400mm f/2.8 AF-S 11 wide open

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  1. I was watching for a bower bird and this guy flited by. I wonder if I am back focusing a couple of milimeters. Shot at f/2.8, Comments and critisism welcome.

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    Jan 2, 2007
    Nottingham, UK
    It's hard to tell if you're back focusing without knowing where your focusing point is, although the leaves at the top left do seem to look sharper than the head of the butterfly.
  3. Hmmm, not much criticism! Come on, you can do it.

    To help out, I found a better shot in amoungst the card today when I was dumping images.
    Remember these were not taken with a macro, they were taken with my 400mm at f/2.8....wide open....I was 8 meters away from the butterlfy, close enough to 25 feet! The image has been heavily cropped, and sized down for the web.......

  4. weiran


    Jan 2, 2007
    Nottingham, UK
    That image isn't loading for me?
  5. Has it come up for you now?
  6. I wouldn't be in any rush to send the lense to Nikon for backfocus adjustment, Dave. At those settings, you only had 1.6 inches of DOF to work with, and a high probability of camera shake entering into the equation. I think it's a pretty remarkable shot, considering how you took it.
  7. Thanks Frank, I see through an online DOF calculator that 40mm is it. I played around with the calcs on the 85mm f/1.4, interesting reading.
    Obviously if I had the 60 macro on the camera at the time the butterfly flitted by and I could predict where he was going to land, I could have grabbed a sharp shot, :wink: But, he had the whole Eastern coast of Australia to wander around, not as though he was in a butterfly enclosure.
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    Great shots Dave. I can hardly get great focus on a human target at 25 feet with a 300 f/2.8, much less on a butterfly at 25 feet with a 400 f/2.8.
  9. Thanks Zach. All the shots came out ok, just that some were better than others. I was pretty happy with the first one and like a peanut, I posted it straight away. After I reviewed the others I found that it was ordinary in comparison to this latest one.
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    Nice light, nice colour, wow amazing buterfly!
  11. Thanks for that Giorgio. These butterflies are pretty common around Sydney.