1st flower w/new D200

Discussion in 'Macro, Flowers, Insects, and Greenery' started by vulturetec, May 27, 2007.

  1. I don't do much flower photography - you folks that do it well impress me...anyhow, after shooting 40ish nonsense pictures with my new D200 I took it outside and took a couple of flower pictures in the back yard. Wish I had it when the cactus was blooming a couple of weeks ago!

    w/older Nikkor 70-210 f4-5.6 AF + onboard flash
  2. mrtac2man


    Jun 3, 2005
    ok.. you need to stop shooting flowers right now.. the rest of us that shoot them are getting jelous.. at least I am.. very nice ...
  3. Thanks Tim... Lots of luck on my part. I was trying to decide if I wanted to take that lens on a trip and took a couple of snapshots. Printed up nice too!
  4. Gale


    Jan 26, 2005
    Viera Fl
    Super shot:>))))
  5. Jeff Lee

    Jeff Lee

    May 16, 2006
    Nice image.
  6. Thanks all... went out this morning and tried it from the other direction with a different lens - kind of busy looking, but I'm mostly still playing with the camera.

    D200, Nikkor 300mm f/4D ED-IF AF-S, SB800
  7. mrtac2man


    Jun 3, 2005
    that one is a little busy for sure.. keep playing...

  8. You're right I haven't shot one yet this year, I'm going outside now.
    Flowers here in Pa. are late this year by about two weeks.

    Nice Shot Scott, D200 is a great flower camera.
  9. Beautiful blooms, I like how you've got an uncluttered background. Well done.
  10. sweetpea

    sweetpea Guest

    Nice shot. I just bought the d200 and am playing with it also. have read the manual twice and now ready to go out and shoot. Have 2 parties booked this weekend and am looking foreward to using the new camera. Hope I can figure out all these new tricks.

    one thing sticks out that I am confused about. When shooting let's say bank A does custom bank A fine tune bank A. both banks show on the screen. I thought that Custom banks were independent but on the screen it looks like both are in operation at the same time.
  11. I thought they were separate too. I haven't really done enough with mine to need more than just A so far anyway.
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