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  1. I have been posting the nesting of these red shoulder hawks here and I did have 4 but lost one. I at first just thought it to be the RSH having 4 young as this is a bit rare and a big spread in the hatch time so one will be almost 2 weeks younger and hard to survive. Been following this pair now for 5 years and on their first nesting they had 4 and lost them all to I believe a raccoon getting into the nest so I did place protection the following year.

    Well this year there were 4 but I found one day only 3 and I had found some of the tree guard ripped off a small tree near the nest tree and I repaired it but I still felt uncomfortable about the chances of a predator getting up to the nest. I have a 4-foot guard on the nest tree so this one other tree is the only other way up. I decided that night in bed to go first thing in the morning and cut it down. So I did.

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    That is just terrific..
    Great shots and poem for the birdies
    Thank You lou
  4. Great shots. I have never been able to get that close with my limited lenses.

  5. Your most welcome Gale and thank you for looking. I did not use a chain saw as I did not really want to much disturbance that close to the nest so with a bow saw I cut this tree down that was a lot bigger than I would have though. It was funny as I looked up to the nest I could see 2 little heads looking over the edge.
  6. Hi Bob well I am very close while cutting the tree down but this is something I considered had to be done or I could loose the hatch that was left. The photos I used most of the time with a 500 +a 1.4 TE or my 1 to 400MM and I am at about 100 to 125 feet from the nest
    I did a test the other day as I was watching them in my scope and not taking any photos but as I watched in the scope I took my camera and with it pointed to the ground from my blind I fired the shutter while I watched the adult roosting on the nest edge. The shutter click made her flinch so bad I could not believe it so I tried once more and the very same thing happened so I did not try any more. Believe it or not I was like I said about 100 to 125 feet and that shutter made her flinch so bad I would consider it DISTURBANCE and with nesting raptors that is breaking a federal law.
    See you in jail
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