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28 mm f/2 AI-S - lets see those photos!

Discussion in 'Lens Lust' started by BostonRott, Aug 6, 2007.

  1. Anyone still shoot with this? Or have photos from it that they can share? Would love to see it's work!!
  2. Greg,

    Those are GORGEOUS!! You're far more than a "guy with a camera" !!

    How do you like it for low light work? Is it hard to see to focus through the D200 (I know the MF bodies have brighter viewing screens and make manual focusing much easier).
  3. nancyr


    Feb 14, 2006
    La Jolla, CA
    I'm sure I have more goodies, but here's a quickie of Zoe lookin' to get fed in blah light:


    ISO 400, 1/25 wide open, normal contrast, +1 sharpen on the D200. No PP but for very modest WB tweak. Doesn't suck.

    Here are two more of the Verb at 2.8. The close focus rocks.



    Now to get my head around that FL... I tend to prefer the 24/2. It does not look like this at f/2!
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  4. md0234

    md0234 Guest

    Well guy-with-a-camera, you shoot with a better eye than most of the world's pro's. I really enjoyed your post, in particular the 2nd, 5th and 8th shots are great. Thanks for sharing
  5. As Gretchen said, you are far more than a guy with a camera! What an excellent work!
  6. NikGTA

    NikGTA Guest

    Excellent pictures, Greg!! I like in particular those two with the flag.

    Here are mine:





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  7. Julien


    Jul 28, 2006
    Paris, France
    Greg those are gorgeous !!!
  8. Nancy,

    Those are great, and very impressive for wide open!! Yeah, that definitely doesn't suck! :biggrin:
  9. Thanks

    Thanks everyone for the too-kind words. I like the 28/2 enough that it's my most used lens, I find it to be the perfect slightly wide/normal for everyday use, and it's low light and close focus capabilities are pretty handy as well.

    Since Nancy posted a 28/2 shot of a cute Zoe, here is one of my own. This is my daughter Zoe, shot with my 28/2 last July, an hour or two after she was born:


  10. Paolo,

    Those are stunning, especially that castle with the storm coming in!! I couldn't see them before, but now I can (and gladly so!).


    She's gorgeous!
  11. NikGTA

    NikGTA Guest

    Thanks Gretchen! (the castle is actually Merton College, in Oxford - I should have put captions :biggrin:) 
  12. Great pics.

    This is a great lens. My only concern is color fringing in very contrasty, back-lit situations (like branches against sky).

    I like to take it out now and then but for lowlight work I prefer the 28/1.4.

    A few pics

    The slight veiling flare in the first two is caused by the very old, uneven windiw pane.


    Mod NIKON D1X    ---    0mm    f/1.0    1/20s   

    The sky in this pic has been added subsequently

    NIKON D1X    ---    0mm    f/1.0    1/125s   

  13. Greg and Nancy,
    Great Work! I Love it! how much is that lens worth? Can i use it on a D80 Body?

  14. nimix


    May 30, 2006
    works, but no metering with D80. You need a D200 or better for metering with AI(s) lenses.
    I bought mine for 200.-€ (~250.-$) used in very good condition at ebay here in Germany.


  15. I just bought the 28/2.8 AI-S, but am going to keep an eye out for the 28/2 as well. See which I like better and then sell one. :smile:
  16. biggstr6


    Apr 26, 2005
    I really like using the lens ,but haven't used it much lateley. Heres a couple at a volleyball tournament



    And a couple close focus, which is really nice on this lens.


  17. Some great images in this thread. The AI-S 28/2 is one of my favorite lenses, particularly for close ups.

    f/4.5 1/250s ISO200
    NIKON D2H    ---    28mm    f/4.5    1/250s    ISO 200

    f/4.2 1/160s ISO250

    f/2 1/30s ISO800

    f/2 1/30s ISO800
  18. Beautiful Philippe! :smile: Just love your subjects! :biggrin:
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