2021 Octoberfest - Clix Pix (Connie) - Player - Sony A1 with 20mm f/1.8, 50mm f/1.2, 135mm f/1.8 ------ DAY 31! HAPPY HALLOWE'EN!

Day 13: I was surprised to realize that the workers still had another whole section of asphalt to dig up -- I thought they'd already completed that area yesterday -- so this morning it was the white machine doing the honors with the big, heavy pieces. Took him a while to get the right angle and secure position on the piece he was trying to pick up. I'm having fun watching this process! So Jim was right that they do use the equipment to dig out the largest pieces first and then they break up others manually before transporting it away, too.

Digging Up More Old Asphalt.jpeg
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Thanks, Ron, John and Lyndee!

The lake is four acres, more-or-less (it's actually a stormwater retention pond, but we call it a lake) and on the condominium apartments side we have boardwalks in front of the three waterfront buildings (mine being one of them) and in between the boardwalks is the path, which then goes across a footbridge and that is the other side of the lake, which is a townhouse community. They have no boardwalk there, just the path, and, yes, in some areas the space is pretty narrow, and I daresay challenging and rather tricky for the guy to maneuver his machine. The path diverges from the lake and goes past townhouses and leads to a proper sidewalk as well as that community's roadway and parking lot. Most of the houses have their own driveways and some units have garages as well.

As for the noise factor, of course when the machines back up they beep -- without looking I now can tell and identify which machine is backing up! -- and from time to time there is noise when the workers are banging away, trying to manually break up the asphalt. I imagine that for the people whose houses are right there at the edge of the path and near the water, the noise is much more bothersome than it is to me, across the lake, although sound does carry......

So now what I'm waiting for is when they apply the new asphalt -- I had thought it would be today but I hadn't realized that they had not completed removing the old asphalt. Now that I'm looking I can see they've still got a way to go in the direction opposite from where they were working yesterday, following the path around the lake towards the footbridge.
Jan 21, 2006
Johns Creek, Ga
Day 8 -Fall welcome package
Day 9 - May be a bit tired but great rendition and they still pop against that creamy background.
Day 10 - Reminds me of the 60's when we use to put some water and vegetable oil in a pyrex dish, add couple drops food coloring and then place on a overhead projector and mix the concoction while it was being projected on the roof and walls to the music of Iron Butterfly and King Crimson.
Jan 21, 2006
Johns Creek, Ga
Day 11 - Like the abstract and dreamy nature, it almost could be a cantolope half. Like the graphic nature of it and could see it printed quite large and hung in someones breakfast room.
Day 12 - Hopefully this will help in preventing frost heaves as we go into the winter months. May be too warm in Va. but do remember the roads and sidewalks in Ma and NH after a rough winter.
Day 13 - Seems like they always turns out to be bigger project than 1st envisioned. But be thorough and complete so that it does need to be revisted in the immediate future.


May 1, 2005
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What is also nice is you have established a construction, demolition theme for the month! Lol.
Thanks, Eric, John, Nick, Andy and Wade!

Eric, those guys are really working hard -- also long hours, too. Wow.....!!!

John, your mention of the oil-and-water-with food-coloring thing is a project which I've indeed had fun doing in the past (not with a projector, though!) -- actulally there are several images in my 2020 52 Weeks Project -- and the other day was thinking that the next time I run out of immediate inspiration about what to shoot, I could play with that again..... It's amazing what interesting abstract images come from such a combination of simple ingredients! I love doing this stuff. Not sure that it would be as successful, though, using any of the three lenses I've specified for this particular project. It's really something that works best with an actual macro lens. I'll have to experiment....

Nick, yes, I am a bit careful when using my 100-400mm lens with 1.4x TC or, particularly, my "Bazooka," the 200-600mm, when shooting from my deck so that I don't inadvertently invade someone's privacy in their home across the lake from me when I'm just interested in shooting some geese or ducks or, as in this case, the asphalt replacement project work. I try to stay away from people's windows in their homes!

Andy, earlier I had kind of shrugged off the reference to the noise that this project is causing -- until, ahem, I put on my hearing aids and got to hear it in full spectrum sound!!! Yeah, it's loud, even coming across the lake, with the machines and the banging and digging and the machines beeping as they are backing up...... I feel for the people whose homes are just adjacent to all the work going on now -- yeah, it's LOUD! Hopefully many of them have not been home since the last couple of days have been work days, or if they work from home they've been able to escape to somewhere quieter to work yesterday and today. Not only does the noise disturb people, it also disturbs the neighborhood dogs, especially the several who live in the house with the screen porch.....I've heard lots of barking today, too.

Wade, this demolition/construction project in the neighborhood has certainly been beneficial in offering me ready-made photo ops, and couldn't have come at a better time when it has been necessary to produce a new shot each and every day, but once they're done here, or maybe even before then, I'll most likely be moving on to other things, as I really like variety in what I shoot and what I offer others for viewing..... I am hesitant to approach the work area any closer to use my other lenses to capture other interesting perspectives on the work, as I don't want to disturb them and don't want them to wonder why I'm taking photos of their activities.
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Thanks, Phil and Gordon! Yes, the noise is probably much more problematic for those whose houses are right there near where the work is being done -- hopefully the project will be finished this week, today being just Wednesday and it looking as though they were in the home stretch..... The dust being raised would be a problem, too, but thankfully it has been rather dampish and humid the past several days and not windy, which would help. Also we all have A/C here, and I'm sure everyone over there has their windows firmly closed and the A/C running through all of this! It's still too warm to be turning the heat on yet.

I've been enjoying watching the work from my safe vantage point and being able to take photos as things go along..... This is a project which really is long overdue and it's good to have it finally underway! I hope that it doesn't take another twenty-odd years for it to be done again!
Day 14: I've taken a few shots today as they've been smoothing out the dirt and then putting down the fresh asphalt..... Fascinating process altogether! In the meantime, though, while I was out there on the deck shooting, my eye was caught by the interesting interplay of light and shadows, reflections, verticals and horizontals on the lower level of our community "clubhouse" and its adjacent deck. which I decided was a natural for B&W.....

Verticals & Horizontals.jpeg
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