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50 f1.8 wide open

Discussion in 'Lens Lust' started by commtrd, Jul 30, 2009.

  1. [​IMG]

    This one shot with the D700 and 50mm f1.8 lens at f1.8. Please post up some good shots with the 50 1.8 wide open just to compare with the 50 1.4 G lens. Since re-discovering this lens I have had a lot of fun working with it. Someday will still get a 50 1.4 but this little jewel is a great value for the money spent to get it. Wouldn't it be great if all NAS did not dent the pocketbook so hard?
  2. August 1, 2009

    This is a lovely photograph of the little girl and her dog, how nice it is. The 50mm F1.8 AF-D Nikkor lens is superb, and in previous postings I have commented on how in Nikon's MTF tests that this lens has better contrast and sharpness wide open then Nikon's two more expensive 50mm F1.4D, and the 50mm F1.4 AF-S-G lens, (the new one without the aperature ring.) The red and blue test lines on Nikon's MTF charts are highest up the chart scale for the 50mm 1.8 lens then they are on the more expensive 50mm F1.4 lenses.

    While the more expensive lenses are faster, in reality they are NOT that much faster, in theory, the difference is 2/3 of a stop, but with my Nikon F5 using it in dim light with the 1.8 and the 1.4D lenses, the increase in shutter speeds that I have experienced with both of these lenses has been as little as 1/10th of a second.

    Good Luck with this lens, I suggest that you go out and use it and use hyper focusing with this lens as well and take tons of photographs with it, you will love it. If you have not done so, make sure to get the HR-2 lenshood that is designed for this lens, and use it, it will improve the perfomance even more by reducing lens flare.

    To any photographers who don't have this lens, you don't know what you are missing.

    Steve Zalewski
    Syracuse Camera Club Member
    Syracuse, NY

    P.S. This lens is well worth the $130.00 that it costs and if you think that this photo is amazing, just imagine what this lens can do when you stop it down to say F5.6 and take some more images with it.
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  3. Paul57


    Dec 24, 2008
    Essex, UK.
    This was f/2.0 so not quite wide open, and with a DX sensor:

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  4. Paul, that is a killer shot. I love the color and the eye detail. The IQ is easily the equal if not better than many more expensive lenses!
  5. Paul57


    Dec 24, 2008
    Essex, UK.
    Thanks. It's a great little lens. Bought mine a couple of years ago when they were really cheap. I don't use it often but pull it out now and again for shots like that.
  6. Keith: thats a really great shot, i love it since the 1.8 was wide open for it. Great composition :smile:

    Paul: absolutely amazing shot! The detail in her eyes, and the sharpness of the blue color in her eyes is perfect. That seems like a pretty good lens :biggrin:
  7. I didn't know there was a lenshood for this lens. Will check B & H to see if they sell it.
  8. Keith, your first photo looks a bit soft to me. Was that your intent? Where was the focus point?
  9. first photo looks really soft to me as well if the focus is not on the dog noise then it looks as if its front focusing

    just an observation, other then its a great photo
  10. All I can say is WOW! That is a fantastic shot! I have the lens and use it a lot.
  11. Yes it is a tiny bit soft as they were all moving and I couldn't get any of the kids or the dog to sit still for one millisecond. As well as shooting the lens wide open so trying to get the focus good on her eye was a challenge. Anyone who has photographed kids knows how hard it can be to get 'em to stay still for a second. Plus holding onto a squirming puppy didn't help any either. I was handholding the camera as I didn't have time to get the tripod all set up. So there was a minimal chance it was going to be as razor sharp as I like. But I still like the shot.
  12. in that case i think you did good :biggrin: up the ISO on the D700 will help the movement
  13. +1

    Really no excuse with the D700 to get blurry shots because of slow shutterspeeds for portraits. Up the ISO and get the shot sharp.
  14. That's a good thought there...I didn't think about making the shutter speed faster. I was on aperture priority and it all happened just spur of the moment. I will try that to help eliminate softness when shooting subjects that tend to not sit still. Thanks.
  15. i usally have my D90 on auto ISO up to 1600 on the d700 ( if ihad one) i would let it go all the way to 3200 or even 6400.

    on the d90 above 1600 i ahve to change other camera settings to get the noise down more but the d700 should be fine !!!
  16. I just recently put my iso setting on auto where before I had it set to a max of 1600. I do tend to forget sometimes about manipulating all the variables on full manual like I should. Something I need to work on. It's great to be on a forum where the other guys will call you out on something that should have been done to make the shot better. It does no good to have a touchy-feely forum where everyone just praises everything no matter if it really was a sub-par shot. Nothing gets learned that way.
  17. Great. Can you consistently get this level of IQ with your 50/1.8 at F/2.0?

    I can't (on my D80). I only get this IQ consistently at F/2.5 and above. Below that, it is a hit or miss. Not because of missed focus, but because of the characteristics of my copy of the 50/1.8

  18. Those are some nice shots posted. I recently brought my camera and my 50mm lens to a friend's wedding (didn't have room to carry my flash), I got some nice shots and some subpar ones but all in all it was a good learning experience. I'm still new at this so I was experimenting with different settings as the night went on, this was shot wide open at 1/400th

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  19. I have pretty much always stopped down to f4 and above with my 50 1.8 and have recently started shooting it wide open to experiment. It is somewhat more challenging to get a good shot with the lens wide open. Always a learning experience every time no matter which lens is in use at the time.
  20. bellasdad


    Apr 25, 2008
    Fairfax, VA
    Whoa! This image really grabs you..especially the bright blue eyes...any pp on this photo?
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