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5 month old @2.8 w/ the beast - critique pls

Discussion in 'People' started by LindaZ, Aug 17, 2008.

  1. LindaZ


    Jul 29, 2007
    Wilmington, NC
    It was quite dark in the forest, so I used f2.2 and iso 800 at 1/80.

    Now, looking at the photo, I am not so sure parents will appreciate that pretty much ONLY the eyes are in focus while the rest is a bit blurry? What do you think non-photographers really think about that?

    Unfortunately, all we had was a basket with a handle. I will purchase a basket for my baby sessions, next time.

    The whole session, I for some reason kept shooting too far to the right...(I do have a bad head-cold) so I only have room to crop on the top/bottom and to the right of this image.

    Now when you have information about the background of this photo, please feel free to give me some serious, downright dirty, critique. :biggrin:

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    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 17, 2008
  2. I don't think your DOF looks bad. Just an FYI, the Beast only goes down to f/2.8. :wink: :smile:

    I would take some off the right for sure. the top is trickier b/c if you take as much off as I was thinking, then the handle starts to get cut off and becomes more distracting.

    Its still cute and I'm sure the parents will enjoy it, they usually don't have the critical eye that most of us have. :smile:
  3. Linda, as long as the eyes are in focus it's a success....have you seen my website? LOL! Parents don't care about other things going soft, because they stop at the eyes. EVERY baby/child session I've done gets comments on the focus being there, and in a good way. The centered crop is what it is. Parents won't care, but technically you know it should have more room on the left. The background is fine as it is. People used to pay big bucks for a backdrop painted to look environmental like that, LOL!
  4. LindaZ


    Jul 29, 2007
    Wilmington, NC
    Ah...yes, this one is @f2.8 .....I need some stronger meds :biggrin: I did shoot a couple with the 85mm @2.2 though.

    Yah, I did try to crop it more, but when I cropped off the handle it look WAY weird. But I think I should follow your advice and crop a bit more, there's still a bit of room. :smile:
  5. If the handle bothers you, you could just remove it from the photo, thus giving you more room to crop from the top. Fortunately, his face makes a pretty clear smooth line separating it from the background and handle. so it would be a quick job of creating a selection around his face and just cloning the handle out. Oh, the DOF looks fine as well. Not nearly as shallow as you seem to think. Then again, I am used to photos of my girls taken with the 85/1.4 at 1.4 where all you get is one eye unless they're looking straight at ya.
  6. LindaZ


    Jul 29, 2007
    Wilmington, NC
    That's very helpful to know, when I saw some of my images that are with the 85mm f2.2, I got a bit unsure how it would be regarded by the parents!

    Yeah, it's incredible how ugly those backdrops are when you could easily get the real thing :smile: Well, if they hire us that is. lol

    I'll try to crop it tighter! thx!
  7. I agree with Sonya. With those sharp beautiful eyes, I don't think the parents will even notice the DOF. I would crop out the handle since I just don't like where it is or how it looks in this picture. I might even try cropping out some of the dead space on the right. But, in the end, the eyes are incredible.

    By the way, I have those days too! I went through a stretch of several weeks where my horizons were totally skewed. I would get home and wonder if I was drunk!
  8. Linda, can we see the original uncropped photo? This would help with any cropping suggestions.

    I don't mind the handle, but you either have to have in or out of the photo, not halfway. I invested in a wicker basket with no handle. Easy to use with the little ones.
  9. Dr A

    Dr A

    Feb 2, 2008
    State College, PA
    I agree with Mitch. DOF isn't the problem here. I don't care much for the crop you've presented. I think the baby seems to be too much in the middle, with too much negative space to the right. It would be much more balanced if you could put the baby in the basket, show the whole basket, and not put his face in the middle of the frame.

    Just my very uneducated, un-tallented, and naive $0.02.
  10. KG72

    KG72 Guest

    DOF is good. Focus on the eyes is nice and sharp. As others have said... a different crop may help the composition some.

    Don't see why the parents wouldn't like it though.
  11. LindaZ


    Jul 29, 2007
    Wilmington, NC
    I appreciate you want to help out Mitch and everyone else, but I have about 50 other shots that made it to proofing from this session, with various approaches! So it's no need to fixing this one too much, and as I said in my post - I'm aware of the weak crop.

    Good to hear the shallow DOF isn't a problem!

    Allen, I shot this up in the Gap - 10.30am and yet it was pretty dark in there - oh and we have bear up here too, Kevin saw one a couple of weeks ago. Our trashcan was also strewn all out the other day.
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