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22,933rd and 22,947th D2X images.

Discussion in 'People' started by Vernon t, Oct 26, 2005.

  1. Notable, I think, because these are the first and second captures I've ever been in with my camera.
    The first time my photons have impacted the D2X sensor.

    Not exceptional shots but a special occasion. My first karate belt ceremony. My daughter's third.

    I probably should hand the camera to my wife, Katrina, more often.

    I'm 1/9th of my way to becoming a black belt. Gotta' start somewhere. Not too shabby for an almost-50 guy so I'm proud. Competing with teens and 20-somethings in this endeavor is very self esteem building. Much more than I would have thought.
    My 13 y/o has 1/3rd of the journey to becoming a black belt behind her now.

    28-70 f3.3 1/80th iso560
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    12-24 f4 1/60th iso560
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  2. Nice images Vernon. Your daughter looks like she could wup you. :smile:
  3. I wish I had her flexibility. She can, quite effortlessly, kick me in the ear if so inclined. With my recent biking-rib-break I'm lucky to kick higher than our dachshund's ear! :mad: 

    Karate discipline is amazing. Formerly, my 18 y/o son would let her punch his rigid belly. Now she will no longer do it, considering it an imprudent use of her skills. I'm very favorably impressed with the profound self-control lessons implicit in our training.

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  4. DanWhite


    Jul 10, 2005
    Lansdale PA

    Nice shots, What type of karate? you are actually luckey that it is your daughter. My wife is a 3rd dan in tang so do.......and me a liwnely blue belt in American Kenpo

  5. Songahm Taekwondo.
    The master (below) has little kids at her school last year.
    He, of course, offered the entire school a free month.
    She was hooked, did it for 5 months.
    Then I, after enviously watching the great workout and all the positive karma when I would watch lessons, joined her.

    Then...the trauma.....
    ...she informed me that she liked it better when it was just "her" thing. She politely informed me that I should, therefor, quit!
    Not to be bullied my assertive 13 y/o I told her "no way, YOU quit if you don't like me doing this.".
    We've made our peace and are having a great time together.....

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