4GB SDHC Cards

Apr 7, 2007
Newcastle, Australia

I am looking at purchasing a 4GB SDHC card for my D80. I'm trying to decide between a Sandisk Extreme III 4GB SDHC; a Sandisk Ultra II SDHC 4GB; a Transcend 4GB SDHC Class 6; and a TwinMos 4GB SDHC Class 6.

The Sandisk Extreme III seems the best choice, but it doesn't seem to be available yet (at my local store, or Aus Ebay). There are Sandisk Ultra II SDHC 4GB cards available, but I can't seem to find the class rating of this card. The specs seem to say a write/read of 9MB/s -8MB/s, however it worries me that the class isn't specified (which I believe is the guaranteed minimum speeds).

I've heard some bad reports about Transcend cards - can anyone either recommend them or warn me away?

The cheapest option is the TwinMos. I've never heard of this brand before. I have no idea if they are good or not. Any thoughts?

Nov 16, 2005

This is not exactly what you asked, but I thought it might be helpful. Having just bought my wife a D80, I, too, am searching a large capacity SD card. Researching this, I found the 4GB's are depleting from stock, because 8GB;s are arriving in 1-2 weeks!

I settled on Extreme III (my favorite) 8GB. They will be released in April according to the manufacturer's website and several dealers. JR.com is accepting pre orders now. They also guarantee price match from anyone including their own price reductions for 30 days after shipment. They made this promise good on 3) 16GB CF Extreme III cards they sold me in March. 2 weeks later, the cost dropped $250 per card! Geno posted the $$ reduction in the Cafe'. A quick telephone call, and 5 minutes later I was cheerfully credited $750.00 (3 cards)!

So, my plan is to get the 8GB SD card, then search for lower $$ in 30 days.

Best of luck,


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