1st Time Tennis

Our country club held it's annual "Divorce Court" today..........couple's tennis tournament. I figured it would be a good time to try my hand at tennis. Please let me know what you think as I enjoyed shooting tennis and will plan on doing more in the future.

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6)Okay, question.......with white shirts do I bump up the EV some?
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7)Does this one without the ball work........Do you always need the ball in tennis as you do in soccer?
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8)Does this extreme crop work with just the handle of the racquet in the pic?
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Oh yeah....did I mention it was in the middle of the afternoon on a very sunny day....but I'm sure y'all figured that one out!

Please be brutally honest! You will not hurt my feelings.

Thanks in advance!

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hi raul-

great timing on the shots, you've got the ball in the frame and captured the concentration of the players.

a few suggestions:
1. i know the lighting is tough, but there's too many blown areas. i would give the shots a little less exposure, and try to pull the shadows in post processing. if you shot NEF, you can try reducing the exposure and try to pull in some details in the blown areas.

2. pull back a little and try to have the entire racket in the frame.

3. i'm not sure that i like the portrait orientation in some of the shots.

what metering did you use? i can't pull the EXIF from the shots.

That is a really tough shoot
Sun was not your friend at all
Good comp on the shots though
Little wider maybe
Great expressions
Tennis is a tough sport to shoot. You gave yourself a real challenge by shooting in that bright sun.

My whole family plays a lot of tennis. My number of keeper tennis shots? Zero!! I think you need the entire racquet in the frame or the crop just looks awkward. Yet at the same time you want to capture the concentration and intensity on the player's face.

This is why I find tennis so difficult to shoot!! Perhaps some of the more experienced sport shooters will chime in. I know Alex has posted some nice tennis shots in the past along with some tips. Do a search for his post.


I recently shot a coworkers son at a local tennis tournament... egads is tennis much harder to shoot than baseball! Not to mention he was wearing a white hat and white shirt, so exposing for his face often left blown highlights.

As for your images, it appears there are more blown highlights than there should be, especially with the darker clothes and whatnot. The extreme crops work since you know what they are for. Showing the racket and the ball are all personal choice and I think they work.

I will post some of my images soon, just waiting on my coworjer to choose the ones he wants PPed.
First of all, I want to apologize for not getting back to y'all sooner! The last few days have been 21-hour days with about a 3-hour nap. I know that that is merely an excuse and that y'all took time out of your busy schedule to look and comment and the least I could do was return the courtesy by replying. Once again I apologize.

Your post however, did not go unnoticed as I read them quickly and used them right away. I have posted my second attempt here:

Ricky and Joe,

Y'all were right that the pics were way toooo blown. On my second attempt I bumped the EV by 1.


What I was going for were, 1st, expressions and 2nd, ball to racquet. But yes, you are right, a little wider to get more racquet and ball.


I figured out real quick that tennis is a hard sport to shoot. And I agree, just as I said to Gale, wider so that I can get more racquet and ball.

Take a look at my 2nd attempt thread and please tell me how I did......I will respond sooner this time, God willing and the creek don't flood.

Once again, thanks to all of you who are eager to help me out.