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  1. Today I visited the tiny museum in town , there was an old swichboard there .

  2. Then I took this one outside on one of the exhibits ...

  3. Chris101


    Feb 2, 2005
    I love the 26! Very cool photograph. I would be tempted to square it up just a bit, but that you haven't gives an air of honesty. On the second photo - is this underwater? It looks like it is. What are those 'organic' looking things?
  4. Thanks , I found myself strangely attracted to the 26 as well . I did try to square it up but hadn't allowed enough space to crop because it made it impossible to have the right hand line in the shot , necessitating a bigger crop . The second photo was taken on an old wagon of sorts and just shows the type of fungus and growths that take hold on anything outdoors that gets a bit wet . This stuff grows on some trees as well . I think this green wall was affecting the colours to make it look under water .....

  5. i like the first.... and the last one you just added
    cool stuff

    nice of you to share them with us
  6. I REALLY like #26. I envy you the "eye" for thinking of taking the photo too.

  7. Thanks guys , I am really enjoying testing this D70S , living in a photogenic town also has its advantages . As I walked around I saw this cat and it reminded me of my workmate telling me his friend had a cat name "Fugly" .


    And then I dropped shutter speed to capture the movement of this flag blowing around but I was getting strange looks so I moved on before getting it in the perfect spot .