40D/70-200F4 IS vs. D700/70-300VR

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  1. Before parting with my remaining Canon gear, I decided to take the opportunity to shoot our first AYSO Soccer Game of the year with both systems. One half was shot with my Canon 40D/70-200F4 IS combo, the other half with my new D700/70-300VR combo.

    I've only had my D700 for 5 days, so I'm still getting up to speed with the camera's capabilities/settings, although I've owned other Nikon and Canon bodies in the past, so I'm somewhat familiar with both systems.

    Under the pictures are captions identifying where pics from Camera A start and end, then pics from Camera B start and end.


    Can you tell which system is Camera A and Camera B? (Don't cheat by looking at the exif info :smile:)

    In the majority of cases, these are jpegs straight out of camera - many cropped and all resized via Picasa. D700 shot at ISO 200, aperture-priority (f4.5-5.6), AF-C, 51pt AF, and Sunlight WB. 40D shot at ISO 100, aperture priority (f4), servo-mode, center-focus point, and sunlight WB.
  2. I looked though them and was sure the A series was from D700 and I was right :))

    Thanks for posting nice job!

  3. Very fun exercise! It seemed the A-list shots were much better exposed and had better color. I know that can be an artifact of camera settings, and it's impossible to have true equivalence between the two, but I was very happy that the A list is the D700 :smile:

    Thanks for posting
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    Best way to tell is note the reds, grass color and skin tones.
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    I guessed that A were the D700 then went and looked. I thought that the A section did a better job of not overexposing the whites. Great shots from each though...