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28/1.4 Does la Route des Vins

Discussion in 'Lens Lust' started by Candidcameraman, Sep 5, 2008.

  1. Details to follow in a Wander Lust thread but here are the images... Honestly if I could own only one lens ... it would be a very difficult decision but the 28/1.4 would right up there in my top three lenses to choose from... It is so versatile.

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    Quality Control :wink:

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  2. VERY VERY nice images. I really enjoyed looking at these shots.
  3. Absolutely wonderful series... You had me at 64 centimeters.

    Thank you for sharing....
  4. Great stuff thanks for sharing. I don't know why but I want a glass of wine...
  5. Thanks, Patrick; this is getting to be an annual ritual for us to look forward to.

    Great photos, which tell the story without any words.

    I wouldn't be able to hold a camera steady after a day like that.

    You need a bigger car...
  6. Great series! I'm sure there's a story behind the OhOh better get Maco moment and now that the pics are out we'll need all the details. (no pressure):biggrin: A most enjoyable tour of France........ Thanks for sharing..


  7. Oh I remember your last trip! I was laughing so hard at that series! These are great, thanks for sharing!! :biggrin: :biggrin:
  8. Thank you

    He he he ... Thank you

    You are most welcomed - my pleasure, you want a glass of wine, you and me both

    Last year I was tipsy not this year more to come when I post the full details next week.

    Ted, the details will come next week :smile:

    You are most welcomed I hope to make it as funny as last year :wink:
  9. Nuteshack

    Nuteshack Guest

    these are GREAT, Dude! whata freaky lens!

    BURP! lol
  10. Vienna Pics

    Vienna Pics

    Nov 14, 2005
    Looks like someone had a wonderful ride in the country!! Very nice series of shots.
  11. Dude, nice series. I remember the last one.. :smile:
    The images seem to have a more dynamic range than what I'm used to. Did you use any tricks other than using a D3?
  12. Thank you Nute, it is a truly great lens :smile:

    Yup we had a good time - not has good as last year, more details to come - we did end up bottling 260 bottles...

    Both the lens and D3 affects the resulting image quality as well as my post processing. Last year I used Nikon Capture and this year I was using CS3 - the camera is key however the pp makes a world of difference as well.

    That's why when people now ask between getting the glass first or a D700/D3 I always say to get the camera body :smile:
  13. Funny you say that. I feel the same about the D700. Felt that way about the 5D too and the D2H to a lesser extent. Must have something to due with FX and the large pixels. The tonality is just different from a DX, higher density sensor. Absolutely smoother. Better transitions from hilight, mid-tone, shadows. Cleaner at every ISO also adds to this perception.

    Can't quantify it but I know it's there. After shooting the D700 it's the first time I felt the magic I saw when I first shot the 5D. I tend to not fall for hype so it's not my imagination. Problem is that it's not objective so many people dismiss it as "justifying" the purchase.
  14. kgill


    Jul 25, 2007
    oh well. i already bought a D200 when there was no D700... so then I started to get glass. Now I'm all glassed up, I'm saving for a FX body!

    What did you do with all the wine Dude? Did you drink it all over summer?? no..too much!
  15. Nuteshack

    Nuteshack Guest

    Originally Posted by The Dude
    That's why when people now ask between getting the glass first or a D700/D3 I always say to get the camera body

    good stuff!
    i want a nikon FX so bad it hurts ..lol
  16. I was never happy with a camera until I purchased the D3... Then it was ... WHOA... Magic - this camera enables me to get better pictures easily all the time :smile:

    The D700 may be in my near future but now I find myself in the same situation as someone else was this spring... The choice is between a new T.V. and a sofa or a new camera body...

    The wine, same as last year - that's the reserve for the family property in Haute-Provence - should last all year - we essentially bottled 260 bottles... :eek:  And most likely drank about 200 bottles in the time I was there (2 months) - keep in mind some weeks there was 30 of us at dinner time (30 people for 2 weeks requires a few bottles...)

    FX is awesome - I just did a little test today and will post it later - with a 50mm to compare cropped vs. non cropped sensor. FX is soooo wide me love it :biggrin:
  17. I should never have shot with a D700. I too love it and I'm convinced that at some point (can't say or venture a guess as to when) I will go full frame. I'm not concerned about giving up the reach as many are. :cool: 
  18. Dude, i just got on here do you live in France and what did the 200+ bottles cost for the wine, bottles and the bottling in US dollars. I think thats a neat way to buy wine, nothing like that in the US that I'm aware of. Thanks for such an informative slide show WOW. :smile:
  19. La Route Des Vins

    You don't give up the reach, you get the same reach except in a wider frame... Better to be able to get a 50mm handling like a 50mm IMHO :wink:


    I reside in Canada at the moment. I do get to travel a lot and spent a little over two months in France this summer. Paris and Haute-Provence, my girlfriend is from Paris and her family has a huge property in the South of France, paradise on earth if you ask me.

    This is the thread from last summer: Côtes du Rhône Summer 2007 - "La tournée des vins!"

    We just go and vacation in Europe since we don't have to pay for lodging... :wink::smile:
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  20. Excellent series Dude; I so much want to go there. I couldn't believe my eyes. Wine in a box? I though they only did that in the U.S. I'm aghast! :eek: 
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