand for a D2X. Hell they didn't even give the D70 a portrait grip, which negates it from being a viable field backup. I'm competing with guys shooting with Rebel XTs, 20Ds and 1D mark2s. If I'm in a non-exclusive shooting situation, I have to make sure my shooting is spot on, while these guys have a lot of cropping leeway. I'm in the field everyday...so it's just not a matter of equipment lust, it's about banking the money shot...

    Sorry the D2X is not viable for me right now, that camera is worth more than my car!
  7. Well I do a decent amount of portraits and animal pictures and even at 4 Mp I seems to get really nice images cropped at 75-50% at 13x19.
  8. I don't shoot to make $$$, but seems to me Jonathan's concern is very legit. While I don't like to hear camera brand bashing either, I don't see why every Nikon owner is cutting Nikon quite so much slack in stuff like this. If lots of your main clients or prospective employers (in whatever field you're in) is showing strong preferences for something you can't offer, shouldn't you be a little concerned and try to address them as best you can?

    For instance, in my field, people can choose to stick w/ Cobol(!) or Fortran or even C instead of adding C++ and/or Java or something else newer to their knowledge/expertise or choose between Unix/Java and Microsoft/.NET or whatever else, but you better believe their choices have consequences. In very many cases, you can certainly get the job done w/ a variety of approaches and skill sets, but the client or prospective employer isn't often flexible about it for many reasons that are beyond your own control.

    And if Sun, et al wants to keep competing against Microsoft/.NET as development platform of choice, they better do some hard work selling to the clients who will employ the developers for their projects, etc.

    Do you not think it costs developers something to have to switch expertise in platforms? It's not always direct monetary cost, but there are costs nonetheless.

    All that is really very similar to this particular Nikon vs Canon thing as far as I can tell. And honestly, I want Nikon to do well -- and I'm not hung up on needing them to churn out products like Canon does -- but sometimes, it does seem like they might need a reality check. :D 

  9. Exactly, I'm not trying to bash Nikon...it's just that options are limited. I'm beginning to wonder if I'm loosing sales now, due to the competition using higher MP cameras. If you guys don't know, mags tend to do their own cropping, meaning the more leeway they have to crop, the more flexibility an image has.

    If joe schmoe with a Rebel XT is selling more photos, then something is seriously not right.
  10. Chris101


    Feb 2, 2005
    If you are just needing more MP, uprez. You can do it right in ACR, and add sharpening at the same time.

    But in your biz, isn't the content of the picture (like who is in it and what are they wearing) more important than it's cropability though?

    And then there is the speed of shooting. A rebelxt isn't going to improve that over what you've got, is it?
  11. kengo

    kengo Guest

    Its not that simple, I have always defended the 4mp of the D2H to clients that its enough resolution for their needs, but to these clients if 4mp is enough wouldn't 8mp be better?

    If you can uprez a 4mp, what more can you do with 8mp?

    THe D2Hs even with 6mp would have made it more competitive to the 1DmkII.
  12. I have never defended the D2h to my clients.. There is a reason you are behind the camera .... Because usually you know best.. So if you are happy with the pictures and they are with the finished product, no one has to know ;) 
  13. kengo

    kengo Guest

    At the time I purchased the D2H, it was indeed one of the best in its price range, but that was before Canon released 8mp that can do 8fps.

    To my regular clients, I have yet to be asked what unit I use and how many MP it is, but with wedding clients and competition using equipment to market themselves, you have to defend your gear. If there was enough work to go around it would be easy to just say no, but there is just not enough work and too many getting into photography and slashing price.

    Now to get back into topic, given I will be buying gear for the first time now, I would most likely go for the 1DmkII over the D2Hs for similar price. 4mp difference is just too much to not bother with, though if the difference was only 2mp, I would stick with the Nikon since its far more easier to use.
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