200-400 in Stock in UK

Discussion in 'Lens Lust' started by MMRadman, Aug 11, 2008.

  1. Anyone keen to lay his/her hands on brand new 200-400 af-s vr look no further than grays of westminster (google it). Apparently they have it in stock. Also it may be worth while checking out jacobs (www.jacobsdigital.co.uk), last time i enquired they promised 10 day delivery, it could be few quid cheaper than grays too. For my sins was interested in 200-400 earlier but chickened due to size (& price) out end and got d300 with 70-200 instead :wink:. I think will be waiting for bonus early next year and go for 300 f2.8 vr :rolleyes:, so nikon please stock up by than.

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  2. www.mifsuds.com are still listing my 200-400 that I part exchanged for the 500VR

    I can vouch for that lens, it is in absolute mint condition for £3349

    the lens is about 6 months old.