1st try w/ ext. tubes

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  1. I picked up some Kenko ext. tubes and had a go with the D50/AF 300 f4 ED
    My thought process was if I was happy with the old gear, I'd be thrilled with
    these on the "good stuff". Handheld grabs with the 36mm tube, got my MFD
    down to about 4' or so. Think I'm gonna like these! My understanding was the
    Nikon tubes won't AF so I went 3rd party. That true? Thx for lookin'...Will :smile:


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  2. nice shots, will
    LOVE that first one
  3. Yep Nikon tubes won't AF. I wonder why they ignore the largish segment of tube users, or do they think it would cut into macro lens sales? Nice shots Will....
  4. Good stuff Will. Since purchasing an extension tube, I rarely shoot macro without it.
  5. Very nice, love tubes, really stretches a lens like the 300, or 70/200. My Kenkos have a lot of "slop" in the connections,just something you have to get use to.