28 2.8 - any good ?

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  1. I wanted to search the forum because I suppose this has been covered before, but the search engine here doesn't like searching by numbers (such as 28 2.8). This lens is quite cheap, seems to be noted for a having a nice build similar to the 50 1.4, yet it gets mixed reviews- some people on the net claim it's fantastic, some just the opposite. This is a very cheap lens brand new - to good to be true ? Please post your thoughts and any samples if possible.

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    I have the 28/2.8 AIS version with (CRC) close focus capabilities. It can focus as closes as 7 inches. The sharpness is excellent but color reproduction is not as good as the 35/2 AIS in my opinion. I use both primes on a regular basis and have no complaints about image quality.

    I can't speak for the AF version since I've never used one, but the optics should be the same.

    The AIS versions of both the 28/2.8 and 35/2 are selling on ebay for $125-$175 US depending on condition. Both are excellent primes if you don't mind manual focusing.

    I started in photography with MF and have collect a few AIS lenses over the years. I wouldn't trade any of them for the AF version.
  3. I had the older 28mm f/2.8 AF and it was ok but didn't seem to compare optically to the 35mm f/2D or 50mm f/1.8D. Vignetted wide open, and wasn't as sharp either (though this could have just been my copy of it).
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    I use it as a cheap "don't care what happens to it" lens. Good on film, nothing to brag about on digital.
  5. I bought this lens about a year ago and really haven't had any complaints. I like the 28-35 range and have found it to take care of business for a small, light, on the go lens. The images aren't bad, but they don't have the "pop" of the 35 2. For the extra dollars I'd do the 35.
  6. The 28/2.8 AIS was a legend with its 8/8 design. The Series E and the subsequent AF versions were all a 5/5 design which many consider to be sub-par. However, when they released the 28/2.8D AF they added another element, and the overall quality of the lens seems to be much better than the earlier AF pieces.

    I had the 28/2.8 AIS and enjoyed it. I actually found the colors more pleasing, as they were a bit more subdued and reminded me of my 105/2.5 moreso than my 50/1.8.

    If you get an AF version, shoot for the D version. I doubt it will let you down (in fact, I doubt the old AF would let you down...but people like to be anal when it comes to their lenses)
  7. 28 f/2.8 AFd


    I have had some success with the AFd version of this lens. For what I wanted it to do (landscape work) it did great for me. This is a shot I took at Pyramid Lake in NV closer to the start of the year with a D1x. In fact, I think I'll break it back out for some shots this weekend.

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