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200-400 mini review/faq

Discussion in 'Lens Lust' started by Richard Peters, Oct 2, 2008.

  1. Evening all, I just finally finished my faq for the 200-400 if anyone is interested.

    Had to take a break from processing images as I have ones from my recent trip to Florida, plus a friends wedding in France to sort out so it was nice to break away from that to finish this article/review. phew.
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  2. Richard,
    Good write up. I just wish that I had $5000 lying in the pillows of my couch!
  3. Nicely done Richard -- I agree 100% with everything you said. I shoot my 200-400VR handheld 95% of the time, and am getting used to carrying it nearly everywhere just by the (replacement) Kirk foot. Great idea with the backback strap. Unfortunately the OEM bag won't take my D300 + MB-D10, so I opted for a Kinesis L511.

  4. Very nice work Richard. I don't handhold my 200-400. I use a tripod, and sometimes use it as a monopod.
  5. The 200-400 VR is a light weight. I shoot with guys hand holding 600mm and 500mm lenses. The 200-400 VR looks puny in comparison.
  6. Thanks all :) 

    Jonathan, I've no doubt some of hte stronger people out there could hand hold it for long periods but the average person would have to put it down again after a while. No way you could hold this to your eye for extended periods. I'd love to see some shots of people hand holding a 600 for long lol, must be quite impressive!
  7. I've seen a couple of them next to each other, panning as the riders went by during the Superbike events at Laguna Seca. And it is quite the sight to see!

    Nice review, as you deftly balanced exuberance and pragmatism. Not that I'll be buying a lens like that for a long, long time, if ever, but it was still an enlightening piece.
  8. Oh I've hand held my 600/4 BRIEFLY. But that doesn't make it handhold-able in the way I think of it, as in...you can walk around all day with it unsupported. For extended periods it would kill your arms lol

    Glad you enjoyed reading my review, thanks :) 
  9. firestorm

    firestorm Guest

    Great review Richard. I have been thinking about buying the 200-400 for some time, but just can't make my mind up over that or the 600mm. I just wish the 200-400 would take a TC better than what I keep hearing and then I would just take the plunge, but im too fussy over IQ. Arrrgghhh I will make my mind up one day.
  10. Thanks for the review, Richard. I'm not planning to buy this lens in the next 12 months; perhaps in the next 24, but it's still so interesting to read a well-written article by someone who quite obviously knows a fair amount about photography, and big glass.
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