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400vr's for $7400 new

Discussion in 'Lens Lust' started by Randy, Sep 1, 2008.

  1. c/o that msn live deal
    D3's are $3600 new

    free beer !
  2. Have people received their money? I don't trust this MSN thing. Unless the rebate is instant, I don't consider it a deal.
  3. I am quite the sceptic (cynic?) and normally I would agree with you, but the site is Microsoft and I would tend to trust them. So much so that I just ordered an SB900 using the deal. Cash refund supposedly will be sent to me after 60 days as long as I ask for it.

    56 days to go and counting. I'll let you all know!
  4. Tell me when you guys get your money. I don't consider it a deal, unless the savings is up front.
  5. VFib-911


    Oct 22, 2007
    NW Ohio
    I made it through the sixty day period and the funds were available in my Live account. I have already set up my Live account to transfer into my Paypal account once the funds were indeed available...

    So, I tried to transfer the funds into PP and what happens???... Another waiting period!!! :eek:  Luckily this one is only 14 days, but it is another hoop to jump through.

    In the end it will be worth about $500 total, so I'll jump for now. But my bet is they are expecting many cashbacks to fall through the cracks.

    Anyone know if is it still just 3 purchases total that one person qualifies for?
  6. so..... you still have to ASK for the money at the end of the 60 days?
    so, it just goes into your account and they expect you to re-spend it on something else?
  7. VFib-911


    Oct 22, 2007
    NW Ohio
    The way it works... errr, is supposed to work is...

    -You make your qualifying purchases;
    -The purchases appear in your microsoft Live account within a day or two with information on each purchase - i.e. when funds will be available and how much you will be receiving;
    -Once the 60 days is up, you access your Live account and click the "pay me" button at which time they will either send you a check or deposit the funds into your Paypal account.

    I chose the Paypal option thinking it would be faster, but it seems to take 14 days to electronically process my request - IMHO a request they could have anticipated roughly 60-or-so days ago...

    Not complaining or anything, but it kinda reminds me of mail-in-rebates where you have to stay on them or you do not receive your cash...

    Time will tell.

    (meanwhile I'm thinking of using it again even though I have no cash in hand from them yet - easy way to "justify" feeding the NAS)
  8. maybe i'm naive
    can someone please tell me why there is a 60-day delay in the first place
    if there is a rebate.... and it's all done online
    why can't you get your money within 10 days?
  9. It's like the insurance companies that used to drag their feet on paying out for policy claims - every day that they could hold onto that money meant interest coming into the coffers. It took class-action lawsuits to make them pay in a timely manner. In a 60 day period, how much money is Microsoft earning on every million dollars they need to pay out for these rebates?

  10. Very true - except that I was purchasing the SB900 anyway and the price I actually "paid" at the outset was the right price and the vendor was a "right" vendor.

    So -whether I actually end up getting the cash back is sort of irrelevant since I was buying the item at the price anyway. If the cash back materializes - icing on the cake. If it does not materialize - nothing lost except for a hit to the reputation of Microsoft.

    And, while I certainly will have to jump through some hoops to get the rebate (yes - just like the rebate bullsh*t), I don't mind doing so to get a pretty hefty refund.

    By the way, the cited "rebate" on the 400/2.8 certainly qualifies as hefty, but have a look at the D700 as well. Not too shabby either.
    Last edited by a moderator: Sep 1, 2008
  11. Yeah, for all that waiting, I can make that money taking pictures without worrying about some rebate. I seriously find rebates a gimmick.
  12. It's typical: to guard against returns. Otherwise all the scammers would be buying 10,000 cameras, returning them all and pocketing $500 * 10,000 ($5,000,000 in profit). I think this is a well-established and legitimate program. Now the 14 day delay for the paypal transfer is more odd; though bank transfers to paypal can take some time too (typically about 4-5 business days).
  13. it's well recognized that with more traditional rebates.... >> 50% of folks never send in the proper forms.... or go online and do the necessary work to get money back

    sellers know this only too well
  14. makes sense....
    thanks for that thought
  15. gvg45


    Jun 16, 2008
    Los Angeles, Ca.
    +1, I'm with you on that.
  16. What????? With all due respect, that is ridiculous. You can argue that rebates are a pain in the *ss and that it takes some work and effort to realize the cash, but to blow them off entirely is just silly. Especially rebates from reputable companies. I recently received sizeable rebate checks from Lexar and from Verizon.

    Is your time THAT valuable that you would not fill out some forms and cut out some UPC codes for an $80 rebate on a CF card and a $150 rebate on a Blackberry????

    Man, I envy you if it is.
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