200/400 MM, Civil War Artillery

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  1. The first shot was taken with the 12/24 F4. The rest with the 200/400 W/ TC 1.4, handheld at F5.6
    These pics were taken at Clinton Georgia's War days. The battle of Sunshine Church and Griswoldville are re-enacted.
    It has become obvious that the sun does not like my 200/400 for when I am well enough to handle the lens, the sun will not come out!!!
    I have a post of the battle scenes in the miscellaneous forum, most taken with the 200/400 an a few with the 70/200.

    C&C more than welcome!!

    Northern Artillery battery.

    Cannon With Primer. Handheld at F5.6

    The primer punches a hole in the prepared charge, exposing the powder.

    Placing The Fuse

    The fuse is a friction device, similar to a match, and is set off by pulling the rope.

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  2. Fabulous sights of Cannons taken by Nikon.
  3. I'm glad I wasn't drinking anything when I read that, my monitor is still dry. :biggrin:

    This is a neat series, thank you for the informative explanations!! :smile:
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