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24-70 fell today.

Discussion in 'Lens Lust' started by ap10046, Aug 17, 2008.

  1. ap10046


    Jul 12, 2008
    I dropped my 24-70 this morning. I thought I was going to have a heart attack, right there!! The hood was reversed on it and it hit the ground at an angle and has cracked the lens hood so it wont go on and off now. Thank the Good Lord the lens is ok!
    Where would I get a replacement hood, i have trawled ebay and a few other sites but no luck..
  2. gadgetguy11


    Nov 16, 2005
  3. ap10046


    Jul 12, 2008
    THANK YOU!!!!!John
  4. gadgetguy11


    Nov 16, 2005
    Glad I could help! You were really fortunate the lens is O.K. That is SO easy to happen!!!

    Have a great day!
  5. These threads are becoming more and more common.

    Hey, be careful out there . . .

  6. I was thinking the same thing--especially with the 24-70. :confused: :confused: 
  7. The Ben

    The Ben

    Oct 17, 2007
    Houston, Tx
    Thats one of my biggest fears... dropping one.
  8. I've dropped my 70-200 VR twice with a repair bill at almost $500 a piece. Comes with the territory!
  9. kgill


    Jul 25, 2007
    yep, if i had had my hood on backwards on mine, i wouldn't be using a brand new lens right now... it was totaled! no glass broken, but apparently all jumbled up inside and AF motor broken. that realization was the most compelling reason i've ever found for using lens hoods...
  10. Depending on how the lens hit - you could have knocked your filter ring out of round. Screw on a filter and check before you are out in the field and find out...
  11. Wail


    Aug 14, 2007
    Saudi Arabia
    This may be the best time to think of non-pro. insurance for your gear!

    Sorry to hear of your fear-moments, I am sure we've all gone through one of these. Thank the Lord it came out with so little damage.

    I can't stress insurance enough.
  12. Get it checked out

    My 28-70 took a tumble several years ago, with the hood attached. It crashed hood first onto concrete, but continued to work. But Nikon checked it out and discovered a stripped mechanism inside. Cost about $500 to repair it. Bright side: Worked better than ever after that and is still in use.
  13. Thanks for reminding everyone of the importance of keeping the lens hood attached at all times, and I'm *very* glad to hear that the lens is OK.

    L Brackets (apart from their convenience on tripods) can provide analogous protection from certain camera body disasters; insurance is also a good thing to check out.

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