300 2.8 and uv front filter?

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  1. I have a 300 2.8 and a B+W front UV filter for it. I bought the filter when I bought the lens many years ago, pre digital. Anyway, would like opinions on whether people would use it for protection or not? The lens is in my signature. Opinions appreciated.:smile: I have been using it, but of late been taking it off:confused:. Do not know if I could really tell a difference.

    Thanks all
  2. I never use filters on my lenses. With raw and digital, with the exception of circular polar or ND filter for masking parts of a scene I see no benefit. Also, it is another piece of glass between the scene and the sensor.

    There are those who recommend them to protect your investment, the lens. That's a prudent decision, but I'm willing to live with that risk, having never dropped a lens or camera to date. Yes, I know it might happen, but with nine lenses, most in the 77-105mm range, that's another lens by the time I cover every one of them.

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    I use high quality (Nikon L37c) UV filters on my better lenses. Many years ago, in my Minolta film SLR days, a filter sacrificed itself to save the front element of lens and I've always felt more comfortable with the extra level of protection. I haven't had any problems with flare.