4 new Red Shoulders in Willow

Discussion in 'Birds' started by Lou Buscher, May 24, 2007.

  1. Well today I was able to get a good look in the nest with my scope and I was sure I saw 4 new young. I took my 500 +1.4 on my 1dm2n and set up at a good spot. Light was not good as it was overhead and behind the nest but still the photos show 4 for sure. I was well hidden and using a partial blind from behind my neighbors house and about 90 feet from the nest and uphill from it for a really good view. In cases like this I take the photos and leave ASAP as I don’t want to disturb her from feeding four young

    #1 FF of 4 fighting for a spot in line.

    #2 a little help by blowing to 50%. It's getting harder to get in with the leaves growing so fast now and always a few small branches in the way.
  2. #3 FF one young with Mom

    #4 again a 50% blow up. Note fly or bug on leave to right top
  3. #5 The last and it looks like to me it's saying we fooled you, we fooled you we are 4 of a kind. HA,HA,HA

  4. TimK


    Apr 17, 2006
    Hong Kong, China
    That's a nice series, Lou! Please keep us update on these little guys!
  5. Gale


    Jan 26, 2005
    Viera Fl
    Very cute little fuzzies:>)))))
    Nice captures
  6. Thanks Tim, yes I will as I check on them with a scope about every 3 days from the wagon and for a photo about each 10 days at this time and later as they grow a little more often as they are left alone so both parents can hunt.
  7. Thank you Gale, hope all 4 can make it as 4 leaves a big spread in the hatch time from first to last so the first is a lot larger and stronger, gets most of the food.
  8. WOW! dunno what else to say...... just WOW!
  9. Those look like late chicks, Most hawks have fledged here
  10. Glacier


    Jan 17, 2006
    Boaz, Alabama
    I looked at this earlier today and am as jealous as can be! Good stuff Lou! I always enjoy the education your posts provide.
  11. Thank you Dianne for stopping in.
  12. I think Gary you will find your area is way ahead of us up here in the North. I have her incubating on April 4 and these take about 33 days but on April 15 we had 16 inches of snow and the nest looked like a white mound but she hung in there. I was afraid the cold would come up through the bottom of the nest as rolling the eggs with all that snow is a problem but she did it and I could not believe she had 4 as I was sure it would be maybe 2 from all that cold. Thanks for the look.
  13. Thanks Andy. What you say is what I do as I don't consider myself a good wildlife photographer but good enough to provide the info a photo does for the DEC as they are always interested in all my findings. I have been doing this for them a long time and I really enjoy myself at it. My age is starting to get in my way though.
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