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1st paid wedding

Discussion in 'People' started by mrtac2man, Jul 12, 2008.

  1. mrtac2man


    Jun 3, 2005
    well I guess you could call it paid.. $500.00 for almost 6 hrs worth of work taking shots of the rehersal and the bride and bridesmaids getting ready before the wedding and then the wedding.. and reception..and a few hours with photoshop to edit them
    this was a very hurried event.. less then 15 mins after the wedding to get formals and no time before..
    Then the birde and groom where in street clothes in less then an hour after the wedding..
    The lighting was horrible in the church and almost dark in the reception hall
    no a/c and temps pushing 90 outside.
    so it was hoping the sb 800 would be enough to light things.. and sometimes it was too much.. hard to make quick changes between shots.. I learned alot from this one.. and admire the real wedding photogs..
    I will shoot more but not going to advertise weddings.
    I do family events and some portrait stuff..
    so Here are a couple from the wedding
    I am delivering 100 pictures on cd and 2 printed 8x10's for my $500.00 fee


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  2. ah, the 3rd image is priceless
    they look so happy to be together
    that is nice to see

    you did a nice job
    i hope that you'll get a lot more business from this venture
    it's always nice to get your name known this way

    well done
    thanks for sharing these with us
  3. mrtac2man


    Jun 3, 2005
    Thanks Greg.. I hope so also.. as you can tell I had the same kind of problemas you did with the large group and the smal are.. it did come out ok...
  4. Did you shoot RAW or JPEG? They look too contrasty to me. Also most are hot, his tux looks gray, rather than black.
  5. Hi Tim,

    You did a nice job considering the situation! Also, I think Rodney is correct about the tux. Hope you don't mind, but I took one image and PP it using simply RGB levels and moved the black level and white level a bit. Still a little too much contrast (hmmm.... white dress and black tux :smile:) . Did you use the flash with a diffuser? I ask because the image is a bit hot IMO. If not, you might want to consider one such as the cloudy Gary Fong unit. Likely it would have help removed the harse shadows and softened the lighting on their faces as well. [FWIW, I use this diffuser on my SB-800s.] Anyway, here is the result.

  6. Tim, It looks good for a first wedding.

    Three suggestions:
    Buy a Demb FlipIt flash diffuser
    Shoot RAW/NEF
    Use Lightroom

    Raw and Lightroom can adjust the photos to look perfect and remove that flash look.

    Did you shoot in RAW? If so PM me and I'll show you what I mean. It cannot be done with jpeg.
  7. mrtac2man


    Jun 3, 2005
    thanks for looking and the ideas.. knew I was in trouble as soon as I got to the church..hotter then heck outside and no a/c going inside..all the shades pulled except for a couple that were open and no lights.. also I left my diffuser at home.. that was my 1st mistake.. but all in all the couple likes that shots. and if they are happy I am happy..
  8. That's what it's all about. If they're happy referrals will follow.
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